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The cosmic fantasy roleplaying game THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH, powered by FATE CORE!
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Campaign Bonus Unlocked - and "The Chronicles of High Fantasy"

Posted by Sarah Newton (Creator)
(Provisional cover art only)
(Provisional cover art only)


Hi everyone!

We're now entering the last couple of days of the Kickstarter and have just unlocked our fourth campaign bonus! With more than 500 shares of the campaign on Facebook, that means we're now increasing the length of the WHAT NIGHTMARES COME adventure from 16 to 24 pages! That's extra information on the lonely Chimur Fortress beneath the wild moors of the Sheal Highlands, besieged by Chaos beasts, and the mysterious ruin which is the target of your mission. We have just one more campaign bonus to unlock to make this into a fully-fledged 32-page adventure - so please get sharing the campaign, following MindjammerPress on Twitter, liking the Mindjammer Press Facebook page, and of course inviting new backers. Each one of these social media milestones will boost the campaign and unlock more bonuses!

Jason and I would also like to reveal a teaser cover for the THE CHRONICLES OF HIGH FANTASY stretch goal, shown above. This is a provisional cover - I'm thinking there's definitely a dragon to go on that plinth... - but this marks the first of our "genre packs" which we'd like to release for the Chronicles of Future Earth game, expanding our Fate Fantasy Toolkit with new settings, scenarios, and rules information.

THE CHRONICLES OF HIGH FANTASY is also going to be written by the inimitable Mike Olson - take a bow, Mike! Mike and I worked together on our last Fate fantasy collaboration, LEGENDS OF ANGLERRE and since then he's racked up a huge number of credits working with Fate Core, so there's no better person to bring his expert Fate mechanics eye to this project. I'm going to be providing the setting material, which I hope will see a return of my Hither Kingdoms setting, last seen also in LEGENDS OF ANGLERRE.

THE CHRONICLES OF HIGH FANTASY will provide everything you need for classic high fantasy roleplaying in the dungeoneering Tolkienesque mold, In addition, we're planning three other genre supplements to provide exciting new dimensions for your Chronicles of Future Earth games!

  • THE CHRONICLES OF RUIN: Post-apocalyptic adventure using the Chronicles Fate rules.
  • THE CHRONICLES OF THE HIGH FRONTIER: Sword & planet adventure in the Chronicles of Future Earth universe. 
  • THE CHRONICLES OF TIME: Time-travelling adventure beyond the planing machines!

That pretty much concludes the overview of our current production plans for the Chronicles of Future Earth line. Hold on and here goes for the Kickstarter's final stretch!

The Autocracy salutes you!



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    1. Guerin Payne on

      I am really looking forward to the finished product, but I'm very happy that some of the Legends of Anglerre material is going to get a second life in Chronicles of High Fantasy.

      I hope that we get that release sometime close to the release of the main book. It is a shame personally that I couldn't afford to support at the full level that I wanted to.

    2. Sarah Newton 3-time creator on

      @Dustin: Thank you, Dustin! We have The Chronicles of High Fantasy down as the next big stretch goal - if by some wonderful chance we unlock it, that will mean it's budgeted and in the production pipeline as a clear scheduled deliverable in the near future (that's the fantastic thing about Kickstarters). If we don't unlock it as a stretch goal, it's there as part of the standard production pipeline - we'll see how the line develops and hopefully it'll be "traditionally funded" in its turn. It's certainly a solid supplement we want to produce. :)

    3. Sarah Newton 3-time creator on

      @Aaron: I know, right?! Me too! I've been writing "high frontier" material for quite some time - not just Yala (the Green Moon) but the Pentalogiat, Devrak the Red, and more! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Dustin Evermore on

      The Chronicles series is a fantastic idea!! Is this a stretch goal or something you are going to do no matter what? Or something for another kickstarter?

    5. Aaron Stockser on

      Ooh I so want Chronicles of the High Frontier!!!