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Dance group travels to perform at choreographer's showcase in San Diego

Thank you for checking us out! Please read below for information about the project, the cast, and the future of BAD LUNCH

Yo! This video up above? That's a new piece. We performed it in Portland, OR this past fall to great reviews. We want to take it to San Diego, CA for the choreographer's showcase IGNITE 2012 - here's the LOWDOWN and how YOU can help:

I'm Jana Meszaros - a choreographer/dancer/artist based out of San Francisco, CA. With a degree in dance and business from the University of Oregon, I spent the last few years, up until eight months ago, living in Eugene, Oregon producing my own work while also freelancing as a dancer, and spending time working in production, musical theatre, and film making. I'm happy to say I've shared work all over Oregon, most recently at the WOW Hall in Eugene and just this past fall when I brought this piece, "Continuation 1: Moon Study" as a guest artist at Conduit Space in Portland.

What's happening?

Based on the success of the performance in Portland, I applied to several dance festivals on the west coast, and was recently asked to present "Moon Study" at  IGNITE 2012, a choreographer's showcase in San Diego, CA in May. This is an incredible opportunity for myself as well as the dancers and musician - to tour this work - to bring our collaborative efforts to different audiences would be amazing!

"Continuation 1: Moon Study" was mostly learned through video, phone calls, and short, infrequent rehearsals as we were ALL living in different cities during the process. The structure of the piece is based on my continuing research on repetition and Neitzche's theory of eternal return. This combined with a turn toward vague and direct referencing, and an excellently performed storytelling/songwriter collaboration with musician Cody Williams, and we had ourselves a great little effective piece of performance art; and the first installment of the BAD LUNCH series.

This fantastic opportunity to continue to work on and share "Moon Study" at IGNITE 2012  is set for May 11, 12, and 13th. My goal is to raise enough money to cover travel and lodging for everyone. A self-producing band of artists, Bad Lunch is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring our work to a new area.

Other than continuing to work/live/dance in SF, I am pleased to be a founding member of a brand new inter-state dance collective: Westbody, whom I intend to represent in San Diego with the presentation of this piece (the others dancers being founding members as well). Goals for our collective include self-produced performances and forays into arts education through workshops and community interplay. 

The performers:

Mara Bateman graduated from the U of Oregon in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a Minor in French. After finishing school she spent a year in Eugene performing with her former professors Shannon Mockli and Brad Garner and working at a nifty waffle shop. During this time she and fellow dancer Nicole Curry created Dance(Space)Project, a forum for a group of local choreographers to show and discuss progressing works that culminated in a performance at Eugene’s WOW Hall. Mara is currently living in Corvallis, OR and studying for her Vinyasa Yoga teaching certification.

Emily Baumann is 23 years old and has danced 21 of those years. She was born in Portland, Oregon and spent the majority of her life there.  She graduated last spring, 2011 from University of Oregon with a BA in Dance.  She attended Bates Dance Festival on a merit scholarship where she worked with Doug Varone the summer of 2010.  This past summer, 2011, she attended ADF on tuition scholarship for rigorous modern dance training.  She spent Fall 2011 immersed in Power Vinyasa Yoga and became a certified teacher in November. She currently lives in San Francisco, delighted by its active communities of dance artists and yoga practitioners alike.

Cody Williams is a self-taught musician based out of Oregon. Having grown up all over the state, he has played casually with an array of musicians, as well as writing his own music, performing for family and friends constantly as well as professionally at venues in Gold Beach, Eugene and Portland, OR. He has spent time collaborating with choreographer Jana Meszaros, on both live performance as well as video projects, contributing sonically to her movement. In 2010, they formed, with fellow musician Spencer Walker, the Triad Project, composing music and movement for a live performance at Lane CC as well as scoring a dance-for-film project that same spring. Most recently he worked with Jana again on the first installment of her Bad Lunch Series, which they performed in Portland. Cody is currently busy working on his newest musical project, the three piece band WorkHorse. Their debut show is set to be on April 20th at the WOW Hall in Eugene, Oregon. 

Jana Meszaros: me!

How can you help?

To make our trip possible, we need to fly a dancer and a musician from Eugene, OR to San Francisco, CA, rent a car and drive to San Diego. The trip is cheaper if we break it up this way. (Thanks to cheap direct flight EUG -SF on Allegiant Air) Here is a breakdown of travel/lodging costs…

  • $400 in flights EUG - SF

  • $300 in gas SF- SD
  • $275 for three nights in a double-room hotel

                     Total: $975

As you can see, our costs certainly outweigh the goal we are trying to reach. The aim is to reach donations in the amount of $400 to help out the financial burden of such a great opportunity. As of now, $200 has been raised out of our own personal funds. We need your help with a little more!

A donation of any size is greatly appreciated - your donation will directly support BAD LUNCH's outreach endeavors and indirectly support Westbody's future plans as a collective.You are welcome to contact me for more information by visiting me on FB at Jana Meszaros Works.

Thank you!!


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