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Chronicles Dice and Tokens Preview, and the return of the Beloved Dead!

Posted by Sarah Newton (Creator)
(Actual product may vary!)
(Actual product may vary!)


Hi everyone,   

Today's update contains a couple of things I wanted to share with you. 

Concept Graphics of the Chronicles Dice and Chronicles Tokens 

Jason and I have been working on the designs for the Chronicles Dice and Tokens, and the image above is what we've been thinking. Bear in mind these are mockups - the final product may differ - but the idea I think is there for you to see. 

  • The Chronicles Tokens are transparent green plastic with yellow-gold illustration; green is the colour of Unthar, god of time, and the symbol is that of the Autocracy, with the 20 glyphs of the Gods of the Great Compact; the Seven-Pointed Star is a powerful magical symbol in the Autocracy, representing (among many other things) the seven elements. 
  • The Hero Die is a marbled fiery orange, the colour of Regos, Lord of War, whose Battle Sceptre is the symbol on the six-face. We're discussing having the inlay ink in blue, again Regos's colour, instead of white or black; we'll see how that looks. 
  • The Doom Die is a marbled purple, the colour of the Great Hegemonist, and the purple flame orb, the Hegemonist's symbol, forms the six-face of the die. We'll probably keep the ink white here for legibility. 

You'll notice that the Chronicles Dice also contain small "+" and "-" signs where appropriate. This is for those players who want to either use 4dF as standard, or for times when you want a fudge dice roll in the game for any reason. We figured that, while we're making custom dice for you, we should make them as useful as possible! 

The Beloved Dead 

Many years ago I wrote a Chronicles of Future Earth adventure called "The Beloved Dead", set around Belomas, which is the Festival of the Dead in the Venerable Autocracy. It was a Halloween scenario. I'm delighted to announce that the great people at Chaosium have given me the green light to republish that adventure for you, updated and converted to the new Chronicles rules, as well as to my current understanding of the world of Future Earth, which has developed a great deal in the intervening years. I'm working on that at the moment, and we'll get that laid out and distributed to you as soon as possible - hopefully before the Kickstarter ends, and certainly before Halloween! Because, as the incantation goes... 

Tie a ribbon to the door 

And light a candle in the glass 

For all the dead that died before 

Are coming home this Belomas! 

Next Steps - Eight Days to Go!

We now have just 8 days left on the Chronicles of Future Earth kickstarter! While we've unlocked some fantastic stretch goals and are going to be providing you with an awesome Chronicler Pack, it would be great to unlock some of the upcoming supplements in the Chronicles line - especially Wormhollow Vale, which is just around the corner! 

Additionally, at £22.5K, £27.5K, and £30K, we're unlocking additional goodies which will be included in your Chronicler Packs at no extra cost - two sets of feature cards describing personalities and locations of Glorious Kados, the Eternal City, as well as a printed physical copy of THE SWALLOWER OF SOULS

So we'd like to ask you, as we kick off this final week, please could you let all your gamer friends know about the Kickstarter; and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more; and post and start up threads on forums like, RPGGeek, and ENWorld. Link to us here at This is really important for us, as unlocking stretch goals is a way for us to ensure we have the production schedule time and funding earmarked to produce these additional new materials for you rapidly in 2019 (the Chronicler Pack, of course, is already covered!). And there are potential backers out there who still haven't heard the Autarch's cry for heroes! 

Thank you all again for backing the Chronicles of Future Earth kickstarter!

Sarah and everyone at Mindjammer Press

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    1. Scott Acker on

      Shared all around. With the changes at G+ I'm not sure how many are seeing it these days. Also tried MeWe and Twitter.

    2. Aaron Stockser on

      I love the "dual-stat" dice!!!
      (I just wish I could get them... the shipping rates are painful :( )