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Cursed Pirate Girl: "Our Generation's Alice in Wonderland" Jeremy Bastian comic book's video poster

Cursed Pirate Girl is the tale of a young lady in search of her father, a dreaded Pirate Captain of the mystical Omerta seas. Collected Edition. Read more

Chicago, IL Comics
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This project was successfully funded on October 14, 2010.

Cursed Pirate Girl is the tale of a young lady in search of her father, a dreaded Pirate Captain of the mystical Omerta seas. Collected Edition.

Chicago, IL Comics
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Hello everyone!

First, almost all the posters have shipped!  If you don't have yours yet, give it just a little more time!

Second, It was announced last week that Cursed Pirate Girl was picked up as a title by major international publisher Archaia!  That's huge news, and it means that your hand-stamped books are already collector's items!!!  :)

Third, for those of you with one foot in the last century, I'm doing a TEDx talk on 11.11.11, and hope to bridge the gap between 1901 and 2001 with my presentation.  We'll see how it goes!

Jeremy is hard at work at Volume 2 of CPG, and the art looks FABULOUS.  Thanks so so so much for all your support getting this far!


Booth 2845 at SDCC

Oops!  That would be #2845!  Thanks, Bob!  ;)

Cursed Pirate Girl posters, update!

Rolling and tubing nearly 900 posters took so much longer than we had thought, we even had to bring in outside help!  We DID get everything tubed, labelled, and taped, literally the day that the truck needed to be packed and driven away for San Diego Comic Con.  So the good news is that after weeeeeeeeeks of preparing the posters, they are ready to go as soon as we get back!  We'll be taking them in groups though, 900 poster tubes is an entire cargo van load of posters and we have to hand them over the counter one by one so it's a few days at the Post Office.  :)

If you're at San Diego Comic Con, come check out our booth, #2945, and say "Hi" to Jeremy in person, he'll be signing all weekend!

Thanks again so much, and follow Jeremy and I on Facebook for updates on happenings throughout the comic book convention!


Kickstarter Posters to Ship THIS WEEK!

A big "Thank You!" to everyone who sent us their revised shipping info in a timely manner.  We're in the thick of the tedious tubing of these and we will start shipping domestically by the end of this week, and internationally within the following week. 

Your patience and patronage have been appreciated.


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The Kickstarter Pledge Poster Ships SOON! Attn: anyone who needs to change their shipping address...


Firstly, here's a look at the finished poster:

It measures 23 3/4 x 18 inches, full color, and will look smashing in your home/ship/etc.

We are currently gearing up to deliver these beauties.  If anyone has changed their address since pledging, please message us your new address in the next THREE days!

Thank you again for your support.