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The cosmic fantasy roleplaying game THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH, powered by FATE CORE!
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The Swallower Of Souls Material Components Actual Play episode 2; and Wormhollow Vale - defending the Wall Against the Shakh!

Posted by Sarah Newton (Creator)


Hi everyone,

Sunday night's Chronicles of Future Earth session by Keith and his group at Material Components is now online at Youtube and Check out the PCs as they adventure further into THE SWALLOWER OF SOULS, this time exploring the lethal secrets of the Black Galley! In this session, Keith is really pushing the conflict mechanics in a combat-heavy session, exploring what the PCs can do against some serious opposition. 

The Wall Against the Shakh Must be Defended!

Wormhollow Vale - Deadly Adventure on the Wall Against the Shakh!
Wormhollow Vale - Deadly Adventure on the Wall Against the Shakh!

We're now just 5 days from the end of the kickstarter, and the first big campaign pack for The Chronicles of Future Earth is tantalisingly close! You're already enabling us to produce an amazing Chronicler Pack, containing a bumper core book, screen, dice, tokens, map, player folio and an action-packed adventure - can we break through and unlock WORMHOLLOW VALE?

As the machinations of the Avatar in Kados weaken the Autocracy's hold over the North, its ancient defences are thrown back on alliances not tested for over a thousand years. In the Amadorad Protectorate, the land of storm, a proud barbaric people keep an ancient pledge with the Che Kwa jeniri, the Stone Men of the Kadram Mountains, who patrol the snowcapped fastnesses ever on the lookout for incursions by the Shakh chaos beasts from the Wastes beyond. Now, the Autocracy garrison at Gimmergar Fort finds itself virtually abandoned, thrown back on its own resources as a new wave of attackers assault the Wall. Can the P'Tek Maggot Men of the Wastes of Kastalon be relied upon to honour the Ancient Alliance? It's been a long time, and the slimy troglodytic worshippers of Ulega Bagu have their own agenda. But surely they oppose the nightmare hordes from the frozen tundra of Yurasha? To refuse to fight would be folly!

WORMHOLLOW VALE is a massive campaign pack of linked adventures detailing a perilous frontier settlement beyond the edges of the Autocracy. Negotiate with wildermen and jeniri, explore ancient ruins and monstrous weapon emplacements which date from the Armageddon of the Gods, and fight to ensure the Wall holds. The Autocracy must be defended!

We're currently just over £3000 from unlocking this huge adventure pack, certainly within reach if we can spread the word to new backers. So please share this update and the link to the Chronicles of Future Earth kickstarter and talk about the project on forums and social media - the Autarch of Korudav calls out for heroes!

Sarah and everyone at Mindjammer Press

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