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The graphic novel that gives post-Katrina New Orleans a home-grown comic book hero.
The graphic novel that gives post-Katrina New Orleans a home-grown comic book hero.
The graphic novel that gives post-Katrina New Orleans a home-grown comic book hero.
287 backers pledged $16,500 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mark Landry Creator on

      Hi, Everyone!

      All of the electronic codes were emailed in June, and the physical copies have gone out to everyone who responded to the backer survey.

      This update is to catch any outliers who for whatever reason have not yet received their books. Some people have changed email addresses (in which case they won't receive the updates, so I'm posting this comment).

      Thank you all again for helping bring this graphic novel to life; I'm happy to see it completed and put to bed.

      If anyone wants to keep up with the book from now on, please check the website or Facebook page:


    2. Mark Landry Creator on

      Physical rewards have been shipped to every mailing address that was provided via the backer survey. Digital reward codes will be emailed to individual backers within the next 10 days, as soon as they are received from the publisher. Updates to follow...

    3. Mark Landry Creator on

      All of the backer surveys (address requests) have been sent out, and most of the responses (mailing addresses) have been sent back to me. If you backed this project, but have not received a backer survey email, then perhaps the email went to spam, or you were using a different email address at the time of the campaign. Please send me a private message if you haven't received the backer survey email and can't find it in spam. Thanks!


    4. Mark Landry Creator on

      For those who haven't seen the latest update, the books are on their way from China! I'll receive them this month (next week or two), then ship to backers. Woot!

    5. Mark Landry Creator on

      Also, the Coast Guard has agreed to allowing interviews with three of its service members to be included in the book. I've conducted the interviews, they have been OK'd by the Coast Guard, and sent to the publisher for inclusion. We got two active duty rescue swimmers, plus one former captain, who is now a honcho at FEMA. They all had very interesting stories.

    6. Mark Landry Creator on

      Hi, Matt. The publisher's release plan (outlined in the last backer update) is going along as they'd promised. The five issues are being released sequentially to the public over a five-month period (Issue 1 is out now). The collected edition will be printed once that serialized run is complete. Once I have the firm date from the publisher for the collected edition, I'll let everyone know what that's going to be. I'll then buy our copies out of the publisher's print stock and ship them to everyone, along with the other rewards.

    7. Matt Reppert on

      So are there any updates?

    8. Mark Landry Creator on

      Indeed. I just posted a backers-only update. Anyone who wants to know more right now, we'll need to schedule a phone call. I'll post updates more frequently from now on, especially as a couple of pending variables get resolved this month.

    9. Dablue

      Update time?

    10. Mark Landry Creator on

      Hey, Matt. Ashley has about two and a half issues of art done. I'm lettering Issue 2 now, and have brought on a talented dialogue editor to make sure I'm not too close to the material. There will still be a big announcement near the end of the year, which will be great news. I'm just not allowed to say anything yet. I hope everyone is doing well, and thank you all for hanging in there. This book IS happening!

    11. Matt Reppert on

      So where does everything currently stand?

    12. Mark Landry Creator on

      Reece, it was my pleasure! The students were so well prepared with insightful questions. Expect some big announcements about the comic book - hopefully by the end of the year. Things are cooking!

    13. Reece Lewis on

      Mark, I can't thank you enough for speaking with the children of the Richwood, LA Development Agency. Please, let us know when things get going for you so that we can actively be your biggest fans!

      That said...I can't wait until I get my hands on Vol 1! I fully expect to throw all of my money at you for signed a signed copy when Vol 2 is published.

    14. Mark Landry Creator on

      2015 is going to be a good year for "Bloodthirsty." Thank you all for your patience. It's happening!

    15. Mark Landry Creator on

      Yes! Issue 2 is nearly complete (just a couple more pages to go). Then Ashley will get started on Issue 3. Still waiting to hear back from a few publishers, so fingers crossed the book will get picked up at some point soon.

    16. Mark Landry Creator on

      Hey, Matt. Thanks for asking. I sent out a draft of Issue 1 over the holidays to a few readers, and Ashley and I have incorporated their comments. I'll be sending the newly-edited issue 1 to publishers for consideration by the end of the month. Fingers crossed that we get picked up!!!

    17. Mark Landry Creator on

      Stay tuned for a Halloween update - and some NEW ART - today!!!

    18. Mark Landry Creator on

      Ashley has completed the pencils for Issue 1, and has moved onto coloring. It's looking great!!! I should've able to tease some fully-finished pages sometime in November.

    19. Dablue

      Cant wait buddy =) Glad to see everything is going according to plan!

    20. Mark Landry Creator on

      Ha, things are going very well, thank you for asking! I will likely tease you guys with a panel or two from Ashley very soon (perhaps during ComiCon next week). The artwork is AMAZING!

      I I did receive a very good hardcover quote from PrintNinja. It's too early to commit to it just yet, but it looks promising. We'll see if the prices remain stable by the time we print in April.

    21. Dablue

      Its awefully quiet Mark. How is it going and how is the HC discussion going ?

    22. Mark Landry Creator on

      Not yet. I just got another print quote from a domestic printer here in the US. Now that I know which printer will have the best value for the price, I'll initiate cover discussions with them.

    23. Dablue

      Have you started the HC discussion with the printer?

    24. Mark Landry Creator on

      Thanks! So exciting. Ashley has already started the pages, and I'll share some art in a couple of months, when we're further down the road!

    25. Catherine on

      YAAAAY Yippeeeeeee ! Bloodthirsty rocks and so do you Mark ! Congrats !

    26. Andrew Barnachea on

      Wow! Congrats. Very exciting :D

    27. Mark Landry Creator on

      Woohoooooo!!! Thank you guys so much for sharing the moment.

    28. Dablue

      Funded yaaaaay! Congrats (runs off to toilet)

    29. TiMoM "TiKeY Sheriff"


    30. Dablue

      11 seconds!!! Yaaaay woohooooo

    31. Mark Landry Creator on

      Awesome. It's counting down the seconds now. You can go ahead and pee your pants. I think I'm going to. ;)

    32. Dablue

      Hurry up, i need to go to the toilet lol

    33. Mark Landry Creator on

      LOL, indeed.

    34. Dablue

      Ooooh its going to be glorious ! ;)

    35. Mark Landry Creator on

      I'm looking forward to your post when there are only 11 seconds left. ;)

    36. Dablue

      11 minutes to go ;)

    37. Dablue

      11 hours to go!

    38. Mark Landry Creator on

      And 30 hours left to run!!

    39. Catherine on

      16k and still running ?!!..Awesome !

    40. Mark Landry Creator on

      @Richard: Thank you!
      @Roxanne: The poster with backers' names is a great idea. Remind me when the time comes, and I hope you win the lotto! :)

    41. Richard Haddad on

      Congratulations! Love the artwork and the story.

    42. Missing avatar

      roxanne williams on

      Well would love to see some pictures, you know what would be cool at the launch event a poster with all the backers names on it to show our support! Thats unless i dont win the lotto in that time then i an ask for an rsvp!

    43. Dablue

      I hope your bone tasted well. Congrats again!

    44. Mark Landry Creator on

      Thank you! Weeeeee!!!!

    45. Robert Findlay on

      Well done! Congratulations! Eeeeeee!

    46. Mark Landry Creator on

      Haha, I think we'll have a release party when the book is done. Probably in Los Angeles, but I'll send out details when the time comes. For now, my dog and I are celebrating by doing some work and chewing on a bone, respectively. ;)

    47. Missing avatar

      roxanne williams on

      Big congrats, now where is the partieeee?

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