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Something Mouldy's video poster

An eccentric and dark claymation short film about a small French town obsessed with cheese. Read more

London, UK Animation
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This project was successfully funded on March 5, 2013.

An eccentric and dark claymation short film about a small French town obsessed with cheese.

London, UK Animation
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Something Mouldy is set in a small town in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Originally famous for its cheese, the town has fallen on hard times since the disappearance of their celebrated fromagère. The film starts with the arrival of a stranger. Once he sets up shop, it soon becomes clear that his talent for cheesemaking could revive the lost soul of the town... but in the shadows of the past lies a darker story.

About Me

Last year I completed an Art Foundation at Central Saint Martins; this course let me explore and experiment with animation. While there I made a number of Claymation shorts, responding to the specific briefs they set. Once I finished the course, I made the choice to take a year out of education and do my own thing as I wanted to develop this work further.

About my Work

I am a huge fan of Hitchcock and also of classic horror movies. I am interested in combining my passion for these genres with Claymation. It is a relatively unexplored combination, but that just adds to my determination to make something unexpected.

About the Project

I’ve been working on Something Mouldy since September. The autumn was spent finalising the plot, characters and creating the sets. 

I have another month of storyboarding to complete and then I’m ready to start shooting. I’m aiming to start this in March and it’ll take roughly three months to get to a screening in London in the summer.

How Can You Help?

So as you have seen briefly in the video, most of the sets have been built. I’m now out of money and I need your help to carry on buying materials to complete them, and create the characters and costumes.

The clay figures you will see in the film all need an inner skeleton, which gives them enough support to stand up by themselves. This is called an armature. These are not cheap, they are metal skeletons with 27 ball joints and are crucial for a realistic feel.

The main issue about shooting an animated picture is the space it requires. Just to film it I need a large blackout room that will be untouched for the next few months. Working at home is just not an option anymore with this scale of production. I am looking to rent a space.

Then there are all the other expenses associated with making a film - lighting equipment, props and editing costs.

This is a project of passion. I’m attempting to keep the costs as low as possible and I'm very fortunate that the talented people who are contributing so far have been giving their time for free.

The movie will be sent to a number of local and national film festivals during the summer and I’ll be making a DVD. This will all be made possible by your generous funding.

Risks and challenges

Stop-frame animation requires a huge investment of time and effort to produce 15 minutes of footage. I will spend at least 3 months in the studio as I know from experience in making my previous claymation films.…

I am animating on my own, which can be a lonely process. Certain scenes within the film will require two people to shoot, and I am yet to find an assistant. Without this there will be scenes I will struggle on.

Aside from that, I've already assembled a great team of creatives in the areas of script, character, costume, set design, 3D modelling and construction who are on board for the next step.

With the sets and props still to be completed, a further concern is that this distracts me from moving onto the production stage. I may need to ask for further assistance from the friends who have so far put in time for me.

Even with the film itself coming together successfully there is further effort to make the requirements to be able to offer the rewards; I have commitment from my graphic artist, illustrator and event organiser.

AlI of the above people who make up the team I will rely on to follow through, and any difficulties with them will inevitably prolong the project.

The last remaining hurdle is raising the funds to make this all possible. The budget I've set here will be just about sufficient to finish the film. Up until now I have been funding this project on my own, but I'm now ready to reach out to my community - friends, family and supporters.

I am very excited about the potential of this story and the way I'm going to tell it and I hope you will come with me on this journey!

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    A limited edition signed postcard for ‘Something Mouldy’ and of course the director’s enormous gratitude.

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    The above as well as a Pre-release high-quality digital download of the film.

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    All of the above and a thank you at the end of the credits.

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    All of the above and 2 tickets to the official private screening of ‘Something Mouldy’

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    All of the above and an original hand-printed film poster, designed and made by illustrator and printmaker Hayley Wall.

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    All of the above and a signed copy of a limited edition book of behind the scenes and the making of the film, by graphic designer Henrietta Levene.

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    All of the above and credit in the film as an associate producer.

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