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Mindjammer Press expands!

Posted by Sarah Newton (Creator)


Hi everyone,

First up - please accept my apologies for the lateness of this update. Work is proceeding with The Chronicles of Future Earth, but also things have been extremely hectic here at Mindjammer Press, and I wanted to send this update out by way of explanation. I'm going to send out this update to all three of our Kickstarter lists - the "Deliverables" section will differ, but this first bit will be the same, so apologies if you receive it more than once!

Mindjammer Press expands!

Over the past couple of years, and particularly the past 12 months, Mindjammer Press has been getting increasingly busy. This is great news - but also a great challenge. Thanks to your support, we've now reached a size where it's no longer possible for me to manage all the management of the company myself, and write and produce our products. So, because writing and producing Mindjammer Press products is precisely what I'm for, I've been taking steps to bring on new people to help shoulder the management workload.

As is always the case when you do something like this, the very act of dealing with a company's expansion is initially a time-consuming activity in its own right! You have to look for the right people, talk to them, bring them on board, then help them get up to speed, before you can hand over the parts of the business you need them to take care of. So, in addition to writing and producing our books, that's what I've been doing since early December.

Happily it's all been going well! This week we've welcomed Luca Volpino to the Mindjammer Press team as our new Administration Manager, tasked with sorting out all the numbers and administrative paperwork the company now faces. And, in the next few weeks, I hope to be announcing new faces to take care of operations & logistics and sales & marketing. I'm really excited about this modest expansion of Mindjammer Press, and particularly that it's going to allow me to devote much more of my time to what I consider to be my main job - writing and producing our Mindjammer Press games for you! 

The Chronicles of Future Earth Kickstarter Deliverables

This has meant that we've incurred a certain amount of delay to our production schedules. Right now it's a little hard to quantify, but my guess is a month or two. The Chronicles of Future Earth core book manuscript is looking solid and my next draft will be the art direction draft; I'm expecting to produce that as soon as I return to France from ArcanaCon in Melbourne in the first week of February. I'd originally expected to go into art direction in December for layout in January: I'm now expecting layout will begin in March.

A second delay has been with the Chronicles of Future Earth pledge manager. The first stage work on the pledge manager has been done, and we'll be picking that up in early February too; we're expecting to launch it to you in early March.

Next Steps

I'll provide another update once I'm back from ArcanaCon, but once again my apologies for this delay. It's been unavoidable and incredibly necessary, but sorting this out properly now will put us on a solid footing for going into 2019 and beyond. It's amazing how far we've come in a few short years since our first Kickstarter in 2015, and I'd like to thank you all for your support in making this happen!

You may have already seen an uptick in Mindjammer Press activity and our new team swings into action. We have a new Mindjammer Press Community Group on Facebook - please come and join us at! - and we're hoping to make a decision about the mooted Mindjammer Press Forums over the next month. I'm hoping also that our new team members will be joining me here on Kickstarter and the pledge managers to help reply to your comments and queries. 

Thank you all again for your patience as we work through these issues, and for backing The Chronicles of Future Earth Kickstarter!

Sarah, Jason, Luca, and all at Team Mindjammer

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    1. MidnightBlue

      Congrats on the expansion!

      Mindjammer Press is growing up so fast! It seems like just yesterday you were learning how to crawl and now you are *gestures* this big!


      A sound admin & organizational foundation are their own rewards. The minor delay doesn't concern me in the least.

      I'm excited for everything you put out in time.


    2. Missing avatar

      A V Jones on

      Good news!

      It is important to have enough time and space to concentrate on your key and unique strengths.

      Thinking about/ hoping to run Chronicles at an online convention in April.