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Daggers Drawn: 35 years of editorial cartoons and covers from The Economist by the award winning artist Kevin KAL Kallaugher
1,462 backers pledged $100,219 to help bring this project to life.

Daggers Drawn Reaches 1000 Supporters

Posted by Kevin Kallaugher (Creator)

Daggers Drawn supporter Henri Diner became the 1000th supporter of the book launch campaign for Daggers Drawn:35 Years of KAL cartoons in The Economist. 

Thanks to the support of Daggers Drawn backers, we will have a first class large format coffee table book. Kickstarter members will get a special limited edition version in a box sleeve.

Normally a book of this stature might fetch $40. But Kickstarter backers can pre-order copies for $25.

Thanks to all for their support. Spread the word!


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    1. Kevin Kallaugher Creator on

      Thanks for the support and long time viewing!

      First... the Double Daggers Drawn includes 2 copies in separate box cases.

      In regard to getting a kal Original, there is a reward level for that. You can view the portfolio here.

      The fairest way I could conjure for dispensing the original artwork is as follows: It will be first come, first served. There are 35 cartoons in the reward category... the person who pledged first, get first choice. The one who pledged second, gets second choice etc. I will contact each winner, in the order of which they pledged... to secure their choice of cartoon. I will then mark the cartoon SOLD on the online portfolio then contact the next person in line. I am currently going through the list of backers.

      I hope this helps

      Thanks again for your support.



    2. Missing avatar

      David Dannenberg on

      So glad this is going so well. I have been reading the Economist for about 35 years. Love Kal's cartoons.

      I have a question. I pledged at the Double Daggers Drawn level, $45, that provides me two signed copies of the book. If I understand correctly from a recent email, the single Daggers Draw level provides "special limited edition version in a box sleeve." Does that mean the Double DD level gets two of those?

      Or what?

      I am intrigued by the idea of having an original. Is there a level that gets one copy of the book and a cartoon?

      Main thing is this: love the work and really look forward to getting a copy of the book--whatever version of it.