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Kingdom of Loathing's Official Standalone Tabletop Game
2,340 backers pledged $142,002 to help bring this project to life.


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It's the home stretch, so we've posted all the Stretch Goals remaining in the campaign, including our EPIC GOAL for a new Game Zone in Kingdom of Loathing at $250k!  See Below for Details and spread the word. Also, you can visit our Facebook page to leave us a comment, preview the Rules for the game on our website and watch the first of our upcoming post-campaign Mr. Card Game Overview Videos on YouTube. 

Save the World Outside the Internet 

You’ve clicked your keyboard tirelessly in a quest to free the imprismed King (or maybe you haven’t, but you agree, freeing Kings is cool), now help us bring seal clubbing, pastamancing, and accordion thieving out from behind the computer monitor. 

That’s right, we are building the world’s first commercially available Kingdom of Loathing themed card game, and we need your help to make it happen. 

Enter Mr. Card Game

Mr. Card Game is a collaboration between Evertide Games and the dudes at Asymmetric Publications (Jick, Skully, Hotstuff, Riff...). At KoLCon VIII, we approached Jick and Co. with an idea for fun tabletop way to play KoL and they gave the design team at Evertide Games a greenlight to create a card game for the Kingdom. And now, after a year of mechanics-pasting, advanced cardsmithing and super human playtesting, the designcrafting is done and both Asymmetric and Evertide Games are pleased to present Mr. Card Game.

Mr. Card Game is half deck-building, half tableau management and 100% Kingdom of Loathing character builder. No pasted on themes here, this game reeks of ripe Kingdome-y goodness (sorry about the smell). 

And, just as important, Mr. Card Game is downright fun to play. We’re KoL fans and, like you, for years we’ve wished there was a fun tabletop way to play KoL with a group of friends out here in the real world. The gameplay of Mr. Card Game reflects this commitment to the Kingdom and that warm squishy and sometimes smooshy feeling we all get while playing it.

Build a Character, Not Just a Deck of Cards 
For those tabletop afficionados out there, Mr. Card Game is an evolution in the deck-building genre. Mixing a combination of stat gain with item and skill acquisition, what you can do in Mr. Card Game depends on the tableau you build, and how effectively you do it depends on the cards you draw from the deck you’ve drafted. 
Help Us Help You 
Whether you’re a hobby gamer or a KoL fan or both (geeks rule!), we need your help to bring Mr. Card Game to life. As you probably know, from other kickstarters you’ve read about or backed, publishing games is expensive.  Jick and Co. have their hands, and bank accounts, full with the two games they are responsible for, and while Evertide has several designs in the wild, as a publisher we are young with all of the comical moths flying out of our wallets that implies.  Pledge today so that this game can exist in your living room as well as mine, and together we can vanquish monsters, collect meat, gather loot and of course, INCREASE OUR STATS! 
We want this game to be a reality, Jick and Co. want this game to be a reality, and we all think that you Loyal Loathers, want this game to be a reality, so prove us right and pledge today.

Rewards and Goals 
Evertide Games and Asymmetric have devised a number of perks for campaign supporters. We have designed a Mr. Card Game convention badge, a one time only Mr. Card Game T-Shirt, a set of 6 Character Class boards, a special Kingdom of Loathing Map Playmat and a limited number of Mr. Card Game Posters signed by the design teams at Asymmetric and Evertide Games that you can add to your copy of Mr. Card Game. 

We have also come up with a ton of ways to make both Mr. Card Game and the Kingdom of Loathing better, the more money we raise. For starters, if Mr. Card Game funds, Jick has offered to create an official clan logo for the clans with the most Mr. Card Game supporters. These logos will be printed on the starting equipment cards in Mr. Card Game and available to all players in the Kingdom. So, get your clan involved and make sure that you get represented!

List of Reward Items

Biweekly Gratitude 
You will receive our gratitude either twice a week or twice a month, either in body or in spirit, subject to change without notice.

Credit in the Rules 

You will be credited as a “Supporter” in the rules booklet corresponding to the Supporter level you pledge.  *applies to all levels*

Dense Meat Stack Token 

You will receive 1 (virtual) token which you can use to vote for your favorite Kingdom of Loathing clan. Based upon the final vote tally, Jick will create a logo for each of the four top clans and those clan logos will appear on the Newbie Gear cards in Mr. Card Game.  *applies to all levels*

Mr. Card Game Badge 

You will receive a convention style badge which contains your name, your clan membership (if you have one) and other stuff like your preferred class icon.  This badge is also your VIP pass for future convention and event promos, so wear it with pride. *applies to all levels at or above $11*

Mr. Card Game T-Shirt 

You will receive the exclusive Mr. Card Game t-shirt, only available through the Kickstarter campaign. This reward can be added to any pledge level by pledging $25 more than the normal pledge level amount. 

Mr. Card Game in a Box 

You will receive a copy of Mr. Card Game and a special Mr. Accessory card to go along with it, plus any additional upgrades to Mr. Card Game reached during the Kickstarter campaign. 

Character Class Boards 
You will receive personalized card stock character class boards which contain your name, your clan membership (if you have one) and each of the six Kingdom of Loathing character classes. Each character class board also contains an image of one of the character classes, a spot to place your equipment cards and meat tokens as well as the class starter equipment for that class for an alternate starting condition.
Kingdom of Loathing Map Playmat 
You will receive a fabric map of the Kingdom of Loathing which contains a spot to place each of the monster card location piles in Mr. Card Game. 

Mr. Card Game Poster You will receive the limited edition Mr. Card Game poster signed by the design teams at Asymmetric and Evertide Games. After 100 signatures, we’re afraid our hands might fall off.

Future-Proof Reward - Unlocked
Familiars, Effects, Crafts, CRIMBO, Challenge Paths, Avatars... there are so many exciting parts of the Kingdom to love that we cannot possibly fit them all into this core set of Mr. Card Game. But, fear not, we have a plan! Unlike the Cylons, we are going with Expansions (rather than Extinction). And, with this reward, you’ll be future-proofing your copy of Mr. Card Game in line with our plans. That's right, if you are willing to pay for just the shipping & handling to wherever you live, with this reward, whenever we release an expansion to Mr. Card Game, we will send you a complimentary copy. That’s every expansion... for as long as we make them.

Fool-Proof Reward - Revealed
If you have already Future-Proofed your set of Mr. Card Game, now's your chance to Fool-Proof it as well. By becoming a Council of Loathing supporter, we are opening up our design process to you, a limited number of backers who really care about the future of Mr. Card Game, to help us actually create that future. This reward includes a full POD demo copy of Mr. Card Game delivered to you before Christmas so that you can test it out at home with your friends before the game is official released in January, plus the set of POD prototype cards for the expansion mechanics we have planned for Mr. Card Game, delivered to you soon after the release of Mr. Card Game. As soon as this campaign is over, we will be working on how to incorporate all the elements of the Kingdom of Loathing that you love but which couldn't make the cut in the core set and we will need help playtesting them. Here is your opportunity to help us decide what comes next.


When the campaign reaches $150k, all copies of Mr. Card Game and all expansions will include foil printing for all animated Kingdom of Loathing images used in Mr. Card Game. Whether that’s animated monsters, animated loot or animated Mr. Store items, when we print a Mr. Card Game card that comes from an animated image in the Kingdom, we will make it move through the magic of foil printing. So far, only the Naughty Sorceress and the Instant Karma have this feature, but now it will be added to the Chaos Popcorn, the Demonic Nemeses and a host of other cards in the Mr. Card Game universe. We will also upgrade one of your Mr. Accessory cards into a Golden Mr. Accessory and include one Ultra Rare monster/item cards with each Kickstarter backer reward at the Adventurer Level or higher which you can add to the map locations.

When the campaign reaches $180k, each Kickstarter backer reward at Adventurer Level of higher will get sweeter... or should I say, more aromatic! Yes, that’s right, we’re going to give a set of Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Sticker Tome Sticker cards to each of our Kickstarter backers to affix to the Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Sword card that will also be included in each box of Mr. Card Game. This upgrade will also include a taste of the gameplay rules for Effects which we plan to introduce in a future expansion so that you can not only scratch, sniff and affix, you can also integrate these cards into your game. These stickers are scrumdiddlyumptious and ONLY for our Kickstarter supporters, so reaching this goal means that you get something not included elsewhere.

Some of you have asked for it, and when the campaign reaches $210k, we can provide it to you: Mr. Card Game Sleeves. With the Chamber upgrade to Mr. Card Game which you helped us reach earlier in the campaign, we upgraded the box built for Mr. Card Game and added all the accoutrement required for you to manage the cards in this core set and the expansions we have planned. As part of that design upgrade, we also made sure that the box not only has room for the cards, but that you can add sleeves to them as well. With this upgrade, we will reward every backer at the Adventurer Level or higher with a set of custom-made Mr. Card Game card sleeves so that you can preserve the fruits of your labor through all the play we know you’re going to want to do.

And finally the BIG ONE! A revelation to the Kingdom itself that we have had to keep secret under lock and key handcuffed to a briefcase buried in the basement of a nondescript house at an undisclosed location until now. If we reach $250,000 in total pledge dollars, Jick and Co. have agreed to create a new zone in KoL themed to Mr. Card Game. Curious? So am I. This is totally their thing. I would no more tell Jick how to design a KoL zone than he would tell me how to make a card game. I do know one thing though, that I want him to create that zone. But, it only happens if we get to this magic number. It's going to require a concerted effort by everyone, certainly not something I can do alone. I need you're help. Simple as that.

Want your clan to be immortalized in card form? Want to see your logo Jick Style? Here is your chance to make sure your clan is represented. At the end of this campaign, every backer will get one virtual Dense Meat Stack voting token to cast their vote for a clan to get its logo drawn by Jick and placed on Newbie Gear cards that will be in every copy of the game. Currently, we plan to feature 4 clan logos in the game. The top 4 vote getters... preliminary electioneering is already occurring. But here’s your chance to double that and increase the chances that your clan gets represented. When we hit 2,442 backers of Mr. Card Game, we will double the number of clans who get featured logos. That’s right, Asymmetric and Evertide Games will increase the number of official clan logos in Mr. Card Game from 4 to 8! That means twice as many logos drawn by Jick and 8 sets of Newbie Gear cards in Mr. Card Game. Get your clannies on board!

BONUS REWARD: When the backer goal is reached, every backer of this campaign will also get the Mr. Card Game Theme Song (listenable here for the curious). Composed and performed by the super sweet and very talented Nicole Dieker a.k.a. Hello, the Future! specifically for Mr. Card Game it's a fun and quirky little tune. We enjoy and we hope you do to. (*Note* there is one kinda naughty word in the song, so if you have kids, you may want to listen without them the first time.


That's right, all six nemesis quests translated to Mr. Card Game complete with their loot! Clownlords and Assassins, Legendary Epic Weapons, and Ultimate Legendary Epic Weapons! Epic Hats, Epic Pants and ... well I should leave something to the imagination. But if and when we hit this target, you will never have to play Mr. Card Game without a chance at taking out Beelzebobo or wearing with pride the Colander of Em-er'il! So, let's make it happen!

When you start to feel like the old girl is the same old challenge and want to change things up, you'll be glad we hit this goal. At $105k every set will include foil Naughty Sorceress cards that not only look neat, but also provide a change-up to the big boss that will affect your strategies and tactics throughout the game. Think of this like six different end bosses, and you won’t know one you’ll face until you start the game! Not only will this offer different end game conditions for individual plays, but it will also dovetail with the ascension rules from the $90k stretch goal to make your long term decisions over a series of games even more meaningful! After all, she is the end boss, she deserves an upgrade too ;-)

How about bringing a little ascension to Mr. Card Game?! When we hit $90k, we have two ways at once to jazz up your Mr. Card Game experience. First, if you are playing multiple games in a series, you will be able to carry over, or perm skills (on a limited basis) over the course of a few games, changing the dynamics of which skills and monsters you might go after, and what strategies you might follow. But even if you are just playing a single game, this rules and components upgrade will provide a sort of "accelerated start" allowing you to play with combinations of skills that might be difficult to pull off in a regular game. There is more to it of course, but I can't tell you everything just yet, I need to save something for the honeymoon.

So far, thanks to your support, we've added a lot of meat to the campaign, so now it's time for you to get some meat in return. No, not real meat, plastic meat! No, it’s not for eating, you don't eat meat in the kingdom, you spend it. And when we hit $75k instead of card board chits for meat and dense meat stacks, you'll have plastic tokens. In order to get the molds made for the manufacturing, we'll need a good chuck of loose meat, err change, hence this stretch goal. Plus, we have a secret reward level unlock that will be posted to the campaign when we hit this stretch goal. So don't slow down now, help me Obi-wan Adventurer, you're my only hope!

With Mr. Card Game, and the $60k stretch goal, we answer the age old question, how many adventures make up a party, and the answer is Five! Now that we have a bigger box, and those pesky bosses that need klillin' you might want to bring along a little more help - like a fifth player (5th player not included in box). Once we get here, every box of Mr. Card Game, will come packed with enough extra stat cards and newbie gear to allow up to five people to play at once, even when it's every adventurer for themselves, more is better right!?! That last exclamation mark, reminds that I owe you guys an apology for the gratuitous punctuation abuse of the last update.

Ok, fine, you knocked the first two goals a day at a time, so now we go for round three, The Chamber Upgrade. Since you are getting more cards, you're gonna need a bigger box. When the campaign hits $45,000, everyone at the Adventurer level and above will be automatically upgraded to a bigger box with a plastic insert and dividers for organizing your cards in the box. If you've played other deck-builders, like Dominion or Thunderstone, you know what a difference the insert and dividers make in terms of setting up and tearing down your game. If you haven't just think about it like this, there are over 200 cards (and that number is only going to increase) as well as meat and meat stack tokens, so a little help organizing wouldn't go amiss. And what Chamber would be complete without a special Chamber location card for your Naughty Sorceress to hang out on and look naughty!

Let's make this game even more awesome. When the funding hits $30,000 we will add another monster stack to the game. But this isn't just any old bunch of monsters - these are the bosses! Boss Bat, and the Bonerdagon just to name two. Excited? You want those Boss cards don't you? Spread the word, you are the best ambassador this game could have. Let people know, and encourage them to support us. If you are so inclined, up your pledge level. And stay tuned for future overfunding goals. You're gonna love 'em!

If the game hits its first 'Stretch Goal' of fully-funding in the first 10 DOZEN HOURS, each "Adventurer" (backs at Adventure Level or higher) will get a 2nd Mr. Accessory card. This means you have one to play with, since it counts as a Mr. Store card, as well as one to redeem later on.

Each supporter who backs the project at the Adventurer Level (or higher) in the first 10 DOZEN HOURS will also receive an exclusive set of 12 Mr. Store item cards, available only through Kickstarter.

Shipping Policy

All reward levels include shipping within the contiguous USA.  The international shipping rates are as follows for all supporter level at or above Torso Awaregness ($25):

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, and all other Countries:
$15 for the first game and $10 for each additional copy of the game

What is Kingdom of Loathing?

Here is a short animated video about Kingdom of Loathing created in 2008. 

After you make your pledge on the right, why not check out The Kingdom of Loathing (if you aren't already familiar with it). You can make a character and start playing at  or find out more about the Kingdom here. DVDs of the full documentary, from Night Midget Productions and directed by Chris Ciosk, are available here- KoL Documentary, "An Adventurer Is You!".


72 Monster/Item Cards
6 Naughty Sorceress Foil Cards ****** Stretch Goal Reward Upgrade *******
6 Instant Karma Foil Cards ****** Stretch Goal Reward Upgrade *******
1 Sorceress Tower Location Card ****** Stretch Goal Reward Upgrade *******
9 Location Map Cards
11 Quest Boss Cards ****** Stretch Goal Reward Upgrade *******
60 Class Skill Cards
144 Character Stat Cards
12 Bonus Character Stat Cards ****** Stretch Goal Reward Upgrade *******
12 Newbie Gear Cards
3 Bonus Newbie Gear Cards ****** Stretch Goal Reward Upgrade *******
1 Certificate of Participation Card
1 Fingers of Fury Card
100 Plastic Meat tokens ****** Stretch Goal Reward Upgrade *******
1 Rules Booklet
15 Gamecard Separators ****** Stretch Goal Reward Upgrade *******

and a Partridge in a Pear Tree (not actually included)

Build a deck.
Build a character.
Build a community.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


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    Pledge US$ 2 or more About US$ 2.00

    Toot Oriole Supporter: Our biweekly gratitude, credit in the rules and one Dense Meat Stack voting token. You receive these rewards for any level you pledge.
    See the main body text for description of all rewards.

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    77 backers
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    Pledge US$ 11 or more About US$ 11

    Class Trainer Supporter: This $11 reward gets you an exclusive con stlye badge to show off your kickstarter support. Let your friends at conventions and various 12-step meetings know that you love Mr Card Game and Kingdom of Loathing! This badge is also your VIP Pass to future convention and event promos.
    You will also get the rules credit and one DMS.

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    20 backers
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    Pledge US$ 25 or more About US$ 25

    Torso Awaregness Supporter: Show Fragnk that you have the torso to support a t-shirt that exclaims your support for supporting supportively. (Hint: It's a T-shirt!) Plus, of course, one DMS, and the exclusive badge. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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    Pledge US$ 37 or more About US$ 37

    Mr. Adventurer Supporter:
    The game! The game! The thing you want!
    1 copy of Mr. Card Game with its staggering 300 cards and 60 tokens, exquisitely designed and produced. Plus you'll be eligible for any stretch rewards if we reach higher funding levels.
    Plus, of course, one DMS, and the exclusive badge.
    (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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    Pledge US$ 55 or more About US$ 55

    AMC Gremlin Supporter: Upgrade your copy of the game with 6 sweet character class boards.
    (Please add $15 for international shipping).

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    Pledge US$ 99 or more About US$ 99

    Y2K Supporter:
    You'll get the game.
    You'll get the special character boards.
    AND you'll also get the special Kingdom of Loathing map playmat!

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    257 backers
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    Pledge US$ 151 or more About US$ 151

    Palindrome Supporter: One of every reward item + a limited edition Mr. Card Game poster signed by the Asymmetric and Evertide Games design teams.

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    Limited 95 backers
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  8. Reward no longer available

    Pledge US$ 252 or more About US$ 252

    Completionist Supporter: Each of the rewards from the Palindrome Supporter level PLUS a complimentary copy of each expansion to Mr. Card Game we ever print. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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    Reward no longer available 50 backers
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    Pledge US$ 404 or more About US$ 404

    Council of Loathing Supporter: Each of the rewards from the Palindrome Supporter level and a complementary copy of each expansion of Mr. Card Game. PLUS membership in our playtester corp for Mr. Card Game. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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