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A simple, effective energy efficiency solution that will save you money.
A simple, effective energy efficiency solution that will save you money.
298 backers pledged $14,313 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Steven Major on

      this is what i had gotten from him when i emailed on the 7th of june, after not having gotten any sort of answer when i emailed on the 9th of jan.

      Hi Steven,

      Well I’d like the $1000’s of my own money back and I am sure my investor who dropped $100,000 would like his as well as well. But the fact is that isn’t going to happen. I have units here and I have a little money left in the bank. I’ve asked many backers e if they wanted to be testers and maybe 10 got back to me. I even have an Android APP in the works that will be finished soon.

      I still have you on my list and I still would love nothing better than to get all backers paid out and that is still in the plan. But it’s more important for me to find a bigger avenue and the little money I have left might be better spent and then the shot of making it bigger would be the trigger to get backers paid out.

      I was almost there until my partner decided to change plans we already agreed upon and other big backers, backed out. It’s called being a toxic owner. So now I am back to square one except I continue to put evaluation units in homes and this will actually be the first full summer.

      It hasn’t been called Filterwatch for a couple of years and I am sure I blasted out over all avenues FilterZen as the new name.

      So please, yes I am the kind of guy who will always think I ‘owe’ people but show that it really matters to you by at least calling it by its name.

      Thanks, John

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      No updates in a loooooong time! Even I've lost patience with this after all these years. I will NEVER back a crowd funded project again thanks to this scam!!
      Enjoy everyone's money, John!

    3. Missing avatar

      coolcatiger on

      I think we got scammed. Give my money back....

    4. Missing avatar

      Flatlander on

      Update? Or did we get scammed and need to file a FTC complaint?

    5. johnMW

      still nothing after all these years... zzz

    6. Missing avatar

      coolcatiger on

      Can I get my money back?

    7. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      John, What about us followers that do not do Facebook? How will we receive updates then?

    8. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      Hopefully we'll actually get something out of this! What a travesty.

    9. Missing avatar

      [CH] Jimmy Caille on

      Could you make an update about the project on the kickstarter campaign ?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jim Becker on

      John, I have never received anything - pledged for a wifi/bluetooth/zigbee unit (whichever). Wondering if I ever will

    11. Missing avatar

      Alex Zoghlin

      Never received anything. last update was 8 months ago... updates are now a year apart.

    12. Missing avatar

      Flatlander on

      Update please?

    13. John Pollock 3-time creator on

      Steven, check out my update and connect via email if possible. I can't always resolve a comment here to my master address list. Thanks, John

    14. Steven

      So, mine has never worked. I still have it sitting in the box it was shipped in. Is there any way I can exchange this for a working unit? I always loved the concept, and I could really use this.

      Thanks you,


    15. saxnix on

      Thanks for the email update. Can't wait to hear more about the progression of the v.2 model. Congrats on the funding.

    16. saxnix on

      Hang in there. It is still alive, and news will probably come through in the next few weeks or so.

    17. Missing avatar

      Alex Zoghlin

      It's been 7 months since there has been any update. Is this project dead? Please, just tell us so we can move on.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ryan LeBoutillier on

      Is it possible to get a refund?

    19. Matt Burrows on

      Some update or info on the status would be nice. I pledged for 2 z-wave FilterWatches. Been waiting patiently for the product.

    20. David Mantelli on

      Emailed and received no response.

    21. Missing avatar

      Flatlander on

      Its been over four months since the last update. According to the original schedule, the wireless version was supposed to ship two years ago. Can we get an update and new schedule please?

    22. PJ Gray

      He hasn't logged in since September 2015. Somehow I feel he has abandoned the project and us.

    23. Matt Burrows on

      I've checked the blog & messaged. Just curious if there was an update, especially on the z-wave ones.

    24. Matt Burrows on

      I've read the latest update on the pog blog. Just wondering if there is any update on when the Z-Wave version of FW may be ready for production/shipment. Thanks!

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Remme on

      What do I need to do to get a refund?

    26. Matt Burrows on

      Any kind of update would be nice. Winter is coming, and I'm hoping to get my z-wave FW all set before the furnace kicks into high gear.

    27. PJ Gray

      John - still waiting for an update!

    28. Matt Burrows on

      Any info on the zwave Filterwatch?

    29. Missing avatar

      BGW on

      Whats going on with my FilterWatch? I haven't received it?
      Looks like the product has been shipped so where is mine?

    30. Missing avatar

      Peter McC on

      hi. What's happening? It's been a long time since the last update..

    31. PJ Gray

      Hey John - can we get an update? I checked here and your blog and see no post since April. Thanks.

    32. Ronnie on

      Jeffrey - how about you go and find something else to do with your time then sit here and act like a three year old.

    33. Missing avatar

      Alex Zoghlin

      Has anyone received anything?

    34. Jeffrey Price on

      Smart ass? I expect someone from the University of Western Florida to come up with a better retort. That the best y'all got? Ronnie, you saved us all from dejection and despair. Thank you. Now hush up.

    35. Ronnie on

      If I didn't speak up and send my filter watch back everyone who got there's COULD have had a defective product as well. But, thanks to John allowing me to send it back and refund me he found a bug/defect with filter watch so no Ronnie hasn't left and don't appreciate you being a smart ass

    36. Jeffrey Price on

      Whew. Has Ronnie left the room?

    37. Ronnie on

      Thanks John for showing that my device had issues and I'm glad that i'm able to help you help yourself and others before they get theirs. I wish you the best of luck and I know you will figure this out. I apologize again, but I was acting on my emotions and feelings. But, again Thank you for letting me return the device and what you did. Best wishes to you and your product!

    38. Ronnie on

      Dear John - I've return the FW and here is the RACKING LABEL NUMBER - 9407803699300013302304 and Signature is required for proof that you have gotten the defective reward back. I appreciate you issuing me what you did and placing faith in me that I would return it. I'm not that type of person to take someones money. So, again I've shipped it today via priority mail 2 days with a signature required and the tracking number again is 9407803699300013302304

    39. Ronnie on

      Thanks John and I'll be returning the product and thanks for allowing the refund.

      Once refund is received hopefully before tomorrow because I'm headed to drop off the product at the postal office.

      Thanks for the wonderful customer service

    40. Ronnie on

      And here's an email from John -

      From: John
      Date: January 11, 2015 at 6:01:54 PM CST
      To: Ron
      Subject: Re: FW after 13 days broken- makes weird noise - shows LOBATT - see video in body


      Are you saying that you expect me to be up at 12 am - 1:48am to send you a message that I will look at your problem in the morning? (all these came from kickstarter)

      (Your first KS message came at 12:22am, your first KS comment came at 12:23am....1 minute)


      Are you saying that waking up at 8am and responding to your issues by creating a support page and responding the best I can with what I know within 2 hours is not fast enough?

      "What can I DO To help you in regards to the defective reward ( basic FW) when I was supposed to get wireless regardless I would have rather waited for the one I was supposed to get ... "

      You can send the unit back as I sent it to you and I will send you $42.68 to cover your shipping.

      Please feel free to post this email in its entirety on KS as a comment as it does relate to poor support!


      Please correct me if I'm wrong but I read you didn't create the support page but above states

      Are you saying that waking up at 8am and responding to your issues by creating a support page and responding the best I can with what I know within 2 hours is not fast enough?

    41. John Pollock 3-time creator on


      The support page at will address all technical issues. If you have an issue that is not addressed or you have a question, the support email address is listed there. It goes directly to me. We have users on IndieGoGo and well as directly off our website so this forum will not be used for technical support at least not from us.

      You are welcome to us this site to complain about technical support, or ask about shipping or you can use the support email for that as well.

      Here is an excerpt of the email I sent Ron in regards to FW issues:

      "I didn't add the SUPPORT in the last 12 hours but in response to your issue.
      I wasn't making any claims that I HAD the support page.

      I also contacted other users to be on the look out for a similar issue,
      specifically users who ordered multiple units. I will also hold up the next
      shipment of 100 devices so that I can test power consumption on every one of
      them. This is not something we would normally do because it is very time
      consuming. So far I have tested 10 devices and I get the consumption as

      We are doing our part to track down issues as they come up and I believe you
      won't find anyone else react as fast as we have and to the extent as we

      Ron as far as....

      "Your statement of FW not being the best product to pitch is sad coming from you .."

      There is a significant difference between "not being the best" and "not being the easiest".


      Your statement of FW not being the best product to pitch is sad coming from you .. We all have hope in your product and you made it happen and gotten reward money etc that we all helped from your first kickstarter for FW that I backed.. So, if your concerned about it then I'm sorry I'm glad I posted my video and screen shots to see if others MIGHT see this

    42. Ronnie on

      I'm happy to see changes are being made quickly to your website

      Your updates were showing under the Blog section but.... Now…

      Thanks for adding the support section with a leave a reply that might work I haven't tried it bc I emailed support... Now that it shows

    43. Ronnie on

      Your statement of FW not being the best product to pitch is sad coming from you .. We all have hope in your product and you made it happen and gotten reward money etc that we all helped from your first kickstarter for FW that I backed.. So, if your concerned about it then I'm sorry I'm glad I posted my video and screen shots to see if others MIGHT see this

    44. Ronnie on

      I don't want a 3D printer John please don't place words into my mouth I'm simply stating the fact and also showing you via video of what your product is doing

    45. Ronnie on

      You have a website, I signed up for updates, I see an option to reply/respond to blog... but nothing happens. So... You have an update page... You have a home page... Yes but no support page or forums.....

    46. Ronnie on

      I went to your website and I do not see anyway to get any help from your website John

    47. John Pollock 3-time creator on


      I added a SUPPORT page.

      As far as your non-FW related comments:

      Does it really make sense that we would intentionally send you of all people a defective device? Does it make sense that we would intentionally send ANYONE a defective device? In a twisted way, the only thing that makes sense for any KS project to do deceptively is not send anything at all and keep all funds. I'm not totally sure you understand what is going here and why it would make absolutely no sense for us to knowingly send out defective devices.

      FW is not a cool product like a lot of stuff you can get on KS, its not a 3D printer, I have one of those and I gave it away. It's not cooler that mixes drink, its not a watch that relays a message from your phone, I have a flip phone and so does Mike so that wouldn't matter to us. It is absolutely one of the most boring products you can imagine. It does however help solve one of the largest areas of WASTED energy in homes with central HVAC. Its impact is greater than any remote light switch, colorful LED lights, and even programmable thermostats in peak operating seasons. Mike and I funded 1/3 of the development of FW, we've been to numerous pitch contests, we've written to government agencies for funding, we talked to numerous service providers, I regularly connect with experts on energy efficiency through LinkedIn, we are in the running for a $250k grant to develop a version for the masses, and we have several investors looking at our business plan. It's not easy to pitch a boring product regardless of the impact. Sending out defective devices that we have to support is the last thing we would do.

      Are we going to have issues? Of course, we hand solder the LCDs and they seem very picky but we view them at least 3 separate times before we ship, beepers don't all sound the same but we make sure they are steady when the they ship, we solder on the battery holders, the rear connector, the humidity sensor and the heater. I've publicly posted the issues we have with the humidity sensor. I've posted plenty of times here on KS and IndieGoGo and there really is not one place I do 'most' of the positing. However I will tend to migrate away from the crowd fund sites because my email is located on the support page and issues will get transferred onto the support page.

      I received your messages at 12:22am , 12:23am, 1:21am, and 1:43am.

      You have my email but I wouldn't want you to post your issues anywhere else but here where everyone can see because I have all the confidence in the world in FW.

      Thanks for the support.


    48. Ronnie on

      Well, I went to the website... I tried to find a place to "leave a reply" or send an email or get in contact with over on that website since the majority of updates are posted to that website. But, I'm unable to leave a replay, I'm unable to email any type of support. Now, of course I have sent John P an message over Kickstarter... But, I also wanted to post it here as well for any other persons working on this project....

      So, according to the website and FAQs regarding battery life -

      I quote " targeted 1 year before the batteries will need replacing. We will alarm you when that occurs. It turns out that the batteries will last 18 months on Average and future models bump that up to almost 3 years " .

      Well, my filter watch just died after only having it for 13 days......, made this weird noise, the LCD screen goes blank while it continues to make this weird/crazy noise, and I'm very sad and disappointed to see this happening. After turning it off and leaving it off for a good 3-5 mins. I turned it back on to find a LOW BATT message showing and then after a min or so... Then. it started making this weird noise and then the LCD screen goes totally blank.

      I wanted to also post my video I took a bit ago to show John P this. I would love for all backers to please check it out and if anyone else has gotten their "basic" Filter Watch and if you're seeing this or if your not please I'm just asking that we all talk as I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this... If not that's totally cool but my video will show everything and the screen shots between John and myself as I got my reward on 12/30/2014....

      I would love to work this out with John in a peaceful manner, and I shall not try to get upset as I know "Stuff" happens.

      Here's the private message I sent with my videos and screen shots of private message to show that I've only had my FW for only 13 days

      Jan 11, 2015
      Hey John -

      I do hope this video I took just now will show you the weird things going on with the Filter Watch Product.

      I have my own personal private cloud where you can download the video I took with my iPhone. You may download the same video (.MOV file) from my personal Cloud via this hyperlink (copy and paste the url into a browser:…

      If you have issues with the link above from my own private personal cloud, please let me know know as I also have a hyperlink where I uploaded the video to Droplr*** Droplr Link - ***

      Screen Shots of Messages:

      Message sent to you on 12/30/14 when I got the FW - (droplr link)

      Response from you - (droplr Link)

      It's showing low battery, then after a few more seconds the screen goes totally blank, then it continues to make the weirdest noise. FYI, I had the A/C company come out and check my airflow and duck work, airspeed etc... plus he replaced the filter. After the filter was replaced I turned placed the FW onto the return vent. You will see where the FW is placed on the return vent from the video I send you a link to download. I do hope you watch the video and see my concerns... In your information I read the battery should last some time... and like I stated its only been about 2-3 weeks maybe less.... I know for SURE IT has not been over a month. As I sent you a message on 12/30 which I must have got it a day or two prior to that so, it's been exactly 13 days............... 13 days and my Filterwatch has gone crazy with noise... I have to turn it off and after my waiting 3-5 mins to turn it back on... it shows LOW BATT.... But, I wont continue to rant as I really want to be nice, helpful in anyway possible, but also don't want to the short end of the stick John...

      I appreciate all you and your teams hard work, but would really love to get this rectified and handled in a timely manner as I'm truly concerned that its making this weird noise and then never showing LOW BATT until I turn it off and wait 5 mins to turn it back on for it to show LOW BATT...Then, it starts making this screaming noise again, LCD screen goes totally blank...

      Many Many Thanks John and I hope you, your family and friends had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I truly look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

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