Mr. Card Game

by Evertide Games

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    1. Kevin Stoner on

      Really enjoyed this game. I think the rules need to be written in a little better format because it took us a while to figure it out. But once we got the rules down it was really a blast to play.

    2. Evertide Games 3-time creator on

      @Kevin - Glad you're having fun! I am keeping a running log of tweaks to the rule book for the second printing. So if you have specific clarity issues feel free to email me.


    3. Justin Fitzgerald on

      Great news. We've been having fun with the game... definitely exceeded expectations.

      As far as my feedback to the rules - I figured the game out with very little problems (assuming I'm playing right, haha) but the supplemental rules should have been in the rulebook. I was having trouble even sorting out the cards until I found the supplemental rules in a Google search.

    4. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys, and the awesome game!

    5. Missing avatar

      Zarlan on

      *am one of the international folks*
      Oh FFS!

    6. Nathan Filizzi on

      I was hoping the other stuff would arrive before next Saturday, so I could wear the shirt to my FLGS for Tabletop Day. Oh well, I do have plenty of other geeky shirts.

    7. Ethan Taylor on

      Just got an email from Rich with the tracking information for the rest of my rewards. I can't wait to bust out my character boards!

    8. Omicron (Matt) on

      Sigh, Canadian backer, and my Mr Card Game is not even showing up on the Evertide games page...I could have sworn it was there in July/August.

    9. Omicron (Matt) on

      Nm, found it under account settings...if only I could get my hands on the game :).

    10. James Olson

      Any news yet on international stuff? Anything at all?

    11. BaronMalakai on

      I was just going to ask the same thing, James. Hoping the product gets here soon.

    12. ragnarok now on

      I got to play for ITTD, and it was fun. I had previously sorted the cards, which made life easier. But it did take me a while to fingure out that about a third of the cards were for the alternate rules, and that these rules were not included.
      For others reference:

    13. Nathan Filizzi on

      My badge, boards, and Mr. Store Cards arrived today and are looking good.

      I hope the second package with the poster and mat arrives soon, but seeing as how the tracking info hasn't updated past "Electronic Shipping Info Received" for the past four days, I'm guessing it'll be a while.

    14. Alexander Cherry

      I'm glad to hear someone's badge and boards and cards arrived. I'm hoping mine do soon.

    15. Larry Fine

      I seem to have received everything except for the playmat and the signed poster. Am I to understand from Nathan's comment below that these will arrive in a third and final shipment?

    16. Larry Fine

      For the second printing of the rulebook, please include all the supplemental rules.

      And it would be nice if I could buy the second rulebook printing on its own.