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Help us make the official game of the Goblins webcomic a reality. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 1, 2013.

Help us make the official game of the Goblins webcomic a reality.

About this project

Description of Project

Goblins: Alternate Realities (or GAR for short) is a card game based upon the Goblins webcomic where even the weakest monsters can work together as a party of adventurers. This Kickstarter campaign is a chance for fans and supporters of the comic and gamers in general to influence the direction of the game, help get it off to a good start and, of course, pledge for some exclusive rewards. But most importantly, backers of this project will help make this game a reality.

Description of Gameplay

In Goblins: Alternate Realities, you direct a party of characters from the world of Goblins through a series of encounters and challenges to fulfill the individual quests of each of your characters. In each game, each player begins with a different combination of characters in his party and a different deck full of actions that he can perform with his characters. Throughout the game, you have the opportunity to form alliances with characters in other parties to claim treasure, gain experience and fulfill your quests. Or, if it suits your ends, you can oppose a party and your characters can challenge your enemies to battles of strength, wit or charm. 

For more details about the gameplay, visit the GAR Rules Wiki, read the GAR Design Notes, listen to the GAR Gameplay Podcasts, watch our GAR AMA Gameplay Walkthru Livecast or ask a question in the GAR Q&A Thread in the Goblin Forums.

Current Stretch Goals

Wait, this isn't a brick. It's a book. With less than 24hrs remaining and the last minute pledges rolling in, Tarol and Danielle have decided to add one extra stretch goal to the campaign. If the campaign reaches $200k (including all Alternate Payment Methods and all add-ons by backers after the campaign), they will share five exclusive mini-comics (two from Book 1, two from Book 2, and one never before seen) with everyone by posting the pages from all these mini-comics on That's: "Not-Walter" Screams Like a Girl, Merchandisables, The Origin of Forgath's Helmet, Goblins: Youngling Years and The Prisoner of Moon K'Tolo.

We have to be careful because it's a lot of wet slippery rocks and no place to hide. There is ancient wisdom that reads “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the streams that you’re used to.”  In this case though why not have all of the above?  A River of Healing.  A Maze of Waterfalls.  Heck, lakes are cool too, so how’s about a Lake Tentacle Monster?  That’s right you guessed it, the next stretch goal, at $210k will add a whole new stack of 12 encounter cards with a decidedly aquatic theme.  This means that, if we smash this goal, you will have another option for all of your encounter decision making, deepening the tactical choice of when to go where.  

Oh powerful Herbert! He who livith in his parent's basement and workith at Starbucks part time! Hear me, oh great one! If we reach 8,000 fans on Facebook, we'll add a fourth bonus character to the core set and add Herbert to the pool of characters to vote for and lock in the current vote leader.

Ways to Participate
Kickstarter: By pledging for this project at any level, you will receive updates from us throughout the campaign. As we reach certain campaign milestones, we will be asking supporters to help us to determine the content that gets added to the game. Also, by pledging at any level, you will be notified of a number of secret ‘spontaneous’ rewards. When these rewards are available, we will send you a message so that you can grab them before they disappear.

Facebook: If you have a Facebook account, you can like the Goblins: Alternate Realities Facebook page and post comments about the project. We will be posting content to the albums on the page, as well as links to materials posted through other media channels. Most importantly, we will be running polls to allow you to help us determine the bonus characters and artwork that will be included in the game.

Twitter: If you have a Twitter account, you can follow Evertide Games' Twitter page and/or @Thunt_Goblins and tweet your thoughts about the project with the hashtag #GoblinsGame. We will also be using Twitter, along with special GAR related hashtags to collect your responses to the quotation polls we run throughout the campaign.

Pinterest: If you have a Pinterest account, you can follow the Goblins: Alternate Realities Pinterest board and repin some of the artwork we upload. We will be using Pinterest to post previews of the game components which we cannot fit on this page. Pinterest will also be the place where you will see more GAR production images after the campaign ends.

YouTube: If you have a YouTube account, you can follow Evertide Games' Youtube channel and share our intro video with your friends. We will be using YouTube to post promo videos for GAR as well as videos of the gameplay.

BoardGameGeek: If you have a BoardGameGeek, you can fan the project’s Boardgamegeek Page and create a thread about the game. Help us take GAR to the top of the Hotness list on the main page and to leave every other hobby gamer wondering why they haven’t heard of the Goblins webcomic sooner!

???: If you want to help out the project in ways that we didn’t prepare for or never thought of, go for it! The internet is an awesome place to share what you care about... whether that’s Reddit or Wikipedia or posting your own game reviews or contacting famous reviewers you know. If you can think of a way to increase the exposure of GAR, then you’ll be helping make the game better and make a great game available to more people.

Rewards Available 

Supporter Reward Sets

A preview of rewards at the $151 pledge level.
A preview of rewards at the $151 pledge level.

Note about Shipping 

Please note that each pledge level assumes shipping to the contiguous United States. If you are located outside of the contiguous United States, you will be charged an additional shipping fee by Kickstarter. If you wish to pledge for multiple copies of any reward level, you will be able to add international shipping charges for the additional copies at the end of the campaign.

Campaign Milestones (aka Stretch Goals)
We have set up a variety of milestones for the campaign. As the campaign reaches each of these milestones, we will be adding more content to the game and more excitement to the campaign. Based upon the number of fans on the GAR facebook page, we will add more bonus characters to the game. Based upon the amount of money raised by the campaign, we will add more treasure to the treasure piles, more options to the gameplay and upgrade the components in everyone's game. And, based upon the number of backers of the project, we will be sending Thunt & GAR to different conventions around the U.S. this year.

When the campaign reaches one of its milestones, we will announce it in an update to our supporters and in some cases, we will be reaching out to you to help us determine which of the possible content we should add. We have also put together some maps to help everyone track the progress of the campaign throughout the various different media.

Milestones Achieved 

Current Component List

  • 18 Character Cards **** including Pan & Yala, K'seliss, Biscuit & Señor Vorpal Kickass'o character cards
  • 200 Action Cards **** including 8 Pan & Yala action cards, 8 K'seliss action cards, 8 Biscuit action cards & 16 party actions for a 5th player.
  • 78 Treasure Cards  **** including the Roak Greataxe, Señor Chainmail Kickass'o, Señor Sword Hilt Kickass'o, Señor Pick-Axe Kickass'o, Señor Helmet Kickass'o, Blade Helmet, Room Ring, Shadowflame Cloak, Potion of Flaming Epicness & Hammace treasure cards
  • 48 Encounter Cards
  • 63 Level Cards **** including 3 sets of Barbarian, Cleric, Monk, Fighter, Paladin and Rogue experience cards & 9 extra stat bonus cards for a 5th player.
  • 60 Quest Tokens **** including 12 extra tokens for a 5th player.
  • 60 XP Tokens **** including 12 extra tokens for a 5th player.
  • 60 Coin Tokens **** including a purse for organizing your gold
  • 5 Wound Counter Dice **** custom-molded negative d10s & 1 extra die for a 5th player.
  • 30 Deck Dividers **** custom-cut dividers for the card sets
  • 1 24-Page Rulesbook

Project Owners

GAR is a collaboration between the Goblins Comic created by Tarol Hunt and the design team at Evertide Games. Tarol Hunt has been writing and illustrating Goblins since 2005. Evertide Games has been designing games for the tabletop game industry since 2008. 

For more details about Goblins or to read through the webcomic, visit the or post a question to the Goblins twitter feed.
For more details about Evertide Games, visit the Evertide Games website or post a question to the Evertide Game's twitter feed.

Our Thanks

Through your pledge, your support on all these different media and your participation in all the activities we have planned, you will be helping us to make Goblins: Alternate Realities even bigger and better. To express our appreciation for your support, we have added the bonus character you have all be asking for to the campaign which all our supporters at Goblin War Camp level or higher will receive along with their copy of GAR: Tempts Fate

Risks and challenges

The estimated delivery dates associated with each reward take into account the time required to develop and test the additional components which are chosen by you throughout the campaign (1 month), to finalize the materials we send to the printers (1 month) and for the manufacturer to produce and ship the game to Amazon’s fulfillment locations around the globe (3 months). We have also included a little extra time into the delivery date in case we need to create additional artwork for the project or we need to correct the design materials based upon our final playtesting (1 month).

Based upon our experience preparing Mr. Card Game for publication (our first title as a publisher!) after our Kickstarter campaign last fall, the creation of additional content, testing it and getting it ready for print approval can cause delays to the delivery date. The above timeline reflects both the lessons we've learned from doing Mr. Card Game as well as the establishment of relationships with manufacturers we now have as a result of publishing Mr. Card Game.

We will be returning to GrandPrix International for printing this project, and we plan to use a similar size packaging in order to take advantage of the process we had to create for Mr. Card Game. We have also adjusted our list of vendors and some of the types of items we are (not) offering based upon our experiences with them. So, we anticipate a six month timeframe for delivery of all (except for the expansion material) rewards.

But, ultimately, there is a risk that we will need to make adjustments to either the design or to our vendors after the campaign in order to make sure that the game is made with the best quality, resulting in a delay of a few more months. Mr. Card Game is now in the hands of our printers and on track to be completely fulfilled by September (11 months after the end of the campaign), which should give you an upper limit on the delay in fulfillment for GAR that you can expect if we need to make adjustments.

As GAR progresses through each step of production, we will send you updates and keep you alerted to its progress through Kickstarter as well as our social media. We have also built up our website to handle any address changes that you need to make and for you to provide details regarding personalized rewards once the campaign is over.

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    Pledge $2 or more

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    Farm House Adventurers: Credit as a Supporter & Eligibility for all Instant Rewards.

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    Pledge $11 or more

    63 backers

    Ogre Hideout Adventurers: Personalized Character Badge & Farm House rewards.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $37 or more

    621 backers

    Goblin War Camp Adventurers: Core Game with all Stretch Goals, Set of KS Exclusive Unseen Treasure Cards & Ogre Hideout rewards

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    Pledge $55 or more

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    Brassmoon Courtyard Adventurers: Shield of Wonder Effects Card Set & Goblin War Camp rewards

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    337 backers

    The Frosted Claw Adventurers: Map of the Realm Playmat & Brassmoon Courtyard rewards

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    Pledge $151 or more

    57 backers

    Well of Darkness Adventurers: Character Cling Stickers, T-Shirt of your choice & The Frosted Claw rewards.

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    Pledge $252 or more

    110 backers

    Maze of Many Adventurers: All Expansion Sets (shipping not included) & Well of Darkness Rewards

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    Pledge $404 or more

    8 backers

    Entrance to Dragon's Maw Adventurers: Map of the Realm Gaming Tablecloth & Maze of Many Rewards

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $707 or more

    2 backers Limited (98 left of 100)

    Exit to Dragon's Maw Adventurers: Demo Copies of the Core Game, Shield of Wonder Set and First Expansion Set & Entrance to Dragon's Maw Rewards.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $1,111 or more

    9 backers Limited (41 left of 50)

    Goblin Village Adventurers: Signed Prints of the Cover Artwork for the Core Game and all future Expansion Sets & Exit to Dragon's Maw Rewards.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships anywhere in the world

Funding period

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