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Hey Folks Who Haven't Received Your Game Yet

Posted by Evertide Games (Creator)
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As many of you have noticed, our website is down. It has been down for a while. In the beginning we thought this would be relatively simple to fix, and we got it back up. But those periods were temporary and unstable. And we can't reliably get the site up even temporarily. This is a problem, and delaying your receipt of Mr. Card Game, because, our site is where we store all of the info we need in order to fulfill stuff to you. We are working on this, and as soon as he can get it resolved we will. I am not a tech guy, so I don't have an estimate at the moment. Talking to our tech guy, the work is tricky, and painstaking, and subject to the unpredictability of iterative diagnostic testing. So he doesn't have an estimate yet either. Hopefully there will be a light at the end of the tunnel soon. In the meantime take care, and I'm sorry for the wait.

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    1. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      wait... didnt graydon left the company... what the fuck is going on?

    2. James Olson

      According to an email reply I just got from Graydon:
      "There will be an announcement in the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience."

    3. Mictlan

      Im starting to wonder if you dont care about the international backers. We supported you because we believed on you. I came to ks because i loved the online game, you just dont deliver the game outside of the US

    4. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Shettle-Meleedy on

      I live in the US and have received my copy of the game. However, the package with all the extra cards and such that we get for backing the Kickstarter project did not include any rules explaining how to use them. I saw them briefly on the website before it went down, but didn't think to print them out. Did you happen to make a backup of those anywhere that you can use to add them to the Kickstarter page and/or email them to your Kickstarter supporters?

    5. Justin Kapr on

      I can't believe the... oh wait... I already received my game. =P I did notice that your website was down. I hope that gets fixed soon. Will you guys be in NYC anytime soon? One of these days Rich is gonna call me outta the clear blue, and I'll be happy. Cheers!

    6. Nigel Lee on

      It seems my comment on your facebook wall has been removed, if you have the time to do that please consider working on fulfilling backer rewards

    7. Missing avatar

      James on

      Ha! Sure take your time guys. Frankly at this point another week may as well be another month. How many years ago now did this all happen? Damned if I can remember. I know I live in the UK and that's in a mysterious part of the world to you guys postal-wise. But sure, take your time. Not sure why I bother reading the updates anymore lol.

    8. Nigel Lee on

      Adrain, sadly i'm very aware of that. What I'm doing now is giving them one last opportunity to right themselves. So Evertide if you're seeing this, do yourselves a favor and start gathering information from international backers asap

    9. James Olson

      Sorry, accidentally submitted too soon. Anyway...
      Most people would have simply made their pledge, and that was the end of it. Even if you fulfil pledges based on the data Kickstarter has, that sorts out the majority, and you can send out the store-purchased extras on a case-by-case basis.

    10. James Olson

      I suppose the first question is "why the hell are you storing customer data on a web server?".
      Aside from that, in the time it has taken from when this issue first came up to now, why haven't you reconstructed the data from Kickstarter's data? Sure, those of us with add-ons purchased through your online store make it a bit trickier, but surely even accounting for that, you could have had a new set of info for us all by now.

    11. Amanda on

      You know with every update your writing style makes it seem like you just could careless....I've already got my game...and it's a decent game....but this delay to international backers is ridiculous and plain stupid. As others have said isn't there a back up of the data somewhere?! I can't believe that you people don't have the info somewhere....if only in the document you gave to the 'tech' guy to input everything into the website. What did you do with that? Shred it and then burn it and have s'mores?.....probably

    12. andrew cook on

      Thanks for the update. It's pretty frustrating waiting with no word at all. Hope you get your system back soon. I'll look forward to getting the game then.

    13. Missing avatar

      Stovaa on

      It's probably telling that I've actually forgotten this game exists until I get updates telling me it's got another delay in the system. Some people have had theirs for months, thankfully I'm just not bothered enough anymore to complain.

      Looking forward to getting the game, then I can remind myself what it actually is.

    14. Stephen Sing on

      I think I've waited long enough. Is there a channel for a refund?

    15. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      wait a min... dont u guys have our data on some excel sheet? or some other offline copy?

      What about back up data? Shouldnt those exist? I mean if we are looking at the max number of customer u have, that would be us and the guys over at goblin game, even if we were all log in at the same time, the load wont be really high, after all, that's only 4000+ customers.

      You want to look for a new tech person, after all, if this guy does not even know how to back stuff up, you might be in worse trouble in future.

      After all, you have a store page, imagine someone frustration when they are unable to buy anything on your page, only to manage to do so, and.... the site is down and their data is gone.

      It's a waste of everyone's time...

      Seriously... all these delays, and this is the worse so far, i cant even call it an amateur mistake. Backing up is a basic thing that anyone and everyone should do. You back up your work back when you were schooling and working on your essay.

      Why? You know damn straight why you would even do such a thing, so why not now?

    16. Missing avatar

      Aidenolm Rosemourne on

      I had something like this happen to my company once. Except for a few differences.

      First, I had a backup on a local harddrive because it was the logical thing to do.
      Second, I was able to pull the harddrives from the server directly and connect it to an operational machine and extract the data.
      Or, third, if I couldn't do the first two, I'd have called the host and had them extract the data. It's what I did in the past before moving the server into my building.

      I would recommend someone be fired over this matter. Not because it's a big deal (it is) that will cost the company lots of money (it could), but because someone in your company lacked the business sense to not place all of your eggs (data) into one basket. Maybe fire your tech support for not knowing that a harddrive can be removed and data extracted without the need of the failed operating system / server. Once all that is done, perhaps you'll operate efficiently. Heck, they deserve to be sacked for automatically backing up the data to another source.

      The mistakes your company has made go beyond amateur. Amateur mistakes happen, I've done them. However, you're supposed to learn. If I hadn't already received my copy of the game, I'd suspect your company to run scams under the veil of your limited published games and take legal steps to stop you.

    17. Adrian williams

      Nigel, read between the line. Another excuse, in a very long line of other excuses for 'thanks for the cash'. Look at their other game Goblins, same treatment over there. I've just written this off as cash wasted

    18. George Dodge on

      Moar leik Nevertide Games, amirite?

    19. Nigel Lee on

      Can i email you my address so you can send my copy out with no futhur delays?