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You're the Villain! Build your mansion, raise your monsters, and slaughter visitors! PC, Mac, Linux
You're the Villain! Build your mansion, raise your monsters, and slaughter visitors! PC, Mac, Linux
You're the Villain! Build your mansion, raise your monsters, and slaughter visitors! PC, Mac, Linux
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    1. Wild Factor Creator on June 9

      Hello Gaspard The Devil . Lien renvoyé par message privée.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gaspard The Devil on June 9

      OK, pas de problème... Merci beaucoup.
      Cependant pourriez vous me dire où "retrouver" la version "sendowl", svp ? Car nous sommes visiblement passés au travers !...
      Because The Devil a soif de sortir de son hibernation !...
      Merci encore...

    3. Wild Factor Creator on June 5

      Hello Gaspard The Devil. Vous pouvez nous contacter en français, puisqu'on est Français :)
      Toutes nos excuses pour le retard ! Les développement de jeux vidéo ne se passent jamais comme on les avaient prévu. Et on a fait le choix de privilégier la qualité au détriment des délais. On est tristement dans la moyen des retards pour ce type de projet.
      Mais vous pouvez déjà jouer à la version en cours. Vous avez du recevoir un email de "sendowl" avec la version téléchargeable et jouable. La premiére version steam sortira cet automne :)
      Et je peux vous dire que la situation est plutôt bonne et qu'il y a peu de risque pour que le jeu ne sorte pas.
      Nous nous excusons encore pour le retard. Et vous pouvez nous écrire par email/message kickstarter/forum, on vous répondra.
      Merci encore pour votre soutien, sans l'aide des contributeurs rien n'aurait été possible !

      PS: Les noms dans les crédits du jeu sont affiché dans un ordre tiré au hasard à chaque fois, de manière à ne privilégier personne.

    4. Missing avatar

      Gaspard The Devil on June 4

      Ah ben grâce au message envoyé, le surnom du fiston est apparu (on l'avait complètement oublié) comme la contribution (moindre que je ne le croyais y a cinq minutes, désolé..)... Pour le reste mes questions restent d'actualité.

    5. Missing avatar

      Gaspard The Devil on June 4

      Excusez moi, ça va faire près de 2 ans que j'ai contribué à l'aventure (pour 50 ou 60 euros je crois..) après le Toulouse Game Show où je m'étais longuement entretenu avec le père du créateur...)... Ceci principalement pour mon fils qui avait neuf ans à l'époque.. je ne sais toujours pas si le jeu fonctionne, s'il va fonctionner un jour... Je ne me souviens même plus de mes mp & Co...
      Aussi pourrait-on me contacter en français svp afin de me renseigner (entre le vocable geek, l'anglais, les messages épisodiques, ça fait en effet longtemps que je ne suis plus votre actualité !)?...

    6. Wild Factor Creator on February 28, 2017

      Oups Vincent Philippi, I forget to answer you on the steam key: In a few months.

    7. Wild Factor Creator on February 27, 2017

      - Coen van der Wel Thanks you for this great feedback on the forum ! (I will answer to it on the forum)

      - Vincent Philippi, sorry the F12 bug :( This bug re-appear. I fixed it again for the next version. (There is an auto-save, but it only save every 15 minutes)

    8. Missing avatar

      Vincent Philippi
      on February 27, 2017

      Really love the game so far! it is really addicting.
      only i noticed that pressing the F12 key kills the game. when i tried saving, i accidentally pushed this button.
      leaving me to restart my wonderfull hotel again....

      when will the steam release be btw?

    9. Coen van der Wel
      on February 26, 2017

      This game is awesome and super addictive to play! I've spent most of the time I *should* have been sleeping this weekend on it, so much fun!

      (I'll try not to spam you with ideas, but I'll have a little topic on the forum with my experiences :D)

    10. Wild Factor Creator on February 24, 2017

      Hello MoonRaven, we will do a kickstarter message about streaming that today.

    11. MoonRaven on February 23, 2017

      Are we allowed to stream the new beta build?

    12. Wild Factor Creator on December 13, 2016

      Sorry Julian C, I didn't see your message. For the Beta, we are not ready yet, all my apologies!
      We can't give you an exact date, yet.

    13. Julian C
      on December 3, 2016

      Hi. How are things coming? Any idea when Zombie backers will get to see the Beta key?

    14. Wild Factor Creator on September 14, 2016

      Hello Bryan, press F3 on your keyboard, and "save" "load" should appear on the upper right of the Screen.
      Be aware that this functionality is not finished yet. It doesn't save everything, and it's probably still buggy.

    15. Bryan T Starr on September 13, 2016

      How do you save the game am I just being an idiot : P

    16. Bryy Miller on September 11, 2016

      Just for clarification: this isn't cool to stream on Twitch?

    17. Wild Factor Creator on September 9, 2016

      Hello David Hayes,
      It's like gold. Some rocks have metallic inclusions (you can see them above the rock). Digging them will get you metal.

    18. David Hayes on September 9, 2016

      I'm probably missing something silly, but I can't figure out how to get metal..? Am I supposed to dig Stone for it? All I've been finding is gold, haha

    19. June on August 12, 2016

      Ooh, gotcha. Really wish I could go, quite a few of the game devs I backed here on KS are attending. Looking forward to the alpha! \o/

    20. Wild Factor Creator on August 12, 2016

      Hello June, we won't show machiaVillain to the public at Gamescom. We will only meet other dev, as well as the press. Mostly because we will still continue to work on the Alpha and having a stand would have taken too much of our time this year :)
      Alpha backers will have the Alpha soon !

    21. June on August 11, 2016

      I noticed on your dev log that you're going to be at Gamescom! I think it wouldn't hurt if you made an update here so if backers are attending they'll know to look for the game :)

    22. Bryan T Starr on July 26, 2016

      Thanks for the update. Very excited for the alpha!

    23. Wild Factor Creator on June 20, 2016

      Hello June,
      we hope next month.

    24. June on June 17, 2016

      Haha, even bugs can break out from spiders' webs if left alone :) At least the merchant delivers - he should have mummy assistants, "wrapping" the orders...

      All this makes me look forward to the alpha. Any idea how much still needs work? I don't want you to release it before it's ready, of course, but the progress so far is exciting.

    25. Wild Factor Creator on June 16, 2016

      Hello June,
      all your monster can work more or less :) When they start a task, they've worn a costume.
      (the werewolves have a construction site hat).
      Marchand deliver victims strongly attached. Of course if you don't kill it after certain duration, the victim break free. But it's always cheaper to kill and cut your victim yourself, than buying it ready-to-eat. (but your monster need to wait a few hours and may not like it)

    26. June on June 16, 2016

      Was wondering how things were going, so I checked the dev blog - is that werewolf wearing a hat for defensive or stylish purposes? ;)

      Also, it mentions the merchant can now sell victims... how does that work? Do they release a new victim onto your property and your monsters do the rest? I also presume that you wouldn't be able to sell them back to the merchant.

    27. Wild Factor Creator on April 14, 2016

      Bryy Miller : There is a good chance it's going to slip on May, sorry!
      we are going to send an update on our progress.soon.
      And well done for your DLC :)

    28. Bryy Miller on April 13, 2016

      Would the Alpha be out before the 27th?
      Asking for a friend. That friend is me. I am going to be doing a stream to celebrate me being done with the base code for our DLC, and would really like to be able to stream the alpha.

    29. Wild Factor Creator on April 4, 2016

      Hello June. Machiavillain is in playable state. Yes! But we still have a lot to do.
      We still have some mechanic to implement we think we should have for the Alpha.

      And we will add new mechanics even after the alpha (and probably until the final release).

    30. June on April 3, 2016

      Would you say that the alpha is currently playable as it is, or are some mechanics still not yet implemented? Based on the gameplay clips it seems pretty smooth.

    31. Wild Factor Creator on March 29, 2016

      Bryan T Starr: There won't be any NDA :) You will be able to do videos if you wish !
      We advise not to do it with firsts Alpha versions. It may take us some iteration to get what your viewers will found fun to watch in a let's play video.

    32. Bryan T Starr on March 29, 2016

      Will there be a NDA when we get our hands on the alpha? I would like to post some gameplay to my Viemo account if I think it's stable enough.

    33. Wild Factor Creator on March 13, 2016

      Hardwired : merci!

    34. Hardwired on March 13, 2016


    35. Wild Factor Creator on March 12, 2016

      June : Yes!

      Spiritus Games : yes we will rest a little :)

      NecroNuke9: thank you!

    36. June on March 12, 2016

      Congrats on funding! Looking forward to learning more about the gameplay!

    37. Spiritus Games on March 12, 2016

      Congratulations! Take some time to celebrate! I bet you've had some busy months.

    38. NecroNuke9
      on March 11, 2016

      Congratulations on funding the game! :D

    39. Wild Factor Creator on March 11, 2016

      Clauzel: Merci, on a fêté ça au Champomy :)
      Thank you we celebrate this with apple juice soda:)

      Ronni Bech: Thank you. My empire, yess mohaha

      TGYDK: thank you, we will do our best.

    40. TGYDK on March 11, 2016

      Had to get in my pledge before this closed. Many congratulations, Wild Factor! I sincerely hope that future developments go smoothly for you!

    41. Ronni Bech on March 11, 2016

      Congratulation Wild Factor :D I hope it will be the start of your MachiaVillain Empire ;)

    42. Missing avatar

      clauzel on March 11, 2016

      Bravo Hercule !!!! Content pour toi et impatient de voir le jeux. Maintenant, au boulot mais avant tu as bien mérité une petite coupe de champagne ;-)

    43. Wild Factor Creator on March 11, 2016

      Vryl : I'm glad you were right :)

      Almiriad : Yes!

      Manel: cool

      Melvin Falls: No problem, I will try to do Dev Updates like this one.

      arenkinen: Thank you

    44. Missing avatar

      on March 11, 2016

      Congratulations, you did it.

      I cann't wait to play.

    45. Melvin Falls on March 10, 2016

      I'd love to see some more Dev updates like the one about vegetation/map generation!

    46. Manel on March 10, 2016

      Congratulations! I love games with humor and if you can play as the villain even better, for example I enjoyed Evil Genius a lot. So since this game has both things I can't wait to play it :D

    47. Almiriad on March 10, 2016

      Yay we did it !!

    48. Vryl
      on March 10, 2016

      See, no problems. These projects always get more attention near the end, if they have any hope at all!

    49. Wild Factor Creator on March 10, 2016

      YAY! We did it together! Thank you so much for your support everyone, you're awesome! we're overjoyed!!

      Auce > Thank you for your extra help :)

    50. Melvin Falls on March 10, 2016

      We are there! Congratulations!

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