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Part Two of the Material Components SWALLOWER OF SOULS Livestream, today 6.30pm CST

Posted by Sarah Newton (Creator)


Hi everyone,

The good people at Material Components are going to be livestreaming the second part of their four-part livestream of "The Swallower of Souls" (The Chronicles of Future Earth quickstart) at 6.30pm to 10pm CST today, Sunday 21st October. You can watch the session live at

All the Material Components Chronicles of Future Earth actual play sessions will be archived on their Youtube channel at, where you can already catch up with last week's session one! Session one is also viewable directly at

So check out the Material Components actual play and watch the team enter the Artifex Deeps to solve the mystery of the Swallower of Souls! It's also a great chance to see Keith and the players get to grips with the new Chronicles Fate rules. 

Our Actual Play Is Also Available

In the meantime, don't forget that the session we ran last week (with me as Chronicler!) is also available at Youtube here - another good place to see how the Chronicles Fate rules at the table, including some crunchy tactical stuff in the final scene here.

Brought to you by the temples of Unthar the Chronicler, Lord of Time, and Vareltias the Messenger, Lord of Communication!


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