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Cursed Pirate Girl is the tale of a young lady in search of her father, a dreaded Pirate Captain of the mystical Omerta seas.  Collected Edition.
Cursed Pirate Girl is the tale of a young lady in search of her father, a dreaded Pirate Captain of the mystical Omerta seas. Collected Edition.
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Kickstarter Launches New Community Initiative


As many of you may know, this week Kickstarter has launched Drip, a new subscription-based community for the patrons and creators of Kickstarter to connect and share beyond the scope of individual projects, in a space dedicated to thoughtful content and meaningful interactions. Kickstarter hand-selected 65 top creators to help shape the foundation of this community, and we are honored to be counted among them!

We see Drip as a place to give our patrons "after-hours access" to the museum; behind-the-scenes photos, interviews with Century Guild's collaborators and colleagues, images and ideas that didn't make it into books, discussions about art, current inspirations, and insights into forthcoming projects.

Right now Drip is invitation-only and, until the public launch, patrons who sign up as founding members will receive special perks and recognition for their early involvement.

For the next FIVE days, become a founding member for only $1/month and get complete access to all digital content!

Thanks again for your support!

Jeremy Bastian's FIRST silkscreen (glow-in-the dark) poster!


Jeremy's book Cursed Pirate Girl was our first Kickstarter project and started our love affair with this wonderful patronage platform.  Thanks to you, this book came to life and has since gone on to multiple printings in multiple languages.  We couldn't have done it without your support.

It may seem hard to imagine, but the art of Jeremy Bastian is only more intricate and mindblowing now- instead of simplifying his techniques, his brushwork is even more delicate and he inexplicably finds a way to fit an even more infinite number of lines into the smallest spaces.

We are incredibly excited to tell you that as part of our current Kickstarter campaign for our movie AURORA, we are offering Jeremy's FIRST silkscreen poster!  This is going to be an amazing way to examine closely the linework of one of our favorite artists: the poster is hand-silkscreened, a fantastic 17.5" tall and 27 inches wide, and will be available in both "movie poster" and "artist's version" editions.

The movie poster version features a mindblowingly intricate logo by designer Kevin Cantrell, whose work you might have seen on the deluxe gold-and-black playing cards that have won so many design accolades in the past couple of years.

And BOTH versions of the poster also feature a glow-in-the-dark layer; as the creature approaches the cabin under the shadows of night... the lights in the cabin, the moon, and the creature's eyes illuminate!

To get one of these, you select the $75 package to receive the DVD, the soundtrack CD (featuring Armen Ra on theremin and drummer Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls) and one gorgeous silkscreen poster.  To add on additional copies of this poster in either edition–or other posters by the other artists including Brom, Dave McKean, and Gail Potocki, you just add $40 for each poster with NO additional shipping charges.

We do not expect to have any posters by any artists available outside of this promotion, so please order today to reserve your copies!

Thank you so much!  I hope that you are as excited as I am about this fantastic announcement!


Click here to get your copy while they are still available!



Hello everyone!

First, almost all the posters have shipped!  If you don't have yours yet, give it just a little more time!

Second, It was announced last week that Cursed Pirate Girl was picked up as a title by major international publisher Archaia!  That's huge news, and it means that your hand-stamped books are already collector's items!!!  :)

Third, for those of you with one foot in the last century, I'm doing a TEDx talk on 11.11.11, and hope to bridge the gap between 1901 and 2001 with my presentation.  We'll see how it goes!

Jeremy is hard at work at Volume 2 of CPG, and the art looks FABULOUS.  Thanks so so so much for all your support getting this far!


Booth 2845 at SDCC

Oops!  That would be #2845!  Thanks, Bob!  ;)

Cursed Pirate Girl posters, update!

Rolling and tubing nearly 900 posters took so much longer than we had thought, we even had to bring in outside help!  We DID get everything tubed, labelled, and taped, literally the day that the truck needed to be packed and driven away for San Diego Comic Con.  So the good news is that after weeeeeeeeeks of preparing the posters, they are ready to go as soon as we get back!  We'll be taking them in groups though, 900 poster tubes is an entire cargo van load of posters and we have to hand them over the counter one by one so it's a few days at the Post Office.  :)

If you're at San Diego Comic Con, come check out our booth, #2945, and say "Hi" to Jeremy in person, he'll be signing all weekend!

Thanks again so much, and follow Jeremy and I on Facebook for updates on happenings throughout the comic book convention!