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Our Open Road's video poster

An art adventure into the great unknown! Read more

Los Angeles, CA Art
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This project was successfully funded on September 26, 2012.

An art adventure into the great unknown!

Los Angeles, CA Art
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Wheels to pavement!

Hello everyone!

Thank you ALL for your love, support and patience as OurOpenRoad has journeyed from rough dreams to concrete idea, kickstarter video to funded project, and now from pre-departure preparations to on-the-road reality!

We have the Westy wheels to pavement after ensuring the mechanical soundness of our ride. As our good friend Salman said, "If you're gonna race, come ready to race." Well, we want to adventure, and we are now ready to adventure.

On our website,, you can follow us by GPS breadcrumb trail and see where we are. You can also follow us on instagram, we are @ouropenroad. Please send your email address to us at and we will include you in our updates.

We have posted our first on-the-road blog today, and are enjoying our time in Baja as we get settled in our house-on-wheels.

All our love,
Adam, Emily & Colette Harteau

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