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Zombie Battleground is a groundbreaking (digital) card game that lets you collect, control, and ACTUALLY own your cards – for real.
Zombie Battleground is a groundbreaking (digital) card game that lets you collect, control, and ACTUALLY own your cards – for real.
1,693 backers pledged $321,606 to help bring this project to life.

Update #19: Loom Trading Post (Marketplace) Alpha is Live!

Posted by Robert (Collaborator)

The Loom dev and UI design teams have been hard at work getting the marketplace ready for you...

Life of the average Loom Network team member
Life of the average Loom Network team member


...and it’s finally here! (At least, in a very early alpha stage). 

There are still a lot of additional features that will be coming in the next few weeks.

But today, we’re proud to present you with the alpha release.

Introducing the Loom Trading Post (Alpha) 

Here’s the link so you can check it out for yourself:

👉 Loom Trading Post 👈

Disclaimer: Since this is an alpha version, some bugs are to be expected. If you find any, please let us know on our Discord. We listen to our fans.

What’s Currently Available

1. Countdown

On the Backer’s Release page, you’ll see a countdown to the v0.1 game beta release (just 15 days away)! 😲

Later, we’re going to add payment options for users to get into the closed beta and buy early-backer packs, even after the Kickstarter ends. (Though, these users will not be able to get any of the “Kickstarter exclusives”).

2. Register to receive your cards

Head over to My Cards to register an account and send us the necessary details for redeeming your rewards.

Cards can’t be delivered until after the campaign ends and Kickstarter has cleared backer funds. (Otherwise, people could claim their cards and then cancel their pledges, and since they 100% own their cards on the blockchain, there would be nothing we could do about it!)

Log in and get a head start to ensure you get your cards ASAP once we release them, so you'll be able to start buying and selling right away.

3. Browse all the cards in the initial release

By clicking Browse, you can see a full list of the cards that will be available in the initial release, along with their stats and abilities.

You’ll notice that a lot of these cards currently look something like this: “Embryo #051.”

What’s that?! 🤔

It means that this card hasn’t been fully revealed yet. It will remain in the “embryo” state until the game team has finalized the artwork, at which point it will be updated on the Trading Post.

After you get your packs, if you open them and get an “embryo” — it’s still tied to a unique card ID, and it will hatch whenever we release that card.

...a little slice of mystery and excitement 😉

And we’ll be revealing additional cards with every new release.

What’s Coming Soon

1. Initial game beta coming right after the Kickstarter ends. And plenty more gameplay videos coming before that!

2. Cards released to all backers, and buying/selling on the Trading Post enabled.

3. More and more “embryos” getting revealed every month.

In the meantime, head on over to the Trading Post alpha to get ready.

Here’s the link again:

Stay fantastic,

Content & Community Manager

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      Robert Collaborator on

      @Adam Gaynor – You can use this to find your UDID:

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Collaborator on

      @Javier Ortiz – We'll enable that very soon :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Gaynor on

      Hi guys, what's the UDID for iOS? Do I need to enter that to "complete" this pre registration?

    4. Javier Ortiz on

      Took a look today and looked great. I understand why I can't see my stuff but expected at least to see boosters or something. That said I'm not sure if I entered my information correctly.