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pledged of $100,000pledged of $100,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, April 13 2014 8:54 PM UTC +00:00


InfiniRAM has a small team of very dedicated developers. We spent the last 8 months developing a prototype of this software Turbo-charger. We are seeing some very promising results. InfiniRAM is a self-learning algorithm that constantly improves on itself. The algorithm is application independent, in other words, it needs no knowledge of the application in order to accelerate it. We filed all the necessary patents to protect the work we have so far accomplished.

We have a number of clients who are very interested in testing this Turbo-charger. In order to do that, we need to quickly build a product infrastructure around our prototype so our clients can get their hands on it and install it in their own environment.

We have a detailed project plan that will allow us to get this product ready in about 6 months.

wk1-wk3: Final architecture approval wk4-wk12: Developing program infrastructure code; Integration of prototype algorithm into VM wk13-wk16: Dashboard development; Early access clients will receive first look at software (pre-alpha). We have 2 corporate clients who signed up for testing. wk17-wk25: Dashboard integration; Oracle application testing; Receiving numerous feedback from early access clients; wk26-wk30: Software regression testing and tuning for Beta product release.  

These are of course very high-level milestones. We use agile programming practices and we use on-line agile software tracking for all our programmers. More detailed information can only be shared under NDA. We filed for patent protection for our unique mathematical algorithms.

Risks and challenges

The hardest part of this product was to develop the self-learning algorithm which we did during the last 8 months. This is like creating a new engine for a car. Once the engine runs, you need to add a chassis, wheels and seats, etc.
We created an engine that runs. We now have to integrate it into an actual product that can be easily used by clients. We are planning on adding a very simple but meaningful graphical dashboard with very intuitive gauges and buttons to easily control this Turbo-charger.
We have very capable engineers who have built complex software products many times before.
We also have a detailed plan on how we are going to enter the market and sell this Turbo-charger. We have the commitment from a world-wide distributor to sell our product to a large clientele.

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