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Co-create with us the VIT 3D printer to revolutionize the way people 3D prints with High Quality laser sintering technology!
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Current Situation Update

Posted by Natural Robotics (Creator)
Hello backers!!  

Time has flied and it is already March, the approximate month in which the first units of our VIT SLS are to be delivered.  

We have worked hard since the very first moment after the campaign in Kickstarter finished so as to being able to meet with the time we set up in the first place. However, we have to give you some news: 

The VIT SLS that were expected to be delivered in March will be finally delivered in April. 

We have had two inconvenient which prevent us of meeting with approximate delivery date of the first machines:  

On the one hand, our main developer left our company to work in a big multinational on 3D printing last month and this has been a handicap for us in terms of time, therefore the software (frontend) is not ready yet.  

On the other hand, we had a misunderstanding or there may was a mistake and we received F-theta lens from our supplier without the frame, which is indispensable. We have now fixed this issue for further orders, but as the delivery takes a lot of time, we decided to add the frame to the lens that we have already received.
In the pictures attached you can see the difference between the piece and the plan.  



We were very confident about the times we set up and, until this two issues, everything went as it was planned. We feel very sorry for not meeting with the first term of the VIT. However, this delay will only affect the delivery of machines in March, since the others are expected to be received at the estimated time.  

Now, moving to good news, we have all the material in place for the VITs and we are putting the final touches on it, a part from the two issues explained above. 




In the pictures you can see some of the pieces that will be part of the machine. We want to remark once again that the delay will only affect the first units, since it has been a matter of circumstances and bad luck what have prevented us from meeting the desired term, not a matter of production process.  

Also, we want to remind you that during this period of hard work, we have increased the impression capacity increasing height from 250mm to 300mm and we have tested more materials.
For further details on these improvements you can take a look on our previous update. 

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All being said, we apologize again for the delay. We want to thank you, especially the affected bakers to whom a personal mail has been sent, for your patience and for trust in our project. 

We are sure that the VIT SLS is worth the wait.

Hector Esteller

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hendrickson on

      What is the video meant to show us? I see a screw that wobbles quite a bit, but I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking at. Can you tell us more about the materials you've been testing and what were the results?

    2. Manfred van der Voort on

      Many thanks for this update. Sad to hear your main developer left the team. All the best to get things done.