CA$ 60.00 pledged of CA$ 6,000 goal
CA$ 60.00 pledged of CA$ 6,000 goal

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This is a story about my travels from 2001 to 2012. It tells of the people that I have met while traveling and some of my other adventures. I have a passion for writing and telling stories, after I returned to Canada, I have been told that I am too old or inexperienced for work. But one thing that hasn't been taken away is my ability to tell stories. I am hoping that I can continue to do this with your help. I will use the funds raise on kick starter to self-publish this story.

Risks and challenges

I don't see any obstacles to hinder this project. I already have someone to create the cover, and to print the book. There is also someone who can make media packages to send out to help promote the book.
I also have friends who work in the media. I hope I can call on them for help when things get going. But, if I had to pick an obstacle, it is that I might have put in too low of a goal. In that case, I will use my own funds to continue promoting it.

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