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A new documentary feature about a soldier's journey from war to peace.
A new documentary feature about a soldier's journey from war to peace.
165 backers pledged $26,621 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Project Update, Spring 2012

Thanks to all of you, we’ve made great strides with “After The War.” The scenes and interviews that we filmed last fall are insightful and deeply moving. The footage is beautiful. The story is taking shape. We’re confident that the work we’ve accomplished to date provides a strong foundation for the all the work ahead of us.

Even a cursory glance at the day’s headlines reveals the staggering burden that soldiers and their families carry in our names. We are committed to making a unique, compelling documentary that uncovers the invisible wounds of war and intimately explores the complex question of healing its trauma.

Recently, however, we’ve come to the painful realization that we cannot base the film on the life and work of Claude AnShin Thomas. While this significantly changes our intended narrative, our work will continue. We’re immensely grateful to AnShin for all we’ve learned from him about the real costs of war and the unsentimental practice of non-violence.

Moving forward, the film will profile combat Veterans from past and current conflicts who know war and its consequences directly. They have fought, witnessed and sacrificed more than we can fathom. Their lives have been forever changed; they wear their wounds on the inside. As they share their personal journeys after the war, their courage and candor provide entry to a powerful story of healing in an increasingly violent world.

Tens of thousands of troops are expected home in the next few years, generations of Veterans struggle silently with PTSD, and calls for new wars echo the old. For all these reasons, we’re committed to telling the story of “After The War.”

We thank you, most sincerely, for being part of this effort from the very beginning, and for your continued interest today. We'll keep you updated as the film progresses.

In peace,

Mary, Henry and Sam

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ps -- photo credit!

The beautiful photograph of Wiebke KenShin Andersen, Claude AnShin Thomas and Buddy the Dog that was enclosed with yesterday's update was taken by Mary Cornelius.

Thank you very much, Mary, for permitting us to share your photograph with backers of 'After The War.'

thank you for helping us tell this story

Someone said that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. By that definition, this is a message of pure gratitude to all of our backers. You've come from many different communities and all over the world. You've ignited the project with tremendous generosity and heart. You've energized us every day, in more ways than we can express. We're deeply grateful to you for providing the wonder of it all and for being with us from the start. This is not a "pretty story" but it will be a beautiful and important documentary. Thank you for making it happen.

We're also very grateful for the many kind comments we've received from old friends and new. We'll keep you posted on our progress via kickstarer and eventually on our own site. You can also check us out on facebook at AfterTheWarFilm.

Here's to the next big chapter and to all of our backers! We're thrilled to begin filming and developing the story this fall. We'll be contacting you soon to make arrangements for delivery of your backer rewards. Today and always, thank you for helping us tell this story and for being part of 'After The War.'

Many kind regards,

Mary, Henry and Sam

Photo: Wiebke KenShin Andersen and Claude AnShin Thomas on the road

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please consider

Please consider:

The cost of America's wars since 2001 is over $1,000,000,000,000 and rising by the second. The human toll is immeasurable. More active duty soldiers and veterans have died from suicide than from combat wounds in the past two years. Invisible wounds are passed from generation to generation. These endless wars affect us all, veteran and civilian alike, and threaten the entire planet.

‘After The War’ tells the story of a courageous man who intimately knows the real cost of war, gives voice to those who carry its greatest burden and says, unequivocally, "It doesn’t have to be this way.”  It’s a timely story that needs to heard.

Thanks to our backers, thanks to you, we begin filming on September 16th with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in Colorado. Later this fall we'll be on the road with Claude AnShin Thomas. We’re moved and energized by the support you’ve shown this project.

‘After The War’ is in early production and has a long way to go. In the remaining weeks of our Kickstarter campaign we’re working to raise $10,000. These funds are for creating a longer trailer that will develop the story with the scenes we're filming this fall. It’s the next crucial step in the film’s progression and we aim to have it completed for grant committees by the new year.

Raising this amount will require 400 new pledges at the $25 dollar level, 200 at the $50 level – the math is simple but times are tough. It’s going to take a tremendous grassroots effort. We believe it’s worth every effort. We have until September 5th, Labor Day, to make it happen. That's just over two weeks.

Please help us spread the word.

If you know anyone who would be interested in supporting the film, please consider taking a moment to send them our link with a personal note. Ask them to please kick in what they can, perhaps for someone who can't. A few emails, a post to your network, a single conversation can make a big difference. We know that a lot of you have already reached out on behalf of the film and we appreciate your efforts tremendously.

Every pledge is significant and after September 5th we won’t ask again.

Thanks for sticking with us. Thanks for being part of ‘After The War.’

Many kind regards from Mary, Henry and Sam

“I know, unwaveringly, that violence is never the solution to humanity's problems and that the real solution resides in the ethic and value of nonviolence. Nonviolence is not, however, to be confused with being passive or complacent. It requires us to live differently and demands great courage.” ~ Claude AnShin Thomas

January 2011. Claude AnShin Thomas on retreat with Army Veterans from Chile, East Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United States. Photo by Henry Jacobson.

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Blown Away!

Didn’t expect to be writing again so soon, but the last couple of days have been extraordinary.

Because of your generosity and genuine interest in ‘After The War,’ we’ve exceeded our goal!

And man oh man, are we blown away …

To the Veterans, Monks, friends and family who are supporting our effort and to many, many of you whom we’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting: THANK YOU! You’re all at the heart of this film. You’re all making it possible. I shake my head in wonder every time I look at our list of backers. Each and every one of you is a source of inspiration and strength.

Although we now have the funds to continue filming this fall, we're still in the thick of it for the next 61 days. In our sights is an extended trailer, which we’ll need to present to grant committees and potential investors as soon as possible. An invigorated campaign that continues to garner interest and action will be our green light to the editing room. We're up for the challenge, and as always we appreciate your help in spreading the word.

But right now we just want to say thanks.

Thanks to all of you for your passion and commitment.

Thanks for helping us bring an important film into the world.

Thanks for being with us from the start.

Many kind regards,

Mary, Henry and Sam


Sgt. Chris Barker, Self Portrait, Iraq 2006. Thanks to your support, we'll be filming with Chris in Colorado this September.

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