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The film tells the stories of 3 Indians - a penniless superfan, a boy prodigy, and a girl cricketer during the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

First: What we need the money for:

1.  Sound Design Costs (Studio, Labor, Mix)

2.  Original Music (Composing, Performing, Mix)

3.  Rights to Cricket World Cup Match footage and photographs (4 minutes of footage is all we are buying and it will cost us nearly $10,000!)

4.  Color correction, Festival submission, legal fees.

We have nearly finished the editing and it's going to be a 95-minute film.


Now, what's the film about?

In the spring of 2011, the World Cup of Cricket, a 14-nation quadrennial event was held in India.  In a country where cricket is a national obsession, the excitement for the tournament was incredible.  The last World Cup India had won was in 1983 and Indian fans anxiously hoped that this would finally be their year.

With this as the backdrop, we followed three Indians, for each of whom the sport of cricket is a lifeline.  In the struggle and triumph that make up their journeys, we get glimpses of the hope and despair that characterize life in modern India.

- Sudhir Kumar – a 30 year-old superfan who for the past ten years has attended every India home game – makes it to matches by cycling cross the country, sometimes over a thousand kilometers.  He shows up, face and body painted in the Indian tricolor, waving a giant flag and blowing a conch.  We travel thousands of miles with Sudhir as he bikes and travels ticketless on trains from match to match, and finally to his home in the rural heartland of Bihar.  During the journeys we begin to see what ultimately drives the man who has sworn never to marry, and to cheer Team India until his dying day.

Prithvi Shaw – a 12-year old boy from a humble background– is breaking several long-standing Mumbai school records in batting.  Coaches, players, and even local politicians speak about him in hushed tones, convinced he is the next Indian cricket superstar.  Prithvi is just a little boy who loves to play.  His mother died when he was three, and his unemployed father has great ambitions for him.  We see how Prithvi copes with the weight of expectations thrust upon him. 

Akshaya Surve  –  In a world dominated by boys and men, a group of girls dressed in cricket whites practice hard every day in one corner of Mumbai’s famous Shivaji Park.  A standout among them, Akshaya, 18,  bowls with the fierceness of a professional cricketer.  She shares a small room in a Mumbai slum with her mother.   We follow her as she prepares for and takes part in the Mumbai Girls' selections/tryouts – her last chance of breaking in to cricket and having a future beyond the slum.

In the background, a country possessed watches as its team battles through the World Cup, each victory raising the hopes of a billion people.  For so many, including our characters, a win would be a momentary escape from an otherwise difficult life.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have already shot and edited the film so this campaign is simply about raising the funds we need to finish sound and music work and do the final touches we need to make.

The challenges ahead are both creative and budgetary. We have to make sure that the remaining music we compose is beautiful and grand and appropriate for the epic nature of India's World Cup win depicted in the film. We have to do this without the help of a huge orchestra but with a small group of live musicians. We've already composed nearly 75% of the film's music and so far we've been good at finding incredible musicians to perform the composer's brilliant work at low cost.

The final challenge for this as for any film will be to get the film out to audiences - in many ways that is part of completion of a film. With your help and Providence, we shall overcome all hurdles. THANK YOU!


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