The Chronicles of Future Earth Roleplaying Game

by Sarah Newton

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    1. Aaron Stockser on

      Oooohhhh!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on the full system/corebook!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      David E Ferrell

      Please provide alternate rules that use dice mechanics used in Fate Core/FAE. I have found +6, -6 is boring from a purely physical act of rolling 2 dice vs. 4 dice. Due to the distribution between the two types of rolls, it's easier as a GM to plan for the consistency of the Fate dice vs. the wild swings of +6,-6. Also, for a GM that runs a lot of different Fate type games, changing dice mechanics from game to game can be annoying. Thank you for the consideration.

    3. Sarah Newton 3-time creator on

      @David E Ferrell: Hi David! Totally - we'll be providing guidance for people who prefer to use Fudge dice rather than Chronicles dice, no worries. There's obviously a definite difference in atmosphere and result spread between the -4 to +4 of 4dF and the -5 to +5 of D6-D6, but if that's your preference it's certainly one that Chronicles will support.

    4. MidnightBlue

      I love rich settings that hold their water in any system. TCoFE definitely seems to be just such a setting!


      Personally, I've got a TON of Fate books (Core, FAE, and earlier editions), but I've never actually played a game using the system. I'm sure it's a fine system. It has just never made it onto the playlist of systems already fighting for my groups' limited free time. win the lottery...

    5. Sarah Newton 3-time creator on

      @MidnightBlue: I think Fate's a great system for settings where you want to get expansive - to start interacting with different scales, to do really big stuff like manage organisations, attack cults, influence armies and cultures, undertake sieges, and so on, all using the same core mechanic.

      It's also immensely hackable. The tweaks in TCoFE certainly make the system feel grittier and more perilous than RAW Fate, which could be a good sell for your table. If you do get chance, take the Quickstart out for a spin - it's playable in just a few hours, and has some fun set pieces! :)

    6. MidnightBlue

      Oh I know Sarah...that's why I bought into it big with a couple Fate Core Kickstarters, Mindjammer Kickstarter, and now this one. Not to mention plenty of Fate books outside of those KS projects.

      Overall, my personal hacking system is Cortex (Plus and Prime), but I'm a collector and lover of many, many RPG systems.

      But since I do have so many different and hackable systems, the setting material of a new game is of paramount importance to me, just in case I decide not to use the canned system (nothing wrong with them usually, just personal choice).

      And that's why I love your books Sarah. Your settings are so rich and detailed that they transcend game mechanics. Thanks for putting them out into the 'verse!