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The world's first gardening robot to provide monitoring, watering, and protection for your garden all in one device.
The world's first gardening robot to provide monitoring, watering, and protection for your garden all in one device.
128 backers pledged $34,069 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. GardenSpace Creator on

      @Minsc&Boo: I cannot make comment about previous projects you have backed and the delivery status, but I can make comment of our project.

      In response to your comments and questions:
      1/2) The team has spent a considerable amount of time developing the product both in Australia and in Shenzhen, China alongside manufactures and experts. We also received expert guidance and resources from the HAX ( hardware accelerator.
      3) Of course, we have some running in vegetables garden in Aus currently.
      4/5) Again, we have spent a considerable amount of time in China working with both of internal and manufactures engineers so it is a well manufacturable product that delivers functionality. The materials we produce gardenspace from are well equipped for the Australian sun, being Australian ourselves we understand first hand how harsh the environment can be and we want our product to last!
      6) KickStarter is but one sales channel and additional sales/funding channels are being used.

      Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions. We'd love to be project number #214 you back! :)

    2. Minsc&Boo on

      I've backed over a 100 kick-starters and quite a few have failed with no re-reimbursement. I have a few concerns.

      1) Have any of your staff successfully 'mass-produced' any products in the past?
      2) Are you aware, many Australian kick-starters fail because they are unaware of the high
      cost of mass producing products vs their prototype?
      3) Do you own more than 1 prototype?
      4) Can gardenspace's factory produce multiple units within specs, without cutting corners, ruining molds, or misinterpreting your design? (A pitfall of failed kick-starters)
      5) How many months has gardenspace been in direct sunlight (harsh Australian sun) with no ill effects (bleached plastic, fried electronics)?
      6) How confident are you, that the small goal you have set ($32,845) will be adequate in fulfilling your rewards to backers?

      Thank you

    3. GardenSpace Creator on

      @Michael Owen: GOOD news, we have got it down to $35 flat rate. It’s amazing, astonishing, actually awesome.

    4. Michael Owen

      G’day guys, how did you go with the freight costs? Manage to bring them down at all? It’s nearly time!!

      Also, funny you mention A for Albury - that’s where I live! lol Small World or Country maybe.

      You have:
      An Amazing And Astonishing Autonomous Automatically Actuating Awesome Aqua Autobot!

      Cheers, �

      Michael Owen

    5. Joshua Midgette on

      Just changed my pledge to the new shipping rate. Nice work. I have a request though, going through the FAQ I came across your definition for pests. Could this be altered a bit if we can give a description of the bug so that the gardenspace knows what to look for ? Don't know if you have these but the pests I am thinking about are stinkbugs and leafooted bugs. The bane of my garden.

    6. GardenSpace Creator on

      @Russell Albrycht: I have sent you a message, happy to help.

    7. Russell Albrycht on

      Im having trouble changing my pledge to 469. The only thing it will accept is 499 which is where I started for 2

    8. GardenSpace Creator on

      @michael crow: Preston has the right advise :) Message me if you can’t get the right reward.

    9. Preston

      @michael just go to manage pledge and change it.

    10. Missing avatar

      michael crow on

      Plz help I wanted the $269 one not $$299.

    11. GardenSpace Creator on

      @Russell Tomorrow is the day :)

    12. Russell Albrycht on

      What is the situation with stretch goals? Curious minds are waiting!

    13. GardenSpace Creator on

      @Michael Owen, Shipping! I understand it is high at the moment and we are working with our fulfillment company to reduce this as soon and as much as possible, I will keep you updated.
      Unfortunately the unit does require a connection to work. For your sister's situation you navigate this by setting up a cellular modem for it. This would give it the connection it needs.

      Tried thinking of other 'A' words but the I could come up with was 'astonishing' - GS
      p.s. I once lived in Albury! Another 'A' word! :)

    14. Michael Owen

      G’day guys,

      Couple of quick questions.

      1. You guys are Aussie, why the $50 freight fee in Australia? (Regardless of where you were from, $50 is steep!)
      2. I want to buy one for my sister on a farm that doesn’t have permanent internet connection. When she does get connected it’s very slow. Will your system still work? She has an iPhone and could connect when she is home. Any advice, it’s obvious I’m no IT guy!

      Cheers and all the best, it’s AMAZING & AWESOME & other cool ‘A’ words!!!

    15. GardenSpace Creator on

      @Isobel Unfortunately not at the moment. We are working to try and reduce the shipping costs, I will keep you posted.

    16. GardenSpace Creator on

      @TMAIYKSS We are looking closely at Japan :)

    17. Isobel Majewski on


      Just wondering if there's any pick up option instead of paying postage?

    18. TMAIYKSS on

      Dear GardenSpace staff.
      Thank you for answering the questions.

      The aging of Japan is progressing.
      In the 2050s, 40% of the population is over 60 years old.
      GardenSpace is an excellent IoT product at the beginning of such a period.
      I think this will support the education for older people's lives and children.
      I would like to try it.Thank you very much!

    19. GardenSpace Creator on

      @ 綱人水野 (Mizuno)
      Thanks so much for your interest!
      Unfortunately we don't ship to Japan yet, we are looking into this for post campaign for you. The camera is just there for the plants so it wouldn't double as security. It is possible to control multiple units via one mobile application, though each unit will require a profile to differentiate the different gardens. You could add a 'spray medicine' before the hose plug into the unit and it would go through the unit, but the unit waters based on water stress of the plants not a blanket cover so I wouldn't advise this is optimal. The battery is very small and charged by the solar panel if needed. The unit won't ship with internal speakers, but some expressions of Alexia link ups and being explored.
      And yes, we will be building a community of growers with our mobile application connecting the knowledge of every GardenSpace so every garden gets smarter :)
      - Best, GardenSpace.

    20. TMAIYKSS on

      Dear GardenSpace staff.
      It's very good. I want it.
      Please let me ask a few questions.
      ① Is it impossible to deliver this to Japan?
      ② Can the camera be recorded for crime prevention?
      ③ Can I manage multiple units with one application?
      ④ Is there a way to spray medicine etc. with water?
      ⑤ What is the capacity of the battery? Is it possible to exchange it? If possible, how much is it?
      ⑥ What is the resolution of the camera? Exposure of the camera? What is the focal length? auto focus?
      ⑦ I would like to project infrared rays at night. And I want to record animals. Can you do it?
      ⑧ Can not spray or shower water other than straight?
      ⑨ Is it impossible to attach speakers etc. as an option?
      ⑩ Is there not a place where owners can share information?
      Thank you.

    21. GardenSpace Creator on

      Hi Luke, we mitigate the risk of freezing in the pipes via our uninsulated parts have enough flex in them to cope with water freezing inside them. Mechanisms like the solenoid control are internal and have enough thermal mass to survive a freezing night. It is capable of a slow drip, but a scenario in which you would need this wouldn't be compatible with growing vegetables. For periods of extended freezing we advise customers to un-plug the water supply and allow the pipe to drain. Please let me know if you have any other questions - GardenSpace

    22. Missing avatar

      luke on

      What stops the unit from breaking during winter when the water freezes?

    23. GardenSpace Creator on

      Hi Joshua, thank you so much on being our backer #1 it means a lot to us!
      We are just adding the FAQ section so you will be able to browse that shortly, but to answer your question directly. GardenSpace can accurately cover 100 sq feet with its monitoring and water spray. For your particular setup it would depend on how close/far from the pots you have the unit.
      Best - GardenSpace

    24. Joshua Midgette on

      Backer #1 here, you don't seem to have a faq section yet and asking a question is apparently not available on the mobile version of KS. My question is how far can the gardenspace spray it's water accurately ? The reason I ask is that I currently grow potted fruit trees and other potted plants at the end of my garden. My standard hose can reach them without a problem but if the gardenspace can do this instead they would probably be watered more as I currently water them on weekends.