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Are your minions unhappy and unmotivated? Are you constantly stressed out and less productive as a result? Perhaps your criminal organization has simply fallen into a boring routine. Well the solution is quite simple, you need motivation! Not just any motivation, but the sort of motivation that only criminal masterminds can relate to. I would love to share my insider, industry secrets of success with you, and I will do just that in "Ten Steps to a Happier and Healthier Criminal Enterprise." These ten steps when followed will produce the sort of environment your minions and your customers deserve... because a world full of happier healthier criminal enterprises is a better world for all.

Risks and challenges

Working beside criminal masterminds has its challenges for sure. I am always having to remind Tommy The Strangler to loosen up his grip on his team, and it really puts me in a bind when Joey Cutthroat calls me in for a sit down. You have to love this work to put up with some of the things I see, but I haven't been whacked yet so I must be improving their lifestyle... and that is the reward. Well I want to help your enterprise out as well, so that is my reason.

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