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The Itching is a short claymation about a wolf's attempt to confront her neurotic obsessions. A joyful and creepy adult fairy-tale.
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Spring 2012

Dear Friends,

How are you?

I thought of y'all a couple times the past few weeks and just wanted to give you a quick update on "The Itching."  

Adam and I have made great strides since we last spoke with you.  We still have our studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and we're still working hard and mostly having fun (yes, it is stressful at times-- many times!  But we do manage to have a bunch of laughs).  We're still very pleased with the movie, and I'll send along some stills at some point late summer so you can see what Wolf and Bunny are up to...

And guess what?  A couple months ago, we got a 2012 New York State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Grant for the project, and there is NO WAY that that would've happened without our Kickstarter and all your help first!!!  (Kickstarter helped us focus our goals, publicize the project, and get the support going which helps other people want to support us, etc. etc.)  So we owe you all another round of thanks.

As to when we'll be finished... ?  We hope late this Fall.  That would be a good time for festival deadlines... Can we make it?  I really hope so!!!  We will certainly give it our all.

Feel free to write us if you want to talk about your reward (or any other matter) and thank you very much for your patience in advance.

I hope your own matters of the heart and head go swimmingly this summer.

xo, Dianne



If your e-mail changes, please let us know!  Especially as we will be in production for a while.  We want to make sure we can get your correct address etc. when the time comes.


Thank you, human creatures

To Friends of The Itching:

What can we say?  Except THANK YOU SO MUCH!  We had no idea what to expect, and we were so touched by all the support the project received.

Some of you we know quite well; some of you we don't know at all. Some of you pledged a little; some of you pledged a lot.  All of you have made a huge difference to not only the movie but to us, in our minds and hearts.  This project would honestly be impossible without you.

We wish you the best on whatever creative projects you've got cooking up, because we know you do!  We also wish you a good summer.


Here is our update right now.  We're setting up our studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  The animals have been taken out of their frozen positions, given a 'bath', their clothes cleaned.  We've been reinforcing the branches and trunks of the trees.  We'll start animating/shooting again in the next few weeks.

We probably won't send you that many updates... we imagine you already get enough emails.  That said, anytime you want to get in touch with us, please do!  We'll check this site regularly and write you back.

Re: the stuff we now owe you (DVDs, artwork, fairy tales, etc...).  It will take a while; a year we think.  But we will finish, and we will absolutely deliver to you whatever you signed up for.  We're looking forward to it.

Until next time,


Dianne and Adam