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Putting a hapless game designer through a sadistic and humorous wringer for fun & profit (and help cover his real-world medical bills)
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Last Minute Medical Drama... Or is it Farce?

Posted by Greg Porter (Creator)

Hi folks, Lee here. I thought some of you might find it ironic to know that as I found was discovering that we had reached our goal this morning, I was also having a bit of a health crisis You see, a few months ago, when I first came to Colorado, I was a man with a heart condition moving from sea level to 5,000 feet up. Not a great idea. Needless to say, I was stricken with a severe case of altitude sickness.

Well, tomorrow, is the first of several very important evaluation appointments for me with the V.A., to determine whether I am due additional compensation for injuries and damage done while in service. And that appointment is taking place in a town about one thousand feet higher than my usual haunts, so I had a we bit of a relapse.

I checked into the ER, and they very graciously let me bring Mal in with me, as my "service dog" (shh- don't tell anybody) because of the heat, and he was on his best behavior.

But this relapse was a good thing! "But Lee! How could shortness of breath, chest pain, and a panic attack be a good thing?" I hear you ask.

Most astute! It is a good thing, because the C.A.T. Scan ordered by the extremely conscientious ER doctor caught a blood clot in my lung. Left untreated, this could have led to you playing a certain card game posthumously..

So I apologize for not being my usual gabby self of Twitter and Facebook, but I was kind of busy. Also, I dropped, and broke my phone.

But we aren't done yet! I want to see those MEEPLES!

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    1. Missing avatar

      J. H. Driessen on

      Hello Greg,
      Can you include add-ons in the Backerkit?
      I would like the option to donate for a service dog vest for Mal and a phone with anti crash case.

    2. Chad on

      You could try to sell your life story to a medical drama, but they'd probably pass. They'd claim it was too unrealistic for audiences to believe. Hopefully this latest event is the beginning of a turn around.

    3. Shervyn von Hoerl

      Got better soonest.

    4. Mathew Hill

      Have you considered moving back downhill? Or just go the whole hog and take up extreme sports? ; )

    5. Missing avatar

      Aaron Binns on


    6. old beetle on

      May I recommend that you dot not yet pine for the proverbial fjords? Cast aside attempts to cease to be.