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Putting a hapless game designer through a sadistic and humorous wringer for fun & profit (and help cover his real-world medical bills)
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Posted by Greg Porter (Creator)

Yes, the blessed day has arrived! No, not the game finally shipping, but almost as good. Lee has moved into his lavishly furnished apartment:

 You can follow the progress of this on Lee's Facebook page ( Let's just say that this has given him a new will to live...

and that other problems...

Can be mitigated with some regular showers.

Any big news involving Lee will of course be mentioned here, but his Facebook feed will be the go-to for regular news. As you can see, the cards are progressing, but that is the only news on that front for the time being.


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    1. Greg Porter 2-time creator on

      Well, "Backed a Kickstarter" isn't going to happen, but "Loyal Pooch" -is- one of the cards at Lee's request.

    2. WarriorPriest on

      I hope not all the cards are planned. I think it would be great if two help cards where 'Backed a Kickstarter' and 'Furry friend'.

    3. Lee Garvin Collaborator on

      Thank you to everyone who helped us get here! Your support, both financial and emotional, has been the bulwark of my tattered sanity.
      I am trying to get furnished now, which is a whole new challenge. The biggest hurdle is an adjustable bed, which even a cheap one will cost over 3K. I guess I will need to wait until the rest of the KS finds are ready for that part. Till then, air mattress works ok, and I have a roof!
      Thank you all!

    4. Peter Jansen

      A towel is the most useful thing in the Universe, after all!
      Great to hear, congratulations to Lee on the digs!

    5. Emil on

      Congratulations! May it be just the first of many joyous occasions : )

    6. Mark A. Schmidt on

      "lavishly furnished apartment"
      [Sarcasm sense tingles - slightly]

    7. Greg Porter 2-time creator on

      Well, if you remember the story "A Dog and his Boy", you know which of the two is the brains of the outfit...

    8. Scott Bender

      Agree with Carl! You have a dog, you're more than halfway to a home. This is excellent news!

    9. Douglas Bailey on

      That's excellent news. Thank you for the update; I hope there's more good to come for Lee.

    10. Carl Cravens on

      He's got his pupper, which is one of the most important furnishings.

    11. John W. Luther

      But his tail suggests he is now in good spirits!

      I'm glad he finally has shelter. This is good news, indeed.

    12. Electronic Scavenger

      Lee looks smaller and furrier then I thought he would. :)