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Putting a hapless game designer through a sadistic and humorous wringer for fun & profit (and help cover his real-world medical bills)
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Good news/bad news

Posted by Greg Porter (Creator)

The bad news: Lee is at the moment (Sunday, Oct 14) in the hospital (I think). Something about a medication problem and elevated heart rate.

There was also a fender bender that put his car in the shop for a few days. Which is a minor inconvenience to most of us, but when you are living in your car, a serious problem.

 And the good news: The game art proceeds apace. A bit slower than I would like, but I am happy with the quality. But this is trivial good news compared to: Lee has signed a lease for an apartment! I have not heard the move-in date yet, but hopefully Lee will keep us informed, and when you move in Lee, "pictures or it didn't happen"!

There is no "got an apartment" card, so this will have to do:

Updates as they happen, stay tuned.

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    1. Peter Jansen

      Yay! Glad to hear about the lease! Boo! Sorry to hear about the fender bender, and the hospital situation, I hope both can be resolved quickly.

    2. Jason Frey on

      Lee, there's already enough material for the in-game calamities. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD ANY MORE OF THEM.

      Also: Way to bury the lede on the apartment there, Greg. :) What fantastic news! I'm so glad to hear this.

    3. Carl Cravens on

      Man, Lee... hang in there. Glad you found an apartment.

    4. Bryan Lee Davidson on

      Prayers from Transylvania Lee! Excited to here about the apartment!

    5. Greg Porter 2-time creator on

      He's got internet via smartphone (and laptop while in the hospital), so your congrats have been self-delivered!

    6. Luke D

      I'm glad something is going Lee's way. Pass on my 'congrats on the appartment' to him when you can, please!