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A duo from the Pacific Northwest journey to Egypt in search of the truth: What does 2012 mean? What happens next? Will there be a next?

A duo from the Pacific Northwest journey to Egypt in search of the truth: What does 2012 mean? What happens next? Will there be a next? Read More
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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on October 5, 2012.

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Our journey starts in Northwest Washington State. It is here we question what the supposed End of Days in 2012 means. Will the world crumble beneath our feet at the stroke of midnight on December 21st? Is this the Age of Pisces fading with the moon only for the sun to rise as the Age of Aquarius? Will we wake the next day enlightened? 

We have heard of the Mayans and their predictions. However, they are not the only culture shrouded in prophetic mystery. The Egyptians claim this to be the rise of Osiris, God of the Dead and Resurrection. Which is where many of the 'Zombie Apocalypse' myths stem from.

We plan on going to Egypt and finding out the truth during this spiritually volatile time, during their politically volatile time.  We will go to Cairo to see the events and festivities, to meet the people and hear their ideas and beliefs, and see the leading up to, during, and aftermath of these supposed End of Days.

We will be spending lots of time trying to gauge the take of the People on the 2012 myths that stem from their own land and history. We will be flying in at the beginning of December so as to witness the constellation of Orion's Belt rising over the Pyramids of Giza. This is a historical and monumental event, especially in regards to Egyptian lore and Prophecy. It is said that it was for this event that these pyramids were built. We will then take the time to venture to various places to see the history first hand and talk to the people, local and tourist alike.  

The day in Question, December 21st, there will be an exciting event on the Giza Plato right by the Great Pyramids, called The Great Convergence! We intend to go right to the heart of the chaos and actually bear witness to the History as it unfolds, right from the Great Pyramids, bringing it all back to you, our supporters and fans!

Before and after the 21st we will be packing as much adventure and filming into our time as possible, while staying as reasonably safe as we can. Assuming the more violent prophecies are not accurate, we will be staying through Christmas (December 25th), in a Muslim country, which may be worthy of a documentary all in its own! Finally we will end our trip being there for New years, to see how they reign in the first year of the new era, whatever that era may be.

The funds we are raising will go for things such as helping with cost of the trip, additional hardware needed for the trip, tour guides and at times personal security. As you can imagine this is a very expensive venture and we need YOUR HELP to make it a reality! Our goal also includes funds for post production costs like the DVDs, Blu-Rays, great rewards for our backers, and screenings in a few select theaters in the Pacific Northwest and perhaps beyond. We will gladly answer any questions you have. We have a blog already going so you can stay in the loop as the pre-journey continues and throughout the Adventure of, not just a lifetime but, an ERA!

Risks and challenges

With all ventures there are risks, and nothing worth doing comes without a challenge.
Since our project comes with its own unique set of hurtles, it's going to take a great deal of planning. Our most apparent of which is securing our safety in Egypt. With all the current events taking place, we are being very cautious about our journey. Our research is never ending, not just in keeping up to date to the hour on the security level issued for tourists, but which parts we should avoid and likewise which we should stick to. We are contacting locals as well as other Americans who are over there at the moment to find out exactly what is going on in the midst of everything, to get the most accurate view as possible.
Current events are not our only areas of research to ensure our safety. We are of course making all efforts to be fluent in Egyptian customs so as not to offend anyone or stick out in any negative ways. We will be adopting a similar dress code (we are having a wardrobe provided by Aja Wildbird Blackmore), general etiquette, learning key phrases as well as how to properly pronounce words, local laws, etc.This journey is as much of a learning experience for us as it will be for viewers.
We are also encountering an interesting problem of trying to find out exactly where we are and are not allowed to film. Of course museums and the like are places where we cannot take a camera to take pictures, but what about filming in certain parts, such as inside the pyramids vs. outside, inside the Convergence Festival or the panels at it, and so on. We have been in contact with Convergence Festival and have an open dialog with them, which is very encouraging. We are in the process of contacting local attractions and finding out exactly what we are and are not allowed to do.
We expect to return home from our journey with dozens of hours of footage - maybe even hundreds. Who knows after five weeks! Rest does not come once we land back on home turf. Next comes the long process of filtering through all our footage, figuring out if we managed to acquire enough film to create something comprehensive and interesting, figuring out what is necessary, what is unnecessary, what order everything will go in - and so on! With this project not the only Think Piece Productions will be working on, the editing process might be a slow one. But we have a deadline in sight, and with a little luck will have it done in time to premier at the 5th Annual Worthy Fest in April of 2013. By this time we will need to have it edited together and the cover and disc designed and ordered.
As stated before, there is nothing worth doing that doesn't have its challenges, and where as this has an abundance, Think Piece Production's There and Begin Again must be destined for greatness!

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  • No, we will not, at least not in Egypt. We are in the process of looking into alternatives, such as other cultures' prophecies and events to celebrate the new era, but as of yet we do not have an alternative plan. Safety is the very first concern, and while we wish to bring truth to the world and a masterpiece of a documentary, Think Piece Productions will not be responsible for putting their crew at risk.

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  • We will refund everyone's money, naturally. Though, should another option become available, and since time is not on our side for this project, we may contact each individual backer and see if they are still willing for their money to go toward the documentary that is just in a different setting. Should the backer not wish for it to happen, then their money will be refunded with as little hassle as possible.

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  • Beats Antique is a band from San Francisco known for their eastern electronic music and belly-dancer. On December 21, they will be playing at the Giza Plateau. Since this is included in the festivities, we will also be there for this. That does not mean that we will not be alert to the heavens, the pyramids, the prophecy, and mystery of the date. We are going there to seek out what is happening through this much talked about time, and bring the experience of Cairo, and beyond, to the Western World.

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    Since you won't be able to get the calendar until 2013 has already began, we will throw in a few extra months!

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