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Help Thomas Negovan take new recordings made on a 1894 wax cylinder recorder and press a vinyl record: NO DIGITAL STEPS AT ALL!
Help Thomas Negovan take new recordings made on a 1894 wax cylinder recorder and press a vinyl record: NO DIGITAL STEPS AT ALL!
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Kickstarter Launches New Community Initiative


As many of you may know, this week Kickstarter has launched Drip, a new subscription-based community for the patrons and creators of Kickstarter to connect and share beyond the scope of individual projects, in a space dedicated to thoughtful content and meaningful interactions. Kickstarter hand-selected 65 top creators to help shape the foundation of this community, and we are honored to be counted among them!

We see Drip as a place to give our patrons "after-hours access" to the museum; behind-the-scenes photos, interviews with Century Guild's collaborators and colleagues, images and ideas that didn't make it into books, discussions about art, current inspirations, and insights into forthcoming projects.

Right now Drip is invitation-only and, until the public launch, patrons who sign up as founding members will receive special perks and recognition for their early involvement.

For the next FIVE days, become a founding member for only $1/month and get complete access to all digital content!

Thanks again for your support!


Dear Patrons,

Thank you so much for your patience! All the records, posters, and cylinders arrived and we're spending the evening (and by "we're" we mean "Melissa") packing them up to ship out tomorrow!

As a special thank you, we've included two bonus items: a set of 4 THOMAS NEGOVAN buttons featuring work by Malleus and Greg Martin, and a limited edition deluxe CD compilation of Thomas Negovan's recordings, including those found on By Popular Demand, as well as the wax cylinder singles, his YouTube "Lullabies", and more surprises!

Thanks again, everyone,--j

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Thanks so so much for your patience, we have records and cylinders and stuff and... whew!!!!

I made a special thing for the holidays for my friends and family, so we are holding off shipping for another week and a half while we wait for those to arrive because I want to include it in all your packages!

More news soon-




Check out for video and images of the work so far...


Whew!  All day gluing the photos to the cover, now we're putting records into the sleeves... still a couple of days more work, but then I'll post photos!!!!  THEY LOOK AMAZING!



News and updates!

So we have the records, are in the process of getting the jackets, and couldn't be happier with how things are looking now that we're past that rough patch with the record pressing!

I wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be speaking at one of the TED conferences in two weeks, and this recording project will feature heavily in my evening's talk.

If you're close to Chicago, I hope to see you there!  It's only a 300 seat theater, so get tickets in advance.  More news on the records soon, we expect to be shipping right after the TED conference!

Thanks so much everybody,