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Homage: To pay respect or to honor something. Street Food: Inexpensive hand held foods obtainable from street side vendors.

As you may have noticed we have a bit of a laughing problem in front of the camera, so here is a little more about who we are and about our food truck serving globally inspired street food.  We hope you can spare a few minutes so we can fill you in on all the details.

In our travel experience we have found  there is no better way to feel the heart of a community and begin to understand a cultures difference than through their food. It is the locally sourced dishes and drinks prepped at road side stands, markets, open-air stalls, carts and wagons, small bars and cafes that drive the daily lives of people around the world.

We've enjoyed empanadas in Lima, crepes in Paris, churros in Portugal, bocadillos in Spain and even hot dogs in New York and it is dishes like these we hope to recreate at Homage Street Food. We also hope to add to our menu dishes we love to cook at home such as the German currywurst, chaat from India and Jjigae (stew) from Korea, to name a few. Street food is both affordable and friendly to vegetarians, meat eaters and seafood lovers alike.  Please check out our updates page and our website for pictures of some of our dishes.

We will serve four dishes daily in the form of a dumpling /on a stick, chilled dish, in bread and in a bowl.  We will be using seasonal ingredients from farmers markets and local vendors, always focusing on sustainable meats and produce by selecting our product from farms that produce in an ecological and ethical manner.   In cases where a product is unavailable locally we will do our best to stand by our principle of sustainability from all of our sources.    

We will run our kitchen on wheels as environmentally friendly as possible by serving all our dishes  in biodegradable containers, cups, and  utensils. We will provide customers with recycling and compost cans for disposal when catering events. Eventually we will install solar panels on the roof to help power the equipment. 

We have already purchased a 1998 Wisconsin Utility truck and with the help of Elaine’s Uncle "Dan the Great", we are turning it into a kitchen on wheels.  So far we have done everything on our days off rain or shine (mostly rain).  If we only could have had an A-Team montage we would be done now, but alas we still have a long way to go.  Our goal is to use the funds from Kickstarter to finish building a full commercial kitchen with grills, flat tops, hoods, refrigeration, freezer and other small equipment.

We are in the process of obtaining a commercial kitchen where we will run the truck out of until early fall, when we will close down and reopen the space as the Homage Street Food restaurant.

We will keep you posted on our update pages on how both our truck and menu is coming along.  If you have any street food tales from your travels and would like to share them with us please feel free to write on our comment page as we’d love to hear about your experiences.

Thanks a million for taking the time in checking out our page.

Mike and Elaine.


  • We hope to be home in January / February 2012, it's far too cold in Chicago to be out in the truck so might as well go home for a visit. If successful we will bring rewards home with us then. Looking forward to a little session.

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