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The Previously Mentioned "Next" Update!

Posted by Evertide Games (Creator)
Hey There!
Never say never right?  The freight transition took a little more time than scheduled, but now the games have arrived at the distribution center.  They'll need a couple of days to get organized, which means that individual copies should be winging their way to backers at the end of the week.  
Most of the other rewards will be coming from EG directly, and they should be enroute at about the same time.  Soon, domestic backers should be enjoying their rewards.  
Questions?  You know how to reach me 
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    1. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      well, i have a shipping from amazon incoming for final fantasy x/x-2, so if a miracle did occur and i have the board game with it, great..

      Anyway, since amazon is handling shipping for internationa peeps, shouldnt it be easier for u guys? Since u just have to send your stuff to amazon for them to ship and stuff??

    2. Evertide Games 3-time creator on

      @mrfatso & James - International fulfillment is good bit more complicated and expensive than domestic, and also more so than we were advised. So it is still taking some time to get that squared away. There will be an update for international folks coming soon. It will comprehensively address the time-table, packaging, and I'll probably start a FAQ on it for whatever questions folks still have. I expect to have that out in a week (it could happen faster, but a week should be safe).

      As far as the code, it is currently tied to shipping notifications (I think, I'll look into it).


    3. Missing avatar

      Grindar on

      Amazon is doing fulfillment on the board games themselves, Evertide is doing fulfillment on all the extras. I bet they're even sending the codes by hand, so give them some time :D

      If you paid for it you should get it, as far as the extras go.

    4. James Olson

      @mrfatso - I'm in a weird situation where I added on the shirt etc after the end of the KS campaign, and I've been told that those items will be shipped separately. It is possible that those backers who got it all the normal way would just have one delivery, but I don't know. I thought you might like that data point though.

      @Graydon & co - I haven't had any shipping notification yet, has international shipping started? I'm a little concerned if you've opened up the store for other people to buy their games before you've sent out all the Kickstarter copies...
      I've also seen that some friends of mine who have received their games already have also received codes for a "hand of Mr. Cards" in KoL. Is that something that gets emailed out when the game ships, or is it just taking a while to get through them all?

    5. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      what about international backers, will we be getting the board with the player mat and etc? Since for local wise, i understand, it wont be that expensive, however for international, all these little bits of extra shipping WILL add up to quite an amount..

    6. Kevin Flanagan on

      @PJ type /redeem 'your-code' in chat

    7. PJ De Jong on

      After reading the update response, I have 2 things...1. Thank you for the timely response. 2. Your had a code for the kol game, how/where do I impute that once I have logged in to redeem it?

    8. Justin Grubbs on

      Geez, it's now Monday and they still haven't updated my tracking info from "not found."

      I hate the USPS...

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Mine apparently arrived last friday. I just picked it up this morning! Was the box designed with cards being sleeved in mind?

    10. Justin Grubbs on

      Thanks Grindar. I got the notification Thursday night and today it's still showing no info.. Hopefully tomorrow it'll update

    11. Missing avatar

      Grindar on

      On the day it was created, completely normal. Or on Sunday if it was generated on a Saturday. It's even screwier with smartpost, USPS doesn't receive notice it exists until fedex drops it off apparently. Got my notice on Wednesday, worked thursday afternoon, got game Saturday if it helps.

    12. Justin Grubbs on

      How common is it to have the usps tracking info show "no record" for the tracking number?

    13. Evertide Games 3-time creator on

      @Larry - No need to worry, you aren't missing a rulebook. The link you provided is the ascension version of the game, and all of the supplemental content is on the wiki. That along with all of the additional content is strongly discouraged until you have a played the game at least once, and ascension in particular requires a pretty firm grounding before playing that way. It is much longer than the standard rule-set, and requires a bit of knowledge of the cards in the game in order to plan your strategy.

      Unless someone changed something on me when I wasn't looking, every copy should contain a Certificate of Participation. Please email and explain that your copy is missing it's CoT. Please include your name and backing information in that email.

      Fingers of Fury on the other hand was a component that was cut. If you are curious, I might write up a more elaborate explanation, but essentially we found a way to simplify the rule-set which made resulted in that card serving no purpose. So nothing missing there.

      Gamecard separators are the flagged cards which broadly speaking correspond to the types of cards in the game. You can use these to organize your cards in a "card shoe" style box.

      And you are correct, all of the other rewards (other than the game itself) are being directly fulfilled by Evertide Games. This includes the Mr. Accessory cards (and the Mr. Store cards for those that are eligible), and everything else you mentioned.


    14. Larry Fine

      I received my game today, and I have the following questions:

      I don't see ascension ($90K stretch goal) mentioned anywhere in the game box. Am I to understand that the entirety of this stretch reward is what is represented in the wiki at Am I missing a booklet with the Supplemental Rules?

      I could not find the Certificate of Participation Card. Please explain?

      I could not find the Fingers of Fury Card. Please explain?

      What are "Gamecard separators"? Do I have them?

      Also, please verify that for Palindrome and higher supporters the following items are still going to be shipped: 12 Mr. Store cards, 2 Mr. Accessory cards, 6 character class boards, the playmat, the signed poster, the Con badge, and the T-shirt.


    15. Missing avatar

      Sam Weber on

      I just got my copy! Yay!!!!

    16. Evertide Games 3-time creator on

      @Nathan - you got it, everything for Kickstarters, other than the game itself, is coming separately. Meanwhile, enjoy!


    17. Nathan Filizzi on

      Yay. I just got my game. Am I correct in assuming that the Mr. Store cards are being shipped with the playmats, boards, tshirts, and posters?

    18. Evertide Games 3-time creator on

      Fantastic! So glad you guys are getting them this quickly. Are you all on the east coast? I am guessing those arrived will arrive first.

      Also - yes the boards are coming from EG directly (rather than the fulfillment center). They will be going out soon, so you have a time to get a few games in before adding layers ;-)


    19. Paul Ashour on

      AAAAAAA Got mine! I am so excited, it all looks fantastic! Congratulations, y'all!

    20. Heath Collins on

      Finally got my copy! This is such a great quality product. Thanks, Evertide! :)

    21. Wayne Fry on

      got my copy today, can't wait to open it up!

    22. Ethan Taylor on

      Having just opened up my copy of the game, I can say that the boards are *not* shipped with the core game. Can't wait to get those soon!

    23. Heath Collins on

      I got notification that mine was delivered today! And here I am, stuck in the office. Ugh. This Friday is going to be so long :P

    24. Missing avatar

      Grindar on

      Mine will allegedly arrive tomorrow. Assuming it doesn't get lost in the fedex/usps shuffle like the last 2 things I got from amazon did. I hate smartpost so much.

    25. Devon Rampe on

      Awesome, my game arrived today! I haven't had a chance to unwrap the game box, but wanted to know if the "6 sweet character class boards" are in the box, or will be shipping separately?

    26. Will Lewis on

      Just got my shipping confirmation – thanks guys!

    27. Andrew on

      just got a smart post shipping notice for another backed game and it was 1 week. Then I got this one expecting the same, but its Friday! must be shipping from different distro centers... now im hopping there isnt a 4 day turn over like my last smart post shipped item.

    28. Ethan Taylor on

      WOOOO! Just got the email telling me that it's been shipped! Time to obsessively refresh UPS's tracking page.

      It's been a long wait to get this far, but these next few days are going to be the worst... So close, and yet so far away...

    29. Evertide Games 3-time creator on

      @Justin & Andrew - I am keep my fingers crossed there may be news on this front tomorrow.

      @mrfatso - we are still finalizing the international release. Hoping to have news on that front soon, but there's still a little bit to sort out there.

      @Josh - thanks, me too!


    30. Missing avatar

      Josh Wendt on

      Count me EXCITED!

    31. Justin Grubbs on

      I have packages shipped via amazon arrive next day within a day or two standard shipping (live near a distro center), so if they deliver by Saturday I'll have it in time. (Not expecting to, but I am hoping :)

    32. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      what about international peeps?

    33. Andrew on

      @Justin Unfortunately, they will be shipping this week. From distro centers, I expect they might use smart post which takes about a week to ship (due to UPS/Fedex to USPS transition). Even if not, Friday looks extreamly slim.

    34. Justin Grubbs on

      Awesome! I have a game night this weekend, so I'll hold out hope that it shows up in time!