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$1,382 pledged of $25,000 goal

Animals of the plains

Some creatures in a nature theme. The theme is a whimsical forest, home to the planet's main inhabitants. They are a bit more primitive than other species, but that does not mean they are not interesting. We hope you enjoy what we have presented, please comment on our work if you wish.

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    1. Tanuki-geddon Studio 2-time creator on

      Thank you for your comment. All the worlds are handcrafted; we decided to do this so we could have more control over how and what the world’s looks like. When you approach a world if it has a space port you will get the option of landing directly at the port. However you will be able to land anywhere you would like on a planet. In the less advanced planets you can choose to land away from the inhabitants or land close to them. How you choose to interact with them can affect your character in the long run.

    2. Matt Dubois on

      Wow, that's quite pretty! The player will be able to explore planet environments like these in first person? Are all environments handcrafted, or do you have a procedural system? How does a player go about landing on a planet?