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$1,293 pledged of $7,500 goal
By Gamer's Cortex
$1,293 pledged of $7,500 goal

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Parting Thanks!

Well, the end is here, and despite the support of many, barring that last minute mega-donor, it seems evident we won't be reaching our goal this time around. It's been a fun and educational experience, and I want to thank all of you, friends and strangers alike, who have not only pledged dollars, but have also donated your time and feedback. Whatever form this project eventually takes, you will have influenced it in many positive ways.

As far as Aeranos goes, be assured that it will continue. We haven't yet decided how exactly, but it will live on! In parting, we would ask you, our support crew, a couple simple questions.

1. Rate the following from most important to least important.
- Automated Combat Tracker
- Automated Character Tracker
- D20 3.5/Pathfinder Ruleset
- Aeranos RPG Ruleset
- Aeranos RPG setting (D20 & ARPG)
- Seeing Gamer's Cortex realize its goal

2. What's your advice to Gamer's Cortex? Go ahead, lay it on us.

Once again, thank you!
Kevin Dawson
Gamer's Cortex

p.s. You can continue to follow our efforts at

Aeranos Primer #6 -Wilderness Stalker D20 Prestige Class

Another Prestige Class, this time tied to the Huntress, Goddess of the Wild.


Aeranos Primer #5 - Ebon Slayer D20 Prestige Class

A shadowy hero of the Aeranosian God of Death, the Ebon Slayer fights daemonic forces for the very souls of the realm. Trust us, he only looks evil.

This prestige class is currently D20 3.5 but with a few tweaks he'll be PF compatible. This is just to let everyone know that we have plenty of D20 OGL goodness for the Aeranos setting too.

As always, remember to talk about Aeranos with everyone you meet.


p.s. you can go to for current links to all the primers.

Aeranos Primer #4 - Gods and Godrealms

Okay. we had crunch, now here's some fluff, more specifically, a bunch of detailed information about the Gods and planes of Aeranos. See if you can glean the sources of our inspiration over the years. It's quite a collection, and we've had plenty of opportunity to flesh out the details. Be assured, story hooks abound.

Aeranos Primer #3 - Combat!

Here's the much anticipated primer on the meat of Aeranos, the combat system!

Combat Primer

Take a look, pass it around. As you will see, we've tried to keep it simple, yet crunchy. There's nothing too earth-shatteringly different, which in our mind is a plus. The main thing we were going for is options without bogging down. Combat is deadly and quick, yet there are some things that keep characters from dying too often (there was only that one TPK, but there was a lich involved, and it was early in the playtesting...)

Anyway, here it is. I hope this generates a little added excitement for the project. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

p.s. I've also included a link here to the XP, Survival and Fate Points Primer.

p.p.s. I hope to have an audio recording of our latest Aeranos session up fairly soon.

Thanks for your support!

Character Primer