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Daggers Drawn: 35 years of editorial cartoons and covers from The Economist by the award winning artist Kevin KAL Kallaugher
1,462 backers pledged $100,219 to help bring this project to life.

How to Add an Extra Book to your Daggers Drawn order

Posted by Kevin Kallaugher (Creator)

I have had many requests today for backers who want to add an addition book or two to their previous pledge. It is very simple.

Just add $25 to your pledge for each book you want to order.

I approximately 2 weeks you will get an email from me inviting you to join Backerkit, a post-Kickstarter site that will manage your account with me. There you will be able to track your order, make special requests, choose your prints, and add books. No problem.

Less than 24 hours to go!

Thanks for supporting Daggers Drawn!


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    1. Steven Moschidis

      Hi Kevin,
      I got the email for Backerkit. Whilst I agree with Chris, I don't really mind as I use a password manager, so churning out random passwords is a cinch.
      What I'm slightly confused about is that per this update adding $25 gets you an extra book, but then backerkit is asking me for $35 indicating that it's a different price because I'm in the UK.
      Any ideas?


    2. Kevin Kallaugher Creator on


      Thanks for your note. I am sure that we can accommodate you. Backerkit was created by the folks who had an enormously successful Kickstarter campaign (Diaspora) a short time ago only to run into a buzzsaw when trying to fulfill the pledges. In the case of our great Daggers Drawn project, even just to manage something seemingly straightforward like the book fulfillment is already presenting challenges as I have had countless special requests for name changes, personal dedications and special mailing. I am am so flattered by the response of good folks like yourself, that I am determined to give my backers the best. I understand your hesitation. I will do my best to see that you get your book.

      Thanks again for the support.


    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Olson on

      Kevin Kallaugher:
      While I don't agree with all of what I can understand of William Henry Moore's textwall (below), I do agree with one aspect of it in particular. Simply, I'm a fan of Kickstarter, editorial cartoons, books, etc - however, I'm not going to make an additional account on yet another site simply to manage a pledge. I usually run into this problem with (video) games, particularly those which have some aspect of online multiplayer, but didn't expect it on a book project.

      While I'll be happy to send you a mailing address via private message or survey for the book when it's done being printed, the only tracking I need and/or desire in relation to this project is that of a postal service (be it USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc) for when the book is being shipped. I'm not pledging for special requests, prints, additional books, etc, so theoretically the necessity of additional website tracking would be a non-issue.

      I understand that it may be difficult to deal with nearly 1500 backers and multiple pledge levels, I believe that there is a better solution for the roughly 2/3 of backers who pledged at the single book tier and below than the creation, use, and maintenance of an additional website.

    4. Missing avatar

      William Henry Moore on

      Hi there Kickstarter,

      When I back something, it is with some finite goal. This Project has gone out of control. Every addition takes away from the original energy. Vanity Press has been available for ages. That was not the original program. A single Extra Promise (Contract Addition) can derail this entire program. Please do what was the goal first, before adding additional components. At what point, does the original Goal become a secondary consideration? Please stop selling Chickens, before they are hatched. If this original book has any merit, the reprints will support the effort. If this is oversold, and attention to the original goal has been deflected. People who back the projects should never face a redefinition after the fact. If the goal is to confuse early contributors or diminish the recognition, the goal has been met. Kickstarter is backing Air Ware. The original Contract has not been serviced. My backing has a time stamp. Please do not sell beyond the delivery. All kinds of extra stuff later, only opens the wound. Legal Deliver of a Point of Sale Contract is what you pledged in the original Statement of Intent. If anyone wishes to gush out their feelings and IP Issues later,,, how sad. The author should focus on making the promised book. That was the goal. No other focus should defect this primary goal. Are we Human or just Dancers?


    5. Kevin Kallaugher Creator on

      Hi Kevin

      Thanks for the note. There are 13 color covers available and 10 people have pledged to get a cartoon. The artwork is distributed on a first come first served basis. I cannot be sure at this point whether the No 1 artwork would still be available by the time you reach your selection time. If when the whole campaign is finished and the artwork claimed... the cover you request is still available, I would be happy to talk. Let me know how I can reach you



    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin Kurth on

      How about original art work?

      I would like Still No. 1