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If you like Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans, Kingdom of Heaven, the 1001 Nights, you'll love Capharnaum!
If you like Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans, Kingdom of Heaven, the 1001 Nights, you'll love Capharnaum!
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    1. John M. Kahane on May 1

      @Sarah, folks,

      I've posted my initial thoughts on the interim PDF in the Comments for Update #34, but just want to reiterate two thoughts here...

      First thought... WOW!!

      Second thought... I'm glad that we achieved colour for the book through the BackerKit and PayPal stuff, but from the interim PDF, the book would look stunning and vibrant even without the full colour. The full colour print version should look...breathtaking. :)

      Excellent work, Sarah, folks at Mindjammer Press! You done good! :)

      And am so looking forward to running the Quickstart scenario here in Ottawa at CanGames on May 19th! :)


    2. MidnightBlue
      on May 1

      Full color achieved!



    3. Missing avatar

      A V Jones on May 1

      Downloads available- good news!

    4. Patrick Healey
      on April 14

      Have you figured out if we made full color yet?

      Also any chance we can get a closer look at those cool maps? I love maps.

      Really excited for this!

    5. Missing avatar

      Tobias on April 14

      Sounds great!
      Any chance you might use DriveThruRPG for PDF delivery? I like having everything in one place and it's the easiest way of making sure people get ahold of updated files.
      (I posted this below the update five days ago.)

    6. MidnightBlue
      on April 8

      Great update and can't wait to see these lovely books in print over the next couple of years.

      Such amazing product lines launched through Kickstarter, such as Capharnaum & Mindjammer, are truly gifts that keep on giving.


    7. John M. Kahane on April 6

      @Sarah Newton,

      Thanks for the quick update. Look forward to the full update in the next day or so (hopefully).

      Re: the Example of Play that was posted as one of the updates... Yes, I did read it, but don't recall any specific mention of the Dragon die and the like. That said, I've got the basics of the combat down, and am looking forward to running "The Tears of Ampharool" at CanGames in about a month or so.


    8. Sarah Newton 2-time creator on April 6

      Hi folks - just a quick heads-up that I'm working on an update right now, either for today or this weekend. We're making good progress and have had a few delays, but we'll be starting to lock down Backerkit over the coming week and releasing first the comp PDFs and then pre-release PDFs of the Capharnaum core book, with an initial partial release later this month (we're currently just over half-way through layout). More on all that soon!

      BTW @John: Hello! :) Regarding your Dragon Dice question, have you had a look at the "Example of Play" PDF doc we released as an add-on to the Tears of Ampharool PDF? You can download it from DriveThru at the moment (we'll also make it available via Backerkit once we've locked down). It contains an extended example of play of the boss combat in The Tears of Ampharool, and covers the rules you mention (as well as many others). If that doesn't answer your questions, let me know what you'd like to know and I'll have a bash. :)

      All hail the Dragon-Marked!


    9. Missing avatar

      Austin on April 5

      I too am curious about the progress regarding the materials and shipping date estimates (especially the PDFs). I am chomping at the bit to dive into this world beyond the Quickstart.

    10. John M. Kahane on April 5

      Hullo, folks, @Sarah Newton,

      Just wondered if there was any word on the game and progress with getting material done and that sort of thing. Did we manage to get a colour book?

      Any info would be nice, Sarah. :)

      Thanks. :)


    11. Missing avatar

      A V Jones on March 26

      @John - the Pledge manager refers to a printed copy of the Quickstart for £5.

    12. John M. Portley
      on March 23

      I am still thinking of opening my first shipment of exotically scented Capharnaum books (well, part of that may be my own imagination adding to the memory-to-be). I am eager to dive into this world.

    13. John M. Kahane on March 22

      @Sarah Newton,

      Are there plans to do a print version of the "Tears of Ampharool" Quickstart booklet?


    14. John M. Kahane on March 22

      Hullo, folks, @Sarah Newton,

      I'm preparing to run Capharnaum for some practice this week, and have just finished reading the Quickstart scenario, "The Tears of Ampharool".

      In the rules section of the PDF, there are some very basic examples of things, except...

      There's no real example at all of a full-fledged roll that uses the Dragon die roll as part of the example... So, is there any chance someone can post an example of a skill roll using the Dragon die as well?

      Thanks, in advance. :)


    15. Missing avatar

      Allan Prewett
      on March 18

      When was the MJ book being released please?

    16. Missing avatar

      Greg Maroda on March 8

      @Sarah: I saw the add ons and I'm a sucker for bestiaries. Then I saw the world book. After adding those on, I realized "yeah, I'm getting PDFs of everything and I don't really need all the adventures in print but it's soooo pretty!".

      I'll tell you what I like about the rules too. I like funky die tricks. I can do without the Dragon Die, I always find having different color dice weird because ALL my dice are different! It can be hard remembering which one is which! But I love stuff like Constellations. Things where the dice don't just tell you if you succeed or fail but determine something else or can be manipulated in some way.

    17. Sarah Newton 2-time creator on March 8

      @Greg: All hail the Dragon-Marked! One of usss! :D Seriously, though, thank you for upgrading your pledge! Upgrades in backerkit help us secure that full-colour print run for the core book (which I'm pretty sure is there) and also gives us a solidly funded path to releasing the books subsequent to the £25K milestone, such as the screen and bestiary. Thank you!

    18. Sarah Newton 2-time creator on March 8

      @Gonzalo Dafonte Garcia: Hi Gonzalo! We're going to be shipping the core book on its own to begin with. It's the biggest book, but it's already translated and in editing and layout right now. We could delay the core book to fit in the player's guide, but we want to make sure people get the game as quickly as possible, which is why we're suggesting it. :)

    19. Sarah Newton 2-time creator on March 8

      @Paul: We managed to unlock right up to just under the £24K level in the campaign: that funds the two maps in physical form, two PDF adventure translations, the Player's Guide in physical version, and takes us just a stone's throw from funding the full-colour version of the core book, which I'm hoping we'll secure in Backerkit.

      As we mentioned during the campaign, we're going to be proceeding with the rest of the books using traditional publishing. With a translated game line, it's a little unusual: we already have all the artwork, and all the text ready for translating and editing, which means we're not starting from scratch. Obviously we don't have the clear funding to steam ahead with those products, but we'll be funding them from the line itself, which should net us roughly four products a year, shipping in appx Q1 2019 and Q1 2020. We're totally committed to the line, which is why we've been able to offer these products as add-ons to the Kickstarter-funded core book and initial products.

    20. Missing avatar

      Greg Maroda on March 7

      I'm very upset with the number of products you've unlocked! I had to up my pledge level! Must have ALL THE CAPHARNAUM! Hahaha!

    21. Gonzalo Dafonte Garcia on March 7

      Sorry if was answered before but do you have an idea of ​​what books could be sent with the corebook in the first wave? I do not want to wait to have it and play but I would like to take advantage and add the materials I can.

    22. Paul Inman on March 7

      I just got my pledge manager. It looks like you have managed to fund/unlock quite a lot more content than originally stated in the campaign.

    23. Sarah Newton 2-time creator on February 21

      Hi everyone - I've just sent out an update today on progress with editing and layout of the core book and where we are with Backerkit. We're *almost* ready to open the Backerkit site, just hammering out some final shipping pricing elements, so all being well that'll be next week. I'm anticipating Backerkit will provide the extra bit of funding we need to make the full-colour version - the current layout samples are black-and-white, but expect that to change!

    24. Patrick Healey
      on February 19

      Did we make all color?

    25. Missing avatar

      Shaun Burton
      on February 1

      Any update on when Backerkit will be open? I haven’t seen an email notification and wanted to make sure I haven’t missed it?

    26. Sarah Newton 2-time creator on January 8

      Happy New Year everyone! Just to say Mindjammer Press is back from the New Year break and we're cracking on with bringing Capharnaum to you. I hope you all had a great break, and here's to a year of Capharnaum! All hail the Dragon-Marked! :)

    27. John M. Kahane on January 2

      Hullo, folks,

      Happy New Year! Here's hoping that 20178 is full of happiness, prosperity, and good health (as well as good roleplaying)! :)

      May it be a Capharnaum year! :)


    28. Oliver Steiger on January 1

      I'm expecting some bigger news very soon but let's have them cure their hangover first.
      Happy new year 2018!

    29. Missing avatar

      Allan Prewett
      on December 31

      Has the Mindjammer pdf been delivered yet? May have mised it over the festive season

    30. Missing avatar

      on December 29

      @Patrick: I still got my fingers crossed ^_^

    31. Patrick Healey
      on December 26

      Any word on the full color print?

    32. Sarah Newton 2-time creator on December 21

      @A.Diaz: It's really a personal impression. Mostly that the Krekhin are a "pre-human" species with a very ancient history. They have dark rites and savage customs, and seem very inimical to humans. You very often find similar adversaries in Howard, Ashton Smith, and Lovecraft.

    33. A. DIAZ on December 19

      Dear Ms N, sorry I dont follow your train of thought. What do the rock peeps got to do with REH, CAS or HPL?

    34. Sarah Newton 2-time creator on December 19

      Hi everyone! Just to say I'm now back from yesterday's post-Kickstarter break. Thanks again to you all for an awesome campaign. :)

      @Aramis: John is correct, yes. You'll be getting the 10 products listed in any case, plus any other products we manage to produce for Capharnaum in the next 2 years (2018 and 2019).



    35. Oliver Steiger on December 18

      Really hope paypal will get us to a full color rulebook. Looking forward to those numbers.

    36. John M. Portley
      on December 18

      @Aramis — on both the front page and Update 22, the Kingdom of Heaven and The Anvil of the Gods books are listed. The front page also states, "we're going to be producing these anyway using conventional publishing methods even if we don't unlock them". Also in Update 22, Sarah states that, for PDF Master, "This includes any additional PDFs we publish in that period which aren't listed below." Seems that means that all PDFs listed, including any other of the product line produced in the next two years, will be made available as part of that pledge.

    37. Missing avatar

      Hans-Henning Wenkel on December 18

      Though I'm only visible with 1£ here on ks I hope my paypal pledge will help reaching the next stretch goal.
      I want to say thank you to @Sarah Newton and everyone @Mindjammer press. It was an amazing project.
      Another big thank you to everyone whose pledges made this ks to be funded.

    38. Aramis
      on December 18

      Hi- congrats on the successful ks. Just wanted to confirm re: PDF master. In one write up it says it grants all unlocked pdfs, and in another, all future pdfs for 2 years (minimum 9). So, will PDF master include the future pdfs listed in the "what's in the books" section of the main page, including things like the kingdom of heaven campaign and the anvil of the gods? Thanks

    39. MidnightBlue
      on December 17

      Really sorry I missed the close, but so happy this did so well.

      Sarah, just like in the Mindjammer RPG Kickstarter, you and Mindjammer Press ran a great campaign. You all are class acts and I'm happy to have been a part of this.


      Get some well deserved sleep! Think I'm heading for another drug (medicinal!) induced coma myself. Can NOT afford to miss any work this week. (Especially not know that my Capharnaum Cornucopeia just funded!)


      Congrats everyone!

    40. Craig Wright
      on December 17

      Yay! :)

    41. Sarah Newton 2-time creator on December 17

      Thank you everyone! I'm raising a Sam Barton over this side of the pond, cheers! *chinks glass with JohnK's Heineken* :)

      Congratulations again to everyone, and thanks again - I'm going for a little drink and a somewhat less little sleep! See you all when the sun rises over the sands of Jazirat! (Or tomorrow, which ever comes first... ;-)

    42. Missing avatar

      Ryan Wymer on December 17

      Woot. CORNUCOPEIA pledge just cleared. Congrats and thanks to all!

    43. Missing avatar

      A V Jones on December 17

      Happy we’ve funded! 2018 looks better for all of this.

    44. John M. Kahane on December 17

      Hullo, folks, @Sarah Newton,

      And Kickstarter has just collected my pledge dollars (well, pounds actually) for the CAPHARNAUM Kickstarter. Yay! :)


    45. John M. Kahane on December 17

      @Sarah Newton,

      Yay! We hit L23,502 with the Kickstarter before closing, and that's a good total for that last push that was required. Look forward to hearing what the PayPal total adds to this KS total, and can't wait for future updates from you about how things progress with the game.

      Anyway, I'm raising a beer (Heineken) here with supper in praise of the game, but I would as soon be at the Souk drinking from a skin of fermented camel or goat milk! :)



    46. John M. Kahane on December 17

      Hullo, folks, @Sarah Newton,

      Congratulations everyone! The CAPHARNAUM - TALES OF THE DRAGON-MARKED rpg has funded! Yay! :)

      I want to thank @Sarah Newton and the folks at Mindjammer Press for making this such an enjoyable Kickstarter and for being true mensches in terms of how the business with the "pledge level solution" has been handled, and for...well, just bringing this French RPG to light in the English market!

      I can't wait for the hardcover book to come out, and hope we managed to get the PayPal pledges to get the book in glorious full colour - not that "sepia and sand" wouldn't have been fine with me! :)

      The one thing I have to hope is that GM Screen and booklet come out sooner than later. Would be tremendous to be able to have one for when I run CAPHARNAUM at CanGames here in Ottawa in mid-May. :)


    47. Missing avatar

      on December 17

      i guess we hit 25k if we add funds from paypal..

    48. Missing avatar

      on December 17

      cheer!!! well done Sarah and Mindjammer Press

    49. Sarah Newton 2-time creator on December 17

      Woohoo! Congratulations everyone! What an *amazing* job, huge thank-yous from us all here at Mindjammer Press! That was fantastic. :) I'm raising a glass to you all - it's 1 am here in Normandy, and I'll send out an update shortly. But thanks again for all your support, and for being here these past few hours and making this so much fun.

      All hail the Dragon-Marked!

    50. Missing avatar

      on December 17

      23k pounds nice!

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