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The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change will be a fun and accessible guide to global warming science and policy.
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2nd draft of Part One, plus sneak peak at Chapter 7!

Posted by Yoram Bauman (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter supporters: Grady and I have now finished a 2nd draft of Part One of The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change, so we're soliciting feedback on that... and on the opening chapter of Part Two!

What's new: Here’s the new draft, both as a 1-to-a-page PDF and (recommended!) as 2-page PDF spreads. Feedback is welcome via the wiki, or via email or hard copy or however else you might want to do it. Printer warning: If you’re going to print these pages, note that some of them have a lot of black coloring, so you might use up a lot of toner. Also note that some of the comments are in light-colored text that might be hard to read on a print-out.

What's changed: The wiki has a more complete list of changes, but four highlights are:

  • Chapter 1 (Introduction) has a fun new "alien planet" metaphor that tries to finesse some good feedback from AS, LA, and StressedChef about the appropriate range of concern ("existential threat", "minor threat", etc.) regarding climate change. 
  • Chapter 4 (Carbon Dioxide) has new material to contrast C with CO2; we've also added a graph of CO2 emissions over time. (Thanks to MO for the C/CO2 suggestion, and if you want a sense of how Grady and I work together here's a series of PDFs showing the evolution of the CO2 graph over time.)
  • Chapter 5 (Energy) has an updated treatment of "night-vision goggles" following JK's terrific comment that they are often based on light-amplification rather than thermal imaging. (See this neat-o video comparison.)
  • Chapter 6 (Climate Science) now has two new pages on detective work and multiple lines of evidence, plus a graphic about the IPCC/National Academies/etc and the skeptics. (Thanks to VB and GM for their suggestions.)

What's next: We hope to have a 1st draft of all of Part Two (Chapters 7-11) in August and then Part Three (Chapters 12-16) in the fall as we head towards a winter completion date and a May 2014-ish publication date! As for Part One, what you see here is hopefully a near-final version of the layout and structure,but of course if there are mistakes or disasters we will work to correct them... and we will continue to wordsmith until the bitter end :)

Stay tuned, and many thanks,

Yoram and Grady


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      James Adcock on

      Page 13 "Earth's Climate has always been in flux."

      A better statement would be:

      "The Earth's Climate has always been in flux, except for the last 10,000 years when the Climate has been remarkably stable, leading to the conditions that allowed civilized life to develop on this planet."

      Chapter 4-8 The Oceans are not a "Sink" but rather a "Buffer" -- the CO2 that goes into the ocean is not permanently stored there, but rather is temporarily stored there, where it pushes back like a spring against more CO2 going into the ocean. If and when we are successful at reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere, then the buffered CO2 in the ocean pushes back out into the atmosphere. The only "real" permanent "solution" to the excess CO2 is the weathering of calciferous rock, which does permanently "Sink" the CO2.