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Putting a hapless game designer through a sadistic and humorous wringer for fun & profit (and help cover his real-world medical bills)
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Update #32 - The power of bitching

Posted by Greg Porter (Creator)

As mentioned in the previous update, I had a phone and internet problem up here at the place we call Solitude. A call was placed for service on August 10, and I was told someone would be up on the 29th to fix it (19 days to be without phone or internet!). So, on the 13th I filed an escalation request. Which was denied on the morning of the 14th. So, I called the State Communication Commission (Virginia) and outlined my woes.

Then, by sheer coincidence, my phone provider contacted me again later that day. Twice. And a tech was onsite the next day. So, I'm back online. And how does this relate to the Kickstarter, you might ask? First, since I have returned to my normal bandwidth for this location (which is about the same as circa 2003 Estonia) I now can post this spiffy animation of Kicktraq funding projections showing how much of an ulcer-inducing nail-biter this thing was and how much the collective ‘you’ pulled through in the last few days to make this happen.

The other news related to being online again is that Kickstarter got me the funding yesterday afternoon and the bank has confirmed its arrival. I've calculated out the cut Kickstarter took and the entirety of the "Nice guy" backer tier, and the latter less the former is an amount that Lee now has in his hands. Further amounts are going to have to wait until bills are paid, or at least known to a sufficient degree of precision to make some good guesses.

On the Lee front, it seems that something bit him and left an abscess that the ER has to deal with. I refuse to add new game cards at this point, however. The other news is that he is taking the Garvin Deathmobile to Colorado Springs this weekend in search of housing, which is apparently cheaper there than where he is parked right now (and has a Veterans Administration clinic).


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    1. John Fiala

      Ugh on the absess.

      Unfortunately, Denver's gotten to be pretty pricey lately, so I'm not surprised that Colorado Springs might be more affordable for him.