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The cosmic fantasy roleplaying game THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH, powered by FATE CORE!
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Pledge Manager and a new version of The Swallower of Souls

Posted by Sarah Newton (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Well, that was a quick month! Thank you all again for your pledges and support during October's kickstarter - you've made Mindjammer Press a hive of cosmic fantasy activity, and we're very excited to be working on the new line. 

The Swallower of Souls - Updated

Over the past couple of weeks we've updated THE SWALLOWER OF SOULS quickstart with some tweaks and changes. The new file has been uploaded to DriveThru and, and you should have received email alerts to say it's now available for download. At the same time, we've printed out a physical version of the quickstart and will be making it available for sale via the Modiphius webstore (, all being well later today (it just arrived from the printer on Tuesday). We'll also have copies at the Dragonmeet convention this weekend in London, and will be making it available as an add-on in the upcoming pledge manager. 

The Pledge Manager

We're now pulling together the pledge manager. These things generally take longer than expected, mostly due to trying to get the very latest shipping charges incorporated, but we're expecting to have this available for you early in the New Year. I'll be sending out the Kickstarter survey prior to the pledge manager starting, and also sending out an update. The pledge manager should be relatively straightforward - we're planning to ship everything in a single wave in approximately April 2019. 

Some of you have been asking about THE WORM WITHIN, the Chronicles of Future Earth novel. We'll be making the ebook files available to you via the pledge manager as soon as we get details finalised early in the new year. 

Work on The Chronicles of Future Earth

I'm currently working on the 5th draft of the core book manuscript, and it's now looking pretty complete. The upgraded content has been added in, and I'm now ensuring that the Korudav campaign material is hooked into the book in an organic way, with sorcerous colleges, guilds, legions, and so on. We're planning to start art direction in December and go into layout as soon as possible in January. I've already blocked out the main sections of THE TOWER OF VIRIGU and WHAT NIGHTMARES COME - I'm hoping to run the former at ArcanaCon in Melbourne at the end of January. 

What's Next?

There won't be a whole lot to see for the next few weeks - most of the activity here at the moment is under the surface, mostly me beavering away on the manuscript I'm carrying around with me. I'll send out another update before the end of the year, and also send out teasers of any artwork, maps, snippets, etc, as soon as we have something. 

Thanks to you all again for backing the Chronicles of Future Earth kickstarter and making our new game line possible. 

The Autarch salutes you - for Korudav!

Sarah and everyone at Mindjammer Press

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    1. Guerin Payne on

      This is great news. I hope I can boost my pledge when the manager kicks in? In January I'll have more in discretionary funds and I'd like to upgrade to Chronicler.

      Also, do you have a rough timeline for any of the "Chronicles of X" supplements? Is High Fantasy a hopeful for 2019?