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The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change will be a fun and accessible guide to global warming science and policy.
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Rough draft of Part One available, comments welcome!

Posted by Yoram Bauman (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter supporters: We've been waiting to post an update until we have something truly newsworthy... and now we do: We've finished a rough draft of Part One of The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change and are soliciting feedback!

As we did with the cartoon econ books, we've created a wiki with details and downloads; the wiki provides an easy way for you to post feedback and see our responses. (Feedback is also welcome via email or hard copy or however else you might want to do it, and if for some reason you want to avoid the wiki please read the PS below for direct links to the PDFs.) You'll quickly notice that the draft chapters have little-to-no artwork; that's because artwork (especially final art) is very time-intensive and so we want to have everything else figured out before we do much artwork. Translation: If you want to influence the direction of the book, now's the time to do it!

Please feel free to share this draft with friends and family, and of course it would be great if you could also encourage them to contribute to this Kickstarter project. We've raised $16k of our $20k goal and have until May 24 to raise the rest!

Many thanks, Yoram and Grady

PS. If you want to avoid the wiki, here’s the Part One draft, both as a 1-to-a-page PDF and as 2-page spreads. (For cartoon books, the fundamental unit is not the individual page but the 2-page spread.) Comments are welcome via email or inserted into the PDF or (best of all) on the wiki. I’ll post responses too! Printer warning: If you’re going to print these pages, note that some of them have a lot of black coloring, so you might use up a lot of toner. (Sorry!) Also note that some of the comments are in light-colored text that might be hard to read on a print-out. (Ditto!). Overall I’d recommend trying to look at this online so that you can zoom in and out as needed.


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    1. AlmostHuman

      Have you considered something like a $10 support level that would be a PDF only copy of the book? That might get a few more people to pledge.