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The cosmic fantasy roleplaying game THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH, powered by FATE CORE!
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The Chronicles of Future Earth game line (part 2)

Posted by Sarah Newton (Creator)


Hi everyone,  

In the second part of our overview of our plans for the Chronicles of Future Earth product line, I wanted to look at the supplements and adventures we currently have specced and, in many cases, substantially written.  

The Supplements  

The Chronicles of Future Earth RPG core book contains absolutely everything you need to play. It's like Mindjammer - a bumper volume with all the rules you'll need for ages to come. But there are other areas we can explore which we hope you'll be interested in visiting with us, including:  

  • Supplement 1 - The Chronicles Bestiary Creatures from beyond Korudav, the fauna of the Springtide Civilisations, even a selection of exotic beings from the mythical lands of Future Earth - and beyond!  
  • Supplement 2 - The Chronicles of Future Earth Companion Some topics don't belong in the core book, but we want to share them with you all the same. Optional and alternate rules, miniatures and skirmishes, generational games, mythic-level play, time travel - and more!  
  • Supplement 3 - Artefacts The core rules contain a solid collection of artefacts, including rules for creating your own. This supplement gives you a smorgasbord of exotic items, histories, and scenario hooks for play.  
  • Supplement 4 - Supernature The core book provides rules for demons, gods, the worlds beyond the planing machines, the wild dimensions of cosmic fantasy. But what if those places are your home?  
  • Supplement 5 - The Helemoriad The world was once almost destroyed in the Armageddon of the Gods, its story told in the Helemoriad. This book tells the tale from the other side, including the terrible dangers which still exist beyond the veil today.

The Adventures  

We hope you'll love creating your own adventures for The Chronicles of Future Earth, and we expect to be producing individual one-shots too. But I've been working on an epic campaign for years - playtesting, tweaking, exploring, even writing fiction about it - which I'm hoping you'll help us produce. The following list are just the teaser titles - we're almost ready to unlock WORMHOLLOW VALE right now!  

  • Adventure 1: Wormhollow Vale  
  • Adventure 2: Heralds of the Forgotten Dawn  
  • Adventure 3: This Poisoned Land  
  • Adventure 4: The Doom of All Things  
  • Adventure 5: The Web of Worlds  
  • Adventure 6: The Singer in the Dark  

And, somewhere in the above, all the material for my unpublished campaign VALES OF YALA (following in the footsteps of Rathalos the Heretic, who travelled to Yala, the Green Moon), written over a decade ago for the previous edition of The Chronicles of Future Earth and never published, will finally see the light of day!  

I hope this has been an interesting walk through our thoughts and plans for The Chronicles of Future Earth. Unlocking stretch goals in the Kickstarter campaign is a fantastic way to guarantee we can produce the supplements above and in the previous post in short order. Thank you all again for funding the project and unlocking all the awesome stretch goals you've already done - with 9 days still to go, let's see what else we can reach!  

For the Autocracy! For Korudav!



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    1. Sarah Newton 3-time creator on

      @John M Portley: Thanks very much, John - and thank you for your support! I'm very excited that The Chronicles of Future Earth is now going to become a thing - the campaign has enabled us to earmark funds and schedule time to produce such an awesome foundation for the line, all incorporated in that Chronicler Pack, and I'm *really* excited to see what else we can unlock in this upcoming final week. It's a real privilege to have your support to be able to roll this out, I'm already hard at work on finalising the core book manuscript!

    2. John M. Portley

      Again, another fantastic set of books that will ensure that this will be a deep, deep universe to explore [and years to roll out — and even more years to play!]. Love the depth and breath of your creativity, Sarah. Among the elements that caught my attention was "generational games". Your universe was already fantastic, and now my brain cells are primed to go into six different campaigns, including a multi-generational one to tie them together. Soooo looking forward to the roll out. Thank you very much for sharing.

    3. Sarah Newton 3-time creator on

      @Aaron Stockser: Ah noooo! Lol, you're quite right, Aaron, that section fell between the gaps between part one and part two! :D I mentioned "The Chronicles of High Fantasy" in part one, but didn't carry on to the others. Ah well - I'll include it as a section in the next update. Thanks for catching that! :)

    4. Aaron Stockser on

      Awesome list!

      I do have one question though. You mentioned you had plans to produce supplements that would let people use the CoFE rules for other genres and styles of fantasy gaming. Are they separate from this list?