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Short and sweet - Please Read :)

Posted by Evertide Games (Creator)

We absolutely, positively need to have current addresses by February 15th, 2014. AKA this Saturday. Make of this what you will.  

PS - if you sent support an address update in the last few weeks and didn't hear back yet, don't sweat it, he was pretty busy, but he asked me to pass along that he processed them, but didn't have time to reply.  And thank you.

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    1. Amanda on

      Sooooo.....any news? Is the game still tied up in customs?

    2. Heath Collins on

      So when is it actually shipping out? :)

    3. Michael Amos on

      How do I go about validating the address you have on file?

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      OMG there is a wiki! Sweetness!

    5. Justin Grubbs on

      Thanks for the help guys, I was able to update my address! I can't wait for this game, my wife keeps asking me when it'll come

    6. Missing avatar

      MysticalMolly on

      Just checked to be sure, and address that you (should) have is current.

      Thanks, Graydon!

    7. Heath Collins on

      @Graydon - Thanks! I just happened to stumble on the wiki on the website with all of the supplemental rules; I'm currently drooling over them.

      This has been a long, agonizing wait, but I'm so excited that it's finally about to be here!

    8. Evertide Games 3-time creator on

      @Coltan - if your address is the same as the one you put on your exit survey you should be all set.

      @ Justin - right on!

      @schroed - copy that.

      @Evil - this link is what you need. Go there, click on reset password and you will be able to get into your account at Evertide. There you can double-check/update your address.


    9. Missing avatar

      Evil on

      @Evertide Games: I'm pretty sure I need to change my address but for some reason I can't get into my account. What should I do?

    10. Missing avatar

      schroed on


      nothing has changed since my previous emails.


      Ken Wright aka schroed on KoL

    11. Justin Kapr on

      Thank you Mr. Gwyn!

    12. Coltan James Jankowski on

      Hey, just wondering if we need address updates if the address hasn't changed?

    13. Evertide Games 3-time creator on

      @Justin - Mr. Gwyn has you covered

      @Mark - *joins in the dance of joy*

      @Ms. Gwyn - thanks for the assist :)

      @Heath - Injuries exist in a very limited way in the base game. In a nutshell (*note to self* I should do a longer write-up on this) The Boss Monsters (not to be confused with the clever 8-bit retro card game of similar name) do not drop loot as do other monsters in Mr. Card Game. Instead, since they are Bosses, they can inflict temporary awfulness in the form of injuries, illnesses, and impairments. These are avoidable through clever card play. But if not avoided you are stuck with them for a little while.

      The healing skills are able to cure different subsets of these afflictions as well.


    14. Heath Collins on

      Hi, I wasn't really sure where to ask this.

      I was looking at the cards that you posted at Flickr awhile back, and noticed that it had some Injury cards. Are those included in the base game, or are they for a potential expansion? I'm really curious about them!

    15. Ms. Gwyn on

      If I recall correctly (and have been posted in the updates) you need to go here:

    16. Mark Scrudder

      *Does the dance of joy*

    17. Justin Grubbs on

      Where is the best place to ensure you have the correct address?