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Beautifully made leather journals to enhance your gaming experience. 
Be the dread author of your own story.
Beautifully made leather journals to enhance your gaming experience. Be the dread author of your own story.
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The Big Wrap Up(date)

Posted by TYPE40 (Creator)

TLDNR : Thank you. Journals are well liked. Chaosium like them a lot.  We address shipping and duty costs. The next Kickstarter. GenCon. Twitch Streaming. Will we do more journals? Suggestions. Thank you again. 

Hello to everyone and happy new year,

I wanted to send out a last update for the Call of Cthulhu Campaign Journals before we put a lid on it and close things off. 

Firstly, a big thanks to you all, for backing, for feedback, for spreading the word and for being incredibly supportive.

The overwhelming sentiment has been that everyone really likes their journals, HPLHS ephemera and all the other bits that came in the package for backers. 

The Journals have also been out in the wild now too, at conventions across the world and being used at gaming tables as well. The one phrase I have heard the most from both backers and people who have picked them up after the fact is “they are almost too nice to write in”. This is an amazing compliment. “Journals as art” was a goal for us from the start and we seem to have hit that. 

Chaosium have been very pleased with them too, in fact I believe the words from MOB when he saw the LTD Edition set were something like “ These are just something beyond what I expected” So that’s a good thing. There are not many LTD Edition sets left now , so if you have one ,treasure it, if you don’t and want one, better get onto that.

Your feedback has been invaluable. 


The biggest challenge was definitely shipping. As an artist and tiny operation, we have limited access to some of the benefits larger organisations do. However, we have secured a deal now with the Australian postal service for a better deal in the future. That will mean not only can we offer cheaper shipping costs for future kickstarters, but we can now very accurately estimate shipping costs almost down to the cent for each country. This will translate into backers being able to have a much greater deal of surety around what shipping will cost if you choose back our campaigns in the future. 


We noticed a handful of people had issues with duty in a few countries. It would seem to have only affected a few people though and without any rhyme or reason that we can tell. Where one backer may have been hit with a disproportionate duty cost, another in the same country receiving the same items has not had any problem at all. We have been very careful how we approach this and will do as much as we can at this end to avoid it where we can. 

What is Happening Next?

2019 is going to be a big year for TYPE40. You can expect to see one or two more Kickstarters from us. The first of which will be the Disc of R’lyeh. The disc will be a 1:1 scale approved Chaosium in-world-artefact. Made from solid aluminium and anodised in an aged gold colour. It has already been on display at several conventions and received a lot of attention.  We will release more on this as we firm up details. What we do know though, is that we will be carefully defining shipping costs for it around the world.

Disc of R'lyeh Prototype
Disc of R'lyeh Prototype


Type 40 will be at GenCon this August and we will have a strong presence at the Chaosium Booth. We will be bringing journals, pins, props and prototypes for people to look at, hold and even maybe buy. We will also be live streaming games, interviews and more on the twitch channel from GenCon. If you are going to be at GenCon, we would love to meet you.  J


Twitch Streaming. 

We have recently launched the Chaosium Inc Twitch Channel, (, and are live streaming an actual play Horror on the Orient Express CoC game every week. 6pm Australia AEDT. 11pm USA PST. If that’s your sort of thing, you can watch my players go insane and listen to my crazy British accent as they journey across Europe.

We are also streaming live from the TYPE40 workshop every Wed at 11am AEDT which is 4pm USA PST. You can watch me drink cups of tea and make all the props we make. 

Will we do more journals?

Yes, it is my intention to do more, the next off the ranks will be specifically for use with Horror On The Orient Express.  

To close, I would like to put out there an offer for you all to make suggestions on what you would like to see TYPE40 make next. 

We have so many ideas but what we really want to do is add value and immersion to our games and your games. As Chaosium says, “we are all us” and Type40 is basically just a bunch of gamers who have some prop making skills and can’t help themselves  

So speak up and have your say. 

Thank you once again. We will be closing off the Journals Kickstarter this week. They are still available on the website.


Please spread the word and we hope to see some of you at conventions in the future

Many Thanks



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      @J Griff Griffin: I have a few pens left.
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