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Kingdom of Loathing's Official Standalone Tabletop Game
Kingdom of Loathing's Official Standalone Tabletop Game
2,340 backers pledged $142,002 to help bring this project to life.

Graydon Hangs up One Hat For Now

Don't worry, I'll keep this brief. Due to the demands of, well, life, I need to take a step back from Evertide. Getting my game out into reality has been one of the coolest experiences of my life. And I am really happy for the people who are playing it and enjoying it, and all of the great friends I have met through this process.  The KoL slogan "came for the game, stayed for the community" is so true. 

You guys can still shoot me rules or gameplay questions, or share whatever you like, or just say hi. But for a while I'll just be one of the designers on the game, and not the company's outward face or point of contact for customer service or logistical matters. You can still email, and it will still be seen by a real person, but no need to cc me anymore. Take care and good gaming.

Hey Folks Who Haven't Received Your Game Yet

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As many of you have noticed, our website is down. It has been down for a while. In the beginning we thought this would be relatively simple to fix, and we got it back up. But those periods were temporary and unstable. And we can't reliably get the site up even temporarily. This is a problem, and delaying your receipt of Mr. Card Game, because, our site is where we store all of the info we need in order to fulfill stuff to you. We are working on this, and as soon as he can get it resolved we will. I am not a tech guy, so I don't have an estimate at the moment. Talking to our tech guy, the work is tricky, and painstaking, and subject to the unpredictability of iterative diagnostic testing. So he doesn't have an estimate yet either. Hopefully there will be a light at the end of the tunnel soon. In the meantime take care, and I'm sorry for the wait.

TL:DRs Only (No Actual Long Copy)

USA --> TL:DR - all US games and rewards should be in hand.  If you
are missing something
Canada --> TL:DR - all games should be in hand.  Other rewards should
go out by the end of this week
UK/Europe --> TL:DR - game should beginning fulfilling this week and
next.  Other rewards should go out by the end of this week.

Been a long road, but the finish line is finally in sight.

Finishing US Fulfillment - How to Contact Me/US - International Fulfillment News

Hey Gang, A couple of important notices and updates here. If you are pressed for time just read the titles and the tl:drs.

Completing US Fulfillment   

tl:dr - US backers non-game-in-box rewards are in the mail system 

 By now, many of you US backers already know that the extra rewards are being mailed as you read this. You should be getting shipping confirmations soon if you haven't already. If you are still expecting rewards from us, and haven't seen either a confirmation or the actual thing show up, shoot us an email. (and you can cc me graydon@evertidegames if you like, that way I know what support has on his plate and can keep half an eye on it). 

Got a Problem? Send an Email 

tl:dr - Email is the best way to reach me 

Which brings me to communication. Kickstarter is good at number of things, but it is not an ideal forum for service requests. Kickstarter messaging is clunky (when you have multiple projects with thousands of unique backers) and comments in threads are easy to miss for a whole host of reasons. If you need something - your game is missing components, something is damaged, something that should have arrived didn't, etc., please email us so that we know and can take care of it promptly. I'm not perfect and I have missed some emails over the last year, but this is a much more reliable way of getting your concern to me so I can solve it. Facebook and are great places to have discussions, ask questions that others might want to know the answers to, post files and pictures and all sorts of great stuff. And if you post a service request there, I will probably see it, eventually. But if you need my attention promptly email is still your best best. 

Canada and the Rest of the World 

tl:dr - Canada fulfilling next week, Global fulfillment in six weeks - PLEASE make sure your address is correct 

We are breaking up international fulfillment into stages. Canada wins the prize for being just north of the US and so will be fulfilling starting next week. Turns out that the rest of the world is in an infinite two-way tie for second* and so will start fulfilling in about 6 weeks. As with the US, in most cases the upper tier rewards will likely lag a bit behind the games, but hopefully not too much. This does mean that it is super important that we have correct and current addresses for all of you. So here is the checklist 

1) Are you still at the address that you put on the KS survey? If that address is still good you are done. 

2) If that address is stale, have you already updated your address (either on our site or via email)? If so then you should be fine. 

3) If neither 1 or 2 above is correct, you should log into our website and update your address. You can do there (flick forgot password if you need to reset your password). 

4) If you are unsure whether you updated your address follow step three in order to confirm that the address we currently have is where you want it sent. 

5) If you run into problems with the above you can email us. I ask that this be a kind of last resort though as the volume of messages for the US on this front was overwhelming. Obviously we'll help, but the more of you that can sort this out on your own the better :) I really appreciate it.

I've really been enjoying hearing how much people are enjoying Mr. Card Game, and I particularly dig some of the variants and house rules that people have shared with me.  Good stuff all around.  

Take care, and keep gaming 

International Update coming Tuesday 4/15 evening Pacific Time


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