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Dysis is a real time strategy/first person shooter hybrid.

Reminder: All reward tiers $35 and greater will now receive 4 copies of the PROTOTYPE, BETA and names in the game! If you have already pledged for the $35/$40- you just got two more copies! This counts for all new pledges as well. All reward tiers ($10 and higher) will receive the full game once it's complete!

T-Shirt Designs: 

Check out the rewards section for more details! 

Survival Mode+Name in Game:

Your name will appear in two places in Dysis - once in a credits section so that you can show all your friends, and again in a survival game mode. The survival game mode will pit players against endless waves of enemy robots. These waves will increase in difficulty, and everyone who has pledged for Dysis will have their name randomly chosen and shown above the attacking robots:

Explanation: there will be many attacking robots, but your reward tier will decide how your name is placed. So the $10 reward tier (and all other tiers) will appear on the most common, but also easiest to defeat small robots. All tiers $20 and up will appear on stronger units, like tanks. The $40 tier will appear on the basic Architect, and the pattern continues all the way up the tiered reward system. $250 tier rewards will have their name above their own customized Architects, and $1000 tiers will have their name on their customized main story character. Because the lower end robots will appear more often, the higher tier rewards will also be placed into the name selection pool for those enemies.

Your name(s) in the game will be those of your choice - it can be your actual name, nickname, gamertag - whatever you want! It doesn't have to match the gamertag you choose to play the game with, but it can if you want! I will message everyone after the Kickstarter is over to inquire about the names.

Also check out the new Naval Unit+Underwater Battle Stretch Goal! Together we can make it happen!

The Architect class robot is the reason you want to pilot robots first person in Dysis! This robot will be personalized for the $250 tier, has the ability to pick up and place (and even throw) terrain blocks, build buildings, and fight! Use it to lead your army or workers!

Deployable Units

Coming up, there will be a large range of turrets, shield generators, traps, walls, mines and more in Dysis! As a sneak peak, here is how the basic turret will work:

This turret unfolds from the size of one terrain block, so it can be moved at any time with a Mason construction bot or an Architect.

Modding Info!

While having a full modding API is still far from finished, being able to insert your own models into Dysis and animate them is already a possibility! 

This tool is designed specifically for Dysis and will come with every copy. I built it using some of the same techniques I use to program moves into my real-life robots. 

Also check out the brand new $500 reward tier where you could join me for a meal and fight with some of my robots - you just have to get to me and I'll take care of the rest!

Thank you again everyone for your support - and keep spreading the word. Together we can make Dysis great!

Thanks everyone for helping Dysis reach its Kickstarter goal! Our mission isn't over yet though - I have a lot more stuff to share with you, including expanded rewards, brand new content, and exciting new stretch goals! 

First of all, I am bumping up all the $35 and greater reward tiers:

All reward tiers $35 and greater will now receive 4 copies of the PROTOTYPE, BETA and names in the game! If you have already pledged for the $35/$40- you just got two more copies! This counts for all new pledges as well :)

All of your support and encouragement has me really excited - I've whipped up some brand new terrain and biomes:

I am also officially announcing modding support! I will be developing a modding API that users can use to add and share their own content - more details to follow. 

The Dysis stretch goals have been enhanced too! Now included are space station battles, ancient alien underground tech deep beneath the Dysis surface, travel to asteroids with awesome space robots, and of course - travel to other planets where you can encounter alien races! We can make all these awesome things happen together:

Dysis is a creative voxel-based real time strategy and first person shooter hybrid. You are given an army of robots, the ability to manipulate your environment, and the task of escaping the Dysis. The land is infinite, hostile and mysterious. You must explore, research and survive. 

You've just crash landed; your journey begins with limited resources and the knowledge that you will be facing wave after wave of hostile enemies. You must engage or evade them to survive. You can hide your crash site and base by manipulating the world around you, block by block, or you can bring the fight to the enemy first-hand by piloting a robot and leading your army to victory!

  • Fly overhead in a strategic view allowing you to control vast armies. Guide your units to success and escape the Dysis, or fail and watch as your efforts burn to the ground. 
  • Get in and pilot any robot of your choice - crush your enemies first-hand, or build up your base to withstand assaults: the choice is yours!
  • Play with and against friends via LAN or internet!
  •  Whether you instruct your robots to tame the land or drive them yourself - you have full control over the terrain that you conquer.
  • Everywhere! Both land and air based. 

Hi! I'm Chris Farrell, I design, build and program humanoid robots, practice karate and make games. I'm currently programming Dysis as a team of one - just me - and I'm passionate about all different aspects of game design. Sometimes I get to bring my robots around the world to compete, so I figure - why not bring them into a game too?

The Dysis engine is voxel based, so it can be used for dynamic manipulation in the game, but can also accept input from external sources - that is, the world can be scanned in from real life. Eventually, I plan on allowing robots to scan in their environments so that they can use the mechanics and simulated physics of Dysis to interact with the real world.

Until now, my game development has been entirely self-funded. I want to use Kickstarter to fund the next stage of the game, to get the tools and licences required to turn my prototype into a full, polished game.

I need a minimum of $5,000 to invest in software licenses to get Dysis out there. Achieving my stretch goals would allow me more time to work on it, more tools, and the ability to produce a higher quality game.

  • Software: As a new company, One Dimension Games does not have the tools and licenses other companies may have to develop games. Software is expensive and adds up quickly - but can also be used on many games in the future! [I've had a few people ask for specifics, so here is a brief list of some of the software I will be aiming to get commercial licenses for, not necessarily in order and dependent on funds: Adobe Photoshop & Premiere, Autodesk 3DsMax & Inventor, Chaos Group Vray. This software will be used for model making, texture creation, and making videos to show those interested in the game]
  • Hosting: In order to release the game, show updates, and help foster a community so that people may share progress in the game, I will need to maintain substantial server space.
  • Surviving: Development takes time, and while I am building the game, I need to live somewhere and eat food (I'm not a robot, yet). I would love to be able to work on this full time!
  • Polish: Any additional money will go directly into the game, whether it is sound effects, music, extra tools to help build better models faster - everything will go towards the game.

Kickstarter allows players and supporters (hey, that's you!) to give feedback and have a direct relationship with developers. I would love to hear what you are thinking so that we can make this project together!

The Beta:

Everyone who contributes (enough to qualify for the first reward) gets access to the Beta when it is released. The Beta is an early release of the game featuring all of the major content, and will become the final game - so you eventually get the final game too!

The Prototype:

The prototype represents the work you've seen so far, it is an ever changing version that I will be constantly updating. Incomplete at the moment, it will eventually become the Beta. You will get to see the progress made constantly and the direction of the game as it takes place.


If you have pledged for shirts, at the end of the campaign I will message you and inquire for the design(s) you want, size, and get your shipping address so I can get them to you! I will be vectorizing the designs here so they have the maximum printable quality/DPI!

Your Very Own Robot!

Using the same design that has won several RoboGames kung-fu competitions, I will custom build you a working humanoid robot! I can put your name (or nickname) on the robot, it will be able to fight, play basic soccer, get up if it falls over, walk and do some gymnastics. I can't guarantee future updates to your new best friends programming, but I can give the knowledge required to give your robo-buddy new moves.

Please support this project! Tell your friends and family - with your help, huge robot battles across dynamic terrain await!

Thanks again to Harry Rowell for the music - I couldn't have done this without you! 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I've been working on Dysis as a one man team - the engine is developed from the ground up with many hand-crafted models still in the making. One of the biggest challenges is creating assets - the buildings and robots that you interact with inside of Dysis. While I've already proven I can do this, additional software will be required to create an entire game worth of models quickly and efficiently. Further, I can use this software to texture the models and optimize them for in-game use!

The only foreseeable risk is development time, but that is overcome by constant updates to the Dysis development blog (which has been updated since the start of Dysis) and also on-going updates to the Prototype and BETA when they are released.


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    You will receive a fully working Farrell Robotics Humanoid (see rewards and video), CNC created, hand built by yours truly, using the same design that has made the robot "Krunk" a world champion! You will also get exclusive access to the Krunk character in game! Your robot will come loaded with kung-fu, soccer and gymnastic moves to impress your friends and help robots to conquer the world!

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