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Please help us achieve our goal to produce the SONNET SLAM for April 23, 2013 where all 154 Sonnets will be read by 154 readers.

Above is a video clip of Cooki Winbourn reading 116 which was dedicated as a wedding gift from one of our Kickstarter supporters.

Thank you to all those who gave in the past for the Sonnet Slam 2011 & 2012.  We are back to produce Shakespeare's Birthday Sonnet Slam 2013 where 154 Readers of all ages will recite all 154 Sonnets on stage at the Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park.

The event is free to the public but there are producing costs involved to rent the equipment and videotape it for possible inclusion in the film project: HOW SHAKESPEARE CHANGED MY LIFE.

Please help me with a donation (even $10 would be wonderful) so that the Sonnet Slam will be a resounding success.

-Melinda Hall

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Even though this is our 3rd year, we haven't been able to find a sponsor yet that would fund the Slam for this and future years. But I am confident the more the Slam grows, then the right sponsor will appear and we will be able to pay for all the production costs, perks to attendees and allow for the editing of the video taping to be done in a timely manner. But in the meanwhile, we have Shakespeare, we have the Sonnets and we have you.
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  • No, our goal is to celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday and EVERYONE is welcome to be a Reader. All you need is the ability to read your sonnet in front of a microphone at the Bandshell. In previous years, we've had Readers from ages 8-94.

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    Ten bucks would be a dollar for every syllable in a line of a sonnet. "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" While we can't give you a hat or a t-shirt, we can say "THANK YOU for making the Slam possible!"

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    We read your name on stage to say THANK YOU at the end of the Sonnet Slam for making this year a success.

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    A Thank You credit on the film: HOW SHAKESPEARE CHANGED MY LIFE and we read your name or business name aloud at the Sonnet Slam and give you a huge thanks.

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    We dedicate the a Sonnet of your choice to you (or someone you choose) at the Slam PLUS a Thank You credit on the film: HOW SHAKESPEARE CHANGED MY LIFE. And we upload a video clip of the performance so you can view share it with the world.

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