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North American Backers That Haven't Gotten A Shipping Notice Yet

Posted by Evertide Games (Creator)

The problem has been discovered and a solution is in progress.  If you *still* haven't received a shipping notification in a few days email me (graydon) and copy support.  Meanwhile, take care. 

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    1. Omicron (Matt) on

      From Canada as well. I checked my Evertide games page and it shows i own no games....I was certain my Mr Card Game Kickstarter stuff showed up there before...

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Ditto, on the addon copy.

    3. Missing avatar

      Caleb on

      Received my copy right on schedule. Waiting to crack it open like a fine bottle of dusty Merlot. Love the design of the box. And boy, it’s a bit bigger than I originally imagined. Woot!

    4. Evertide Games 3-time creator on

      Hey Guys,

      First to Canadian backers - technically Canada is part of the international fulfillment. My apologies for misspeaking in the announcement above.

      To all internationals (including Canada) we are stuck in paperwork limbo. As soon the paperwork is approved and we can give a delivery estimate we will. I talk to the guy who is handling this everyday pushing for the moment when I can offer a timeline. And while I have a guess, I need more than that before I get your hopes up.

      US backers wondering about the remaining rewards. Those are being packed up as we speak. Because of the number of packages and envelopes being handled this way (over 3,000 of them in various shapes and sizes) it is taking quite a while to do correctly. I will make an a big announcement in about a week to ten days, either saying they are all in the wild, or advising when that will happen.

      My email is in case you need to reach me.

      And finally - thank you for all of the kind words about Mr. Card Game, I am so excited that people have and are playing this game. I really don't know how to describe it.

      Back to the salt mines,


    5. Nick Josh on

      Is there any update on when our custom character boards and other rewards are shipping?

    6. Kickstarter Bad on

      Canada, no email either.

    7. Mark Schell on

      Also in Canada with no shipping notice yet :(

    8. Missing avatar

      Pierre St-Michel on

      I didn't receive a shipping notice yet and I'm in Canada.
      I'm not sure where to find your e-mail.

    9. Ropya on

      Not received a shipping notice yet, but looking forward to it.
      Thanks for the update.

    10. Missing avatar

      Steven Kiehl on

      I received one copy the other day. When can we expect add-on copies to ship out?

    11. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update! I'm looking forward to seeing this arrive.

    12. Missing avatar

      Zarlan on

      What's the word on us European backers?

    13. John Patrick

      Got mine in the mail the other day. I'm blown away by the quality of the game!