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Dysis is a real time strategy/first person shooter hybrid.
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Update #2! Architect Series Robot, Deployables, Modding Info!

Posted by One Dimension Games (Creator)

I'm rapidly working on a bunch of updates for Dysis, but I need to share what I have ready for you right now. First off, I want to thank everyone again for your continued support - I couldn't do this without you!

Next - I've had a lot of people ask me why they would want to use the first person mode in Dysis when they could just use the overhead RTS tactical view. My answer to them is the brand new Architect class of robot: 

The Architect will serve as each players commanding robot - it can lead armies, modify terrain, and build buildings - it is highly multi-function! Instead of just feeding your robot fodder to your enemies yourself, use the Architect!

The Architect is the Mason bots big brother - it can pick up blocks with ease, travel faster, and even throw terrain blocks for melee attacks! It also comes equipped with an upgrade-able weapon that you will enhance as you play through the story mode! Even better: the reward tiers of $250 will get a full personalized Architect robot - you want flamethrowers, rocket launchers, jet boots? You got it! There are only 2 of the $250 tiers left, so grab them while you can! 


The next big news is deployable turrets, shield generators, and much more! I'm currently working on the models for these, but the first basic deployable turret is a sneak peak at what is to come: 

As you can see, the turret unfolds from a cube into a killing machine. The most exciting aspect about this is that these turrets can be picked up and moved by the Mason and Architect robots at any moment:

Still in the works are a large number of upgraded turrets, shield generators, traps, walls, mines, and more! 

Modding API

While having a full modding API is still far from finished, being able to insert your own models into Dysis and animate them is already a possibility!

I've developed a kinematic motion tool specifically for Dysis that uses some of the same techniques I use on my own real life robots to program moves onto in-game characters. You will be able to easily get your own characters, buildings and deployables to move fluidly in the game with this tool! This is the same tool I am using to put the characters I make into Dysis, and I'm making it as user friendly as possible to make sure you can use it too.

New Reward Tier

While a lot of people seem extremely excited about supporting Dysis, or the prospect of owning their very own humanoid robot, the $10k reward tier is quite off-putting (robots are really expensive!). If you just want a taste of humanoid robots, would love to support Dysis, and happen to be near Atlanta, GA (or travel here, as it is the busiest airport in the world) - then the $500 reward tier is for you! I'll take you out for a fantastic lunch or dinner of your choosing, and afterwards I'll set up a robot fighting arena and we can spar with some of my robots together! You'll of course also get the T-shirts, copies of the game (Prototype, Beta, and final+updates) and your name in the game too!


I'm currently working new deployable units models and programming them into the game as well as the user interface for both the first person modes and the tactical mode - I'll be including a gameplay trailer and a re-vamped launch trailer later this week! 

Thank you again for your continued support, please spread the word to everyone you know. The more successful this Kickstarter campaign is, the better I can make Dysis for you! 

All the best,



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    1. Tommi Mansikka on

      We are getting user friendly modding tools(or at least for models)? SWEET! This game just got several years into it's lifespan :)